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Where Is The Clitoris? What Is The Clitoris? How to Find A Woman's Clitoris

hi i'm ben buckingham and you're about

to learn what is a clitoris or clip for

short where to find the clitoris on a

woman's vagina and I'll give you really

important information about the clitoris

so you know how to handle this

pleasure button to make sure that your

woman is very very happy with you in the

bedroom this is gonna sound pretty weird

to you but the clitoris is actually just

like a penis but a super small version

so when a woman is not aroused you can't

really see her clitoris it hides under

the clitoral hood which protects it from

over stimulation in everyday life to

make sure it is super sensitive for when

a woman needs it to orgasm so this is

the [ __ ] hood here and you just see this

little button just sticking out there

that's her clitoris and this would be

how it looks like when she is quite

aroused and if you pull that back you're

able to see it quite clearly looks like

a very small part of a beam so the [ __ ]

hood here is therefore just like a man's

foreskin same purpose same vibe or good

now as a woman gets aroused the clitoris

in here swells up with blood and pokes

out it's kind of sticks out it might end

up looking something like that kind of

red purple and a little bit pointy

klitz do come in all shapes and sizes

but I generally look pretty much similar

twin erect so the clitoris is obviously

a lot smaller than the head of a penis

but it has a similar number of total

nerve endings therefore it's much much

more sensitive than a penis head so go

easy don't press it too hard don't

stroke it too quickly just something

like this is enough you don't to be

going like this or really fast like this

like you might see in porn films that is

not what you do that is sensory overload

it's just far too much for and you

really ruin the experience so just take

it nice and slowly this kind of

stimulation is absolutely plenty for 95%

of women in some of my other videos you

can learn how to make a woman orgasm

from clitoris stimulation learn how to

give her oral sex how to make her squirt

and how to make a girl really wet and

many more topics related to you become

a mind-blowing lover for more advanced

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i'm ben buckingham from