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How to find the cheapest airline tickets


the holiday season means a lot of us are

on the move

the busiest travel days of the year fall

between American Thanksgiving and New

Year's but even in cases where people

are traveling to the same destination

it's likely they pay different prices

for their tickets so I'm based here in

London England

and I'm looking to book a flight home to

Canada arriving a few days before

Christmas but when I search for flights

online the prices for a round-trip from

London to Toronto are all over the map

with prices ranging from 1,500 dollars

to more than 3000 dollars for the same

trip on the same day which raises the

question how do airlines set their

prices and how can we as consumers beat

them at their own game


airline prices can seem random

and even illogical they're high one week

and low the next and strange long-haul

international flights can be less

expensive than short domestic flights

but there is a method to the madness and

the more you dig into it the more you

see that it is complicated but there's

so much that people can do and a lot of

it's very simple if you see Gilbert

ought on a flight it's safe to assume he

paid less than you did auth runs the

popular travel blog God saved the points

his full-time job is helping travelers

find the best deal so the first thing to

know is that most of the advice you've

heard is pretty terrible there is no

magic day to book flights there are no

crazy tricks about closing your browsers

and reopening it and then calling your

friend and Panama and trying to get him

to book the same ticket none of that is

true what is true are the prices change

all the time

for example let's take another look at

that London to Toronto flight that I'm

hoping to book before Christmas these

are the 7 cheapest non-stop flights

according to my Google search but watch

this I've been refreshing the browser

every few hours for the past few days

and as you can see the prices fluctuate

both up and down seemingly at random

they changed minute-by-minute basis

day-by-day basis and depending on the

day you look the price may be entirely

different the fluctuations are based on

a complex computer algorithm designed to

maximize the airline's profits so as

soon as you're even thinking about

traveling odds top tip is to sign up for

email price alerts on Google flights for

example you can search for all the dates

you want all the places you want and you

just set alerts and you'll get emails

right into your inbox and every price

has change set your flight alerts as

soon as possible but be careful not to

book too early or too late

odd says there is no magic day to book

but that the best prices for domestic

flights usually show up around 26 days

before departure for international

flights your best bet is to book around

60 days ahead midweek is the cheapest

time to fly while mondays and fridays

are the most expensive often a lot of

business travel starts on Monday and

they want to come home on say a Thursday

or a Friday and what the airlines are

doing is they're selling everybody the

same product but depending on who you

are they try and get more out of you

this transportation economist says

competition is key which partly explains

why it's more expensive to fly two hours

from Winnipeg to Churchill Manitoba than

it is to take a 12 hour flight from

Winnipeg across the ocean to Europe even

places that are are just you know served

by only one airline you're going to pay

a lot more it's just really a matter of

what's the competition going to force

the airlines to compete with and

speaking of competition a lot of Asian

airlines are now pushing into the

Canadian market offering cheap flights

from Canada to Asia and dragging prices

down if you're thinking about Hawaii you

might actually do a little bit better

going all the way to Bangkok because

there's never been a more competitive

time to fly and as these budget airlines

start to muscle in the prices become

ultra competitive now most of us know

that you can usually save some money by

booking a connecting flight with at

least one stopover but you can also save

by booking a connecting flight where

your connection is actually your


so let's say you want to travel to

London England it can actually be

cheaper to buy a ticket to Dublin or to

Paris with a stopover in London London

flight deals are non-existent Paris

however is really cheap and their

flights through London to Paris if

you're booking on a one-way basis you

can often skip the second leg of that

trip and save a fortune

so bottom line if you spend a little

time you could save a lot of money by

knowing where and when to book before

ticket prices soared hey thanks for

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