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Carla Hall's Delicious 3-Ingredient Dish | The Chew

when it comes to saving time in the

kitchen it's really important to keep it

simple so I'm going to show you a

delicious dish that requires only three

all natural ingredients that anyone can

buy in the grocery store we're using

carrots parsley and pistachios to make a

roasted carrot roasted carrots with

pistachio pesto it is really the perfect

side dish to any meal and you could like

bulk it up for a salad I think that when

people think of cutting corners a lot of

things that they use are processed yeah

so I mean this is like all natural so we

take four bunches of carrots and we

roast them at 425 for 18 to 20 minutes

with salt and pepper and olive oil

that's simple simple simple and if

you've never had a roasted carrot they

are so good okay so we take half our

carrots we put in here Clinton I want

you to take a cup of these pistachios

just roasted pistachios put those in

here as well I've got sort of a half a

bunch of parsley okay and then let's

just whiz that up a little bit okay

pulse pulse pulse so all of that you

know you will see us I can Michael

roasted those vegetables we've opened up

the flavor apart you want to go with

that that looks good so we're gonna add

a look at two tablespoons of white wine

vinegar and then we may need a splash of

water because we really want this to be

somewhat loose and then I'm gonna add

some salt okay all right and then we're

gonna add in you gonna add in some olive

oil after that okay okay so I'm gonna

leave that with you you're gonna this

pulse bone ever made a roaster Kerry

pesto before I open up straight up

because we wanted to be countess

credible so we need we need so we need a

good amount of olive oil so it's almost

like a almost like a like a

inconsistency like a tapenade on those

yeah like it has a little bit more

texture to exactly okay like a regular

side yeah and here let's taste it the

next thing that we're gonna do and I

just want to come back over here if you

have your tops you can also throw that

into your pesto as well all right so

Michael I have you shaving making little

rivets of the carrots so we're gonna

make a carrot salad so now we have we

have our pesto then we're gonna do a

carrot salad we're gonna take some of


same ingredients we have our shaved

carrots and thank you for doing

absolutely we're gonna add in some

parsley we'll add in a little bit of

that same rice wine vinegar some salt


Michel give me some olive oil in here

mm-hmm yeah I'm gonna toss that up toss

that up got it okay so now we have

riposte - all right so we have our pesto

we have our platter we're gonna take

some of this pesto we're gonna put it

down on our platter feeling very good

about this I'm gonna take these roasted

carrots the other half of the roasted

carrots put these down make it look very

rustic and just inviting you know what I

love about the scholars you're putting

it together is I think it's such a for

people cooking at home it's right on top

right it's such a great example of how

you could take one vegetable and

depending on how you prepared the

flavors of it changes 100% textures of

course yeah exactly

so here three ingredients you guys just

get in here let me know what you think

and then put a little bit of Clinton's

pesto on there because he was nervous

it's such a great job and it's elegant

too and I think that just really well

into it like for the people at home use

your imagination with this you know

we're getting ready to spring is around

the corner this would be great with

asparagus you could use this same

technique for a million different salads

exactly so nice yeah it's good you know

the roasted carrots have that really

intense flavor it's got the sweetness

and but what they're missing is the

texture so that what you have is this

great crunchy texture of the raw carrot