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The Clapper Review: As Seen on TV Classic!

that's right it's the clapper the most

classic As Seen on TV product of all

time and that's today's review and

Lissa's open this up and see what's

inside not much to it looking at some of

the features here you've got the two

clap socket and a three clap socket this

one requires two claps to activate this

requires three and it has a clap meter

here so you can see how many claps have

been registered they do say there's kind

of a clapping technique where you have

to clap pause clap and then pause again

each pause they say is about a half a

second long there's a switch in the

bottom that allows you to put four away

which means any sound will activate it

low sensitivity or high sensitivity

that's right it is the clapper now this

was not a product I was going to do but

my Twitter follower pirate Jenny thank

you very much for suggesting it she

suggested that I try it because it's the

most iconic as-seen-on-tv product

probably ever and it's also probably the

oldest one that still available stores I

found that it's at a Walgreens I think

for about 20 bucks you can also still

find online and I'll put a link in the

description below if you want to find it

there so I was looking around and I

didn't really see many videos that give

a proper review of the clapper there's

some short ones some first-look ones a

lot of them goofing on it but not really

a comprehensive review of the clapper so

I figured what the heck I'll take pirate

Jenny's advice and do the clap or so

let's get started so what I've done is I

plugged a lamp that I used for my

lighting into this extension core where

the clapper in between I got on the to

clap settings so let's see how that does

I'm using this hand to hold it I'm going

to try just slapping my leg

well it seems to be working so far it's

a good sign

I'm not even clapping my hands I'm just

clapping my leg the reason there's a

pause is because it's looking for a

third clap to see if there's there gonna

be a third clap or not so it has to have

a delay in there before it turns on

because it's not sure if there's gonna

be two or three claps all right I've got

two lamps here and got them plugged in

right now the one on the left is two

claps and the one on the right is three

claps so let me just do a quick test and

see if I can manipulate them just by

clapping boom okay by the way that is

the night angel that plugged into I did

a review of night angel earlier this

year okay first up is the three clap

lamp now the to clap lamp now there's no

way of turning them both off at the same

time so I'll just turn them off one at a


can I do it by snapping yes how fast can

I do it that was pretty fast too fast so

I get the app you have to remain kind of

in a certain speed next up we're gonna

do the dog test usually I have Bailey in

my videos but today I've got Daisy

helping me up cuz Daisy is the better

wash dog no offense to Bailey but

Daisy's gonna help me participate in my

dog barking test to see if that lamp

will turn on what dogs bark as you can

see okay the lamp is set and Daisy's

ready okay so we're gonna do now is get

Daisy to bark and see if that lamp turns

on give Daisy Doo

who's that

good girl good girl who is that who is

that Daisy yeah Kim Dacey so far it's

not being fooled by the dog who is that

good girl good girl

who do you see who do you see Daisy who

is that we got action it turned on but

eventually Daisy did turn the lamp on by

barking it took it took a couple minutes

good girl

oh wait turn on again it turned on again

good girl Daisy well it looks like it's

not 100% foolproof because Daisy's

barking and my knocking turned the lamp

on thirteen-year-old golden retriever

Daisy that's right Daisy Daisy turned on

the lamp by barking it took a few

minutes but she actually turned the lamp

on all right I'm sitting outside here

with the star shower slideshow which is

probably my favorite of the newest breed

of the star showers and that's how it

looks and as you see I've got the

clapper here plugged into it and it's

kind of windy out here there's a lot of

outside noises so these sensors are

picking up sounds out here the first

thing I want to do is see if any of

these outdoor noises will actually

affect it and turn off the second thing

I'm going to do is go to that window and

see if I can actually control the stars

our slideshow from the window so if you

don't have a timer maybe The Clapper

would be a good alternative so I'm gonna

go inside and try that then leave this

on for a while and see if it ever goes

off by itself from the outdoor noises

let's do it okay here I am

there is the star shower slideshow

I'm gonna put the camera down and see if

I can actually control it from inside

okay here we go how it worked it worked

let's you know turn it back on let's try


oh there did it worked it worked

of course my neighbors probably you're

tired hear me clapping but took a few

tries but it actually worked alright

it's been in here for about two hours so

far the clapper has not turned off from

barking dogs the wind or people walking

by so that's good I did notice when I

walked earlier on the rocks that it kind

of picked it up almost as a clap so let

me see if I walk towards it in the rocks

if it affects it

so I took two steps and I went out to

watch this

so it could it could be turned on and

off by walking how about over here

it's not picking up my foot stomping as

clapping so that's good I think two

hours a good test that just normal

outdoor noises probably won't affect it

that much I'm not sure you're gonna be

using the clapper outside I just wanted

to see how it worked for my next test

I'm gonna use the away setting alright

so here's my mind oh here's Bailey

Bailey's going crazy I have it on a way

mode so when you plug it in it turns on

the light for a second turns it back off

and then any noise will set it off and

will stay on for 10 minutes let's try it

okay this is the night angel by the way

alright ready

Kate's gonna turn on and they don't turn

off and then any sound after that will

activate it keeps going to turn on see

how long it takes

she did it

she did by dropping our chicken getting

that chicken

give me that chicken good girl

let me see the chicken okay so this will

stay on for ten minutes then go off

again and we'll repeat the process so I

think it's pretty effective it seems

relatively sensitive I'm gonna try this

again without Bailey in the room

okay well that didn't turn it on hmm I'm

talking talking is okay talking turned

it on all right well I mean it's kind of

sensitive overall I think the clapper

really kind of performs as expected in

the commercial effect you have two and

three claps you can control two

different items and you have the away

feature that will turn it on for any

sounds I think overall does pretty well

there are other noises that might turn

your item on and off and you might be

wondering why I'm doing my conclusion in

bed because if you remember that iconic

scene from the commercial it worked