find the

How to find Car Paint Code locations on Most Cars

we had a fine afine code on the vehicle

the easiest way to find the code is open

the door and usually in the jam or on

the door there's a tag this is a Toyota

so this tag here will give you the

indications or give you the VIN number

C's color exterior color and the other

numbers TR for trim the color number is

one h1 and trim is LC one for another

method of finding the paint code is to

call the dealer and give them the VIN

number and they'll give you the ping

code here we have an infinity as an open

a jam this tag is on this propeller and

if you look closely it has color listed

and underneath the color of the code

trim the number underneath pawn cars is

to open the hood and look for the paint

code somewhere on the inner fender on

the radiator support p.m. and you have

to open the trunk and sometimes on the

decklid you'll see the code underneath

the spare tire carrier on this carpet

you'll see a code this isn't a GM I'm

just showing it for description purposes

so the code could be in various areas

and aiko is called the dealer to find

out where it is