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SKYRIM - How to join the Companions.

a stranger comes to a home would you now

here let me have a look at you

yes perhaps a certain strength of spirit

you're not truly considering accepting

him I am nobody's master Lucas and last

I checked we had some empty beds in your

roster for those with a fire burning in

their hearts apologies but perhaps this

isn't the time I've never even heard of

this outsider sometimes the famous come

to us sometimes men and women come to us

to seek their fame it makes no

difference what matters is their heart

and their arm of course how are you in

battle boy

calm down there well don't feel like you

need to show off for arson Vilkas here

will be the one testing your met

builders take him out to the yard see

what he died

not here out in the yard come on


the old man said to have a look at you

so let's do this just have a few swings

at me so I can see your form don't worry

I can take it not bad next time won't be

so easy you might just make it

but for now you're still a whelp to us

your blood so you do what we tell you

here's my sword go take it up to your

land have it sharpened and be careful

it's probably worth more than you are

you again what is it now

what brings you here

I'm guessing you're the new comedy

or don't worry too much about it they

were all welds once they just might not

like to talk about it don't always just

do what you're told nobody moves anybody

well I'm not sure how they've managed it

but they have no leader since he's gone

Cod lack is the Harbinger he's a sort of

adviser for the whole group every man is

sown a woman burrow

I have a favor to ask

I've been working on a shield from here

my wife is in mourning and I need to get

back to her soon I'd be much obliged if

you could take this to a healer for me

this isn't a command just decency help

out an old blacksmith I've got to get

back to my work

why who says I have to

if he's grimore himself with

ah good I've been waiting for this wait

I remember you so the old man thinks

you've got some heart I guess what now

cod legs oh this one Tori I saw him

training in the yard with a bunch of

snow burger ah yes I heard you gave him

quite a thrashing

alright let Vilkas catch you sink do you

think you could handle Vilkas in a real

fight whoa he's up there we're rough but

there's no need to kill a shield brother

over a dispute

I like your fire though you'll make a

fierce companion let us hunt together

sometime here let's have Farkas show you

where you'll be resting your head Farkas

did you call me of course we did I

sprained show this new blood where the

rest of the whelp asleep

new blood oh I remember you follow me on

the hunt what now

score and a Ella liked to tease me but

they're good people they challenged us

to be our best nice to have a new face

around it gets boring here sometimes I

hope we keep you this can be a rough

life the quarters are up here just pick

a bed and fall in it when you're tired

DOMA will keep the place clean she

always has all right so here you are

looks like the others are eager to meet

you come to me you're a ella if you're

looking for work once you've made a bit

of a name for yourself skewer and Vilkas

might have things for you to do good

luck welcome to the companions by the

way if you're looking for something to


we've got trouble right here in Whiterun

hold nothing we can't handle

nothing but a bunch of lonely bandits

cowards who will take little effort I

know you could be counted on do what

must be done

skewer says that I have the strength of

ease grimore both dragons I'm still

trying to figure out why skewer let you

win in the first