find the


hey guys Lisa Leslie yeah and today I'm

gonna be showing you how to get your

hands on the cold ball petrified wood in

Red Dead Redemption - this is needed to

craft the boar tusks talisman out the

fencer so that is the reason why

covering it today let's get into it so

the location we're looking to go for

this one is in an Amber Ino right at the

top in the snowy area to the left here

in Lake Isabella and you can just see

where we're tagging right if we zoom

right in it's actually at the bottom of

the cliff here yeah so if you're on top

of the cliff looking for it now it's at

the bottom here and you'll see where we

are in game right now so I'll zoom out

once more for you Lake Isabella by the a

in amber Ino and that is the location

we're looking to go and you're gonna see

an area just like this so you can see

here it's a little cave just inside this

mountain and when you come here you're

gonna see yourself at a little chest and

I think you have to climb up on here

yeah you do and you climb up and search

the chest so let's open it now and in

there you can see is the cobalt

petrified wood so we're gonna pick that

and with that we're gonna go and pick up

what else is hidden in here it's a

billfold so we'll take that a big cache

I think 22 bucks and that is it for this

one that is basically where it is

there's nothing more needed you'd head

back to a fence and that all be good job

done guys so we leave this one there if

you like - if you liked the video

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for watching as always and take it easy