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I Bought A Used 99 Dollar Xbox One From GameStop. Does It Suck?

skip it up up and down up so I bought an

Xbox one from Gamestop for 99 bucks and

we're gonna see if this bad boy is worth

it let's get into it

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find out more so yes this is a deal that

gamestop was having on Black Friday they

are selling the original key word is

original so if you're like stopping this

video now and running out to go get an

Xbox one for 99 bucks hold on the

original Xbox one the og Xbox one the

fat Xbox one for 99 bucks and it comes

with a controller the power brick comes

with the console comes in the HDMI cable

it doesn't come with a Kinect I don't

think anyway no it doesn't come with the

Kinect and I was like the curiosity just

got to me look yes is it the old Xbox

one it's not gonna do any HDR you can't

play 4k blu-rays on it bla bla bla bla

bla but with Microsoft trying to push

the Xbox one [ __ ] digital edition for

149 on Black Friday

this being 99 bucks is still giving you

a disk drive might actually be

interesting cuz think about it

controllers for the Xbox one if you get

them plain vanila normal with no kind of

sale or I believe 60 bucks

so for $30 $39 more not even to the cost

of two controllers when they're priced

normally you got a console and if you

were super duper casual and you're on

the fence and if this thing doesn't suck

and is not a giant trainwreck which I

have a feeling it might be even though

it's supposedly refurbished it might be

a good deal I don't know so I got my

deadly plastic knife here let's crack

this bad boy open and see if it sucks

huh it's not like I can return it they

know me at that game stuff so I wouldn't

be a scumbag and do that so stuck with

the notes

oh oh gee Xbox one and oh man I already

see a whole bunch of scratches all over

everything okay alright alright alright

top you top you all right we got top you

there yes we do so we got the Xbox one

controller this is actually what I'm

most interested in has both stickers on

it um how does this feel

buttons click nothing sticky okay

triggers feel good bumpers feel good

okay okay we're ready we're already in a

good place the controller does not feel

like complete let's see how the battery

compartment looks any leaky batteries

nope and it looks like someone actually

did refurbish this because if you could

see in my crappy top camera there they

actually unscrewed it they went through

the seal and unscrewed and I guess

checked it so okay as a couple scuffs on

it but this is the system's from 2013

maybe 2014 what do they stops 2015 no I

know whatever it doesn't matter but so

far we got it we got a controller out of

it we got a wireless Xbox one controller

that feels like it's in good shape

hopefully it works I think it does any

even good batteries alkaline batteries -

from from Kendall Kendall if you're

watching this thank you for the

batteries Kendall whatever if there's

it's free batteries if they're new when

they work who cares Thank You Kendall ah

HDMI cable it's a long alright sorry

it doesn't feel like garbage if it works

it works it's long enough to connect to

your TV there you go alright so we got

that we got that this is the og Xbox one

like I said so we got the power brick

here looks like a cat may have gotten

into a fight with it because we got some

scratches up on top there but again who


it's a power brick it's gonna go behind

your home entertainment center or

wherever maybe I'll put it up my ass if

I'm bored and my Harry ah and it's if it

works that's all that matters though the

rubber feet are there yeah you know what

I could tell the air they actually open

this and check the two because if you

see they went into the rubber feet and

checked it okay they may have actually

refurbished this I'm kind of surprised

now though now it is time for the main

event and what did they do today did

they like mill the top of this to give

all the scratches that's so weird what

the hell happened

going wait wait hold on stop stop stop

before we get to did they really have ha

ha ha yours here it's how to use your

head if you need this don't play video

games here's how to we have the eject

button here is how you put your disk in

what do we have back here ok the syncing

the controller part I could see some

people doesn't it come to console X yeah

it explains it to you I've I just did on

the Xbox one X you shouldn't need that

piece of paper shame on you if you do

okay so alright it doesn't look that

they I don't know it did it come from

the factory like this like look at the

top here it looks like they took a

sander to it and said oh it's because it

it's almost think what they did was

oh it's scratched up let's just let's

just scratch living [ __ ] and just we'll

give it it will give it a matte finish

instead of a glossy one I almost feel

like that's what they did it looks like

yeah it looks like they had a sander or

something but again who cares it's 99

bucks I don't care if this thing it I

don't care if there was a piece of dog

crap on top of it um how do the odds of

the I oh look let's look at the i/o so

does it look like a gorilla tried to

shove in it to TV mm-hmm

alright the plastic on the outside looks

a little scuffed don't know if you can

lean to make sure it's an in frame here

but the HDMI the middle of the HDMI

ports look

I know this looks like it's in pretty ok

you got our IR we got to connect we so

if you want to get that newfangled

connect and turn your Xbox on with your

voice you can but yeah this is looking

good from the back ok let's take a look

at the sides here we got our USB 3 port

there you got your sync button right


I'm not feeling a click that scares me

ok that's not I don't remember if you

know this is a touch button in front

that is in this I am feeling no response

from there I don't know about that kids

alright so we have a little bubble

behind the Xbox button and we got a it

doesn't look that bad though I'm a

little concerned about this sync button

for the controller though a little

concern so let me pause my magical

cameras here get this hooked up to a

monitor and see if we could even sync a

controller to the Xbox one ok so now I

have set up the Xbox it powered it on

and what was weird was this is now it's

working fine but this controller

initially wouldn't sync up with this 99

buck xbox one doesn't that top just look

gorgeous beautiful that sanded down

looks like it went through a wood

chipper look but now it works it's it's


I'm not really sure what happened but

all right I'm gonna set this thing up oh

yeah the sync button works by the way

it's fine so I'm gonna set this thing up

and see if it explodes and I'll have a

camera behind me and we'll play some

games and see if it starts smoking this

is what the fan sounds like I'll shut up

for a second

I don't remember if that's what the Xbox

one the original I think it did actually

sound like that but whatever so far it's

working all right so we're updating

Wi-Fi was working but I plugged it in

Gigabit Ethernet because why not why

make it take a lot longer I'm gonna go

through like I said the setup process

and we'll play some games I'll get some

games actually from my bedroom and we'll

try them out okay let's see if second

time is a charm now the first time I put

this in here it didn't read the disk

didn't saw like it was struggling though

and I've had that problem with my Xbox

one acts too not that it wouldn't read

this but it was like software which is

being weird in the drive didn't sound

like he was struggling so I'm not going

to hold it against this OG xbox yet so

let me put it back in here and see what


you're reading alright and yeah and it

doesn't sound like it's struggling I

don't think that was anything physically

wrong with the blu-ray drive there it is

and you're installing sounds fine all

right let call of duty modern warfare

install and we'll see if it plays all


installing away it's working though

doesn't seem to be struggling to read

the discs so that's a good sign

yeah this controller though that came

with it I'm gonna have to get it

exchanged cuz d-pad doesn't really it's

not sticky or anything so I'm just kind

of surprised but it's finicky and I

don't know but so the controller

whatever they'll give me in exchange so

at the console so far so good like I

said I've had that it wasn't even an

error it's just like you put the disc in

it read it normally and then it just

didn't respond my xbox one actually did

that a few days ago - it's like a

software bug within the Xbox one

operating system so I'm not gonna hold

that against it yet if another game is

like two other games do that and it

struggles to read them

I'll have a different story so it

doesn't sound like it's like churning or

chugging and doesn't the laser it's like

having trouble focusing so alright

anyway I'll shut up now hahaha it's

still ins I'm gonna wait I'm sure I

could play some modes but I just want

the game installed man uh-huh

in my hairy ass alright so I put the

disc in of Doom and installed

doom on the 99.04

the controller is completely hosed

though the left analog stick is rough

and it feels like it's worn out the

d-pad doesn't work properly yeah this

controller is just boards so yeah I'm

gonna be bringing the controller back

and getting a new one I'm feeling really

bad right now

and yeah so far so good with doom it

seems to be running fine

and okay I know it's an old console

Manning yet doesn't have all the

niceties of even the Xbox one s but it's

$99 for the price of a controller you

get a whole system with the controller

just make sure your controller is not

piss-poor shaped like mine and can you

really complain about this for like a

secondary system for maybe as a cheap

gift for someone or for your kids so

they have something to use in their

playroom don't really think so next I'm

gonna try modern warfare and install

that to from disk so both games

installed properly from the disk just to

let it be known the disk drive works ok

on this alright so here is me playing

2019 s modern warfare and it runs fine

on this 99 buck OG xbox well ok it runs

like crap and the frame rates all over

the place but that's not the console

being defective it's just the OG xbox

and the Xbox 1s have a tough time

running the newest modern warfare

because it's just too much game for it

but it's still playable and I had a good

time playing a couple online matches in

modern warfare so it works that's all

that needs to be said so far so good

with this used old Xbox one ok so I've

used the $99 Xbox one I played doom I

played modern warfare I tried it out for

a while so I recommend that you get one

for like a secondary console or maybe

put into a secondary room or to give to

young kids kids you don't want to spend

that much money yes

there's some caveats though this is far

from perfect

first off aesthetically as you see I

mentioned this in the earlier part of

video this thing looks like it's been

through a wood chipper I don't know what

the hell happened up here I don't know

if when gamestop refurbished it they

thought it was a good idea to make this

a matte finish by putting like a sander

on here I don't know what the hell

happened but it looks rough but it has

to be said this system works fine you

installed the games I tried fine out

here the optical drive works so the

first time it didn't read a disc but I

don't think that was I think that's a

software bug I've mentioned it before my

xbox 1x did that a couple times too and

it hasn't done it since but don't think

the drive in Sonic II was struggling

the controller is Borges I'm gonna have

to go get an exchange on it it one of

the analog sticks is really really

really rough it has most feels like

there's like sandpaper inside of it

d-pad doesn't work properly and had a

couple problems connecting to the Xbox

one now before you think there's

something wrong with the Xbox one and it

that's why it's not working properly

with the controller I tried it with

another one of my Xbox one controllers

and they connect it connected no problem

first time every time so it is just this

controller and it's not like an issue

with connectivity on the actual console

itself yeah I mean it's not pretty to

look at but it worked fine and they even

had like a $10 one year warranty that

you could have gotten with this too so

if it broke within a year you could just

get it exchanged and replaced or

whatever and that warrants he has worked

for me before at Gamestop I didn't get

it like I said that I purposely got this

for this video so probably maybe you

only use it from time to time we're just

thrown into a second room somewhere and

if it breaks it breaks so be it but if

you get this okay say Game Stop I think

it was a Black Friday only deal if it

isn't I'll verify with them tomorrow and

I'll have a little text on here saying

if it's Black Friday or not but if you

get this as a gift for somebody say Game

Stop runs this deal again like before

Christmas and like hey

rich a review tech USA had a $99 Xbox

one his rant okay get it as a gift or

whatever the case just try it first try

the crap out of it tried for a few days

play a whole bunch of games on it make

sure the controller is okay because my

controller is not okay

and just make sure it works and if it

does you're getting a console with the

controller that usually goes for 60

bucks getting a whole system for $99 and

hey is a secondary console to hang

around the house to play still current

generation games on because we we still

have no the year to go before next-gen

consoles it's a pretty good deal man and

unlike the Xbox one said even though it

doesn't do HDR and all that stuff and 4k

streaming you still have an actual drive

to put games in an optical drive so

something be said about that too so yeah

this wasn't that bad of a deal and I

hesitantly recommend it just if you buy

one just quadruple check this thing man

to make sure everything's working on it

this is richer review tech USA signing

out have a good one

not bad Game Stop my works okay just

check the controller's more next time

and my hairy ass