find the

How to find right color code for Toyota cars. Years 2000 -2015

hello and welcome how are you doing my

friend today I'd like to give you

information that how I can find this my

Toyota cars right paint color unlike in

that my car there is silver silver color

but how I can find this just right color

okay and and what is this idea if you

have Toyota car but your models are like

2002 to 2010 okay so I will show with

the idea first you need to open this

car's front door and such there is this

rock part you can see the Thirsty's

document text that kind of text and

please look similar text in your car's

door and there is tempest comment and

that part in here despair see means

color and it is dispersed number set in

here one nine nine nine it is really

easy one nine nine and there is this

color and that means that we need to

Utah car color what number is one nine

nine nine okay and what to do the next

next I will show that what to do next

some rock in here and ten next step is

to go to visit the story where you can

see that kind of sign and this place is

original Toyota dealership Center and

these guys they are my friend because I

visited in there almost every day

and now I wish it it in there yesterday

and today I caught my touch-up paint set

and there is possibility to get that

kind of bottles color dye or spray color

and that kind of color said it cost a

post about ten US dollars or ten euros

and when we go to this Toyota dealership

we only said that say that take we mid

coal or $1.99 and here can you see in

here terrorist number silver met one

nine nine the terrorist is my color and

then when I opened up the pockets and

what his purpose is there is first and

this is like lock lock last year that's

a pencil a clear last year

this is like clear and that one then the

second one this is this is this paint

and Paris disc comment also that

touch-up paint still silver met one nine

nine and it is so easy and then I only

need rotate that get up in that way and

I actually I need to know two hands and

no no this part is ready and then I open

it carefully and there is pencil inside

in with that I can go to paint my god

and then of course we have possibility

to purchase similar did a little bit

bigger bigger bottle for this spray

paint and also Toyota quality and that

it this is my recommendation that how we

can find any these paints for our Toyota

cars okay and that kind of information

and this is like basic paint and then

when we have painted we can insert there

this clear last year because I have

metallic color

this is my car okay and then there's

also really excellent his information

quit would inhale surface this packets

are just easy to do this job and I have

not ever seen so accurate information

than in here it is almost really fun to

walk this info and languages are English

Spanish friends and some other language

okay and please enjoy and thank you for

watching that video and remember to use

core quality Toyota's products and thank

you again for watching that video