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Diablo 3: RoS Patch 2.4.1 Farming 101 and Methods to Perfect Godly Gear

what's going on guys welcome back to the

channel now as promised here is another

diablo 3 video on farming strategies and

the strategies that I use to get the

ultimate godly endgame gear ok so let's

get into it

first I'm going to talk about the three

strategies that me and I'm sure

everybody else in Diablo uses in case

you didn't know and after I tell you how

to farm the gear you're looking for I'm

going to show you how to most

effectively get a perfect godly set that

of that set that you have ok now to

start off I'm going to use the reference

of a set that I'm trying to get

currently and that's the fan of knives

set for the demon hunter it's going to

be a [ __ ] awesome set to you so I'm

excited now to start there's obviously

the main methods of farming is picking

you know hi champion areas in bat or

just doing bounties and you know doing

your normal rifts ok and if you're going

to do that it is the least effective of

the three methods I believe because you

don't get to specifically pick the item

that's dropped you can get a ring when

you're wanting a pair of gloves or or

vice versa and if you're going to do

that method that's fine and dandy if

you're going to do it

pick a torment level that I'm at 10 that

you can do a normal riff or bounties at

a fairly good speed so for example let

me jump into a quick normal rift here

just to kind of give you an example of

what's a good effective farming speed I

say at the most 5 you know try to keep

it around a 5 minute 5 between 5 and 10

minute riff normal rift and that's with

that's with um I mean what am I trying

to say here 10 minutes being the high

end now here's a set of champions let me

just show you how fast you should be

killing them probably like you know like

that four or five six hits um just so

you can keep moving you know watch the

progress bar there 7% this is cut this

is kind of going to give you your best

odds at getting what you actually

right because the odds are already not

in your favor when you're just running

normal rifts like this so if you want to

make this effective try doing it where

you're killing enemies at about the same

pace I am if you're not lower your

torment difficulty you know based on

your gear and just the speed you're

doing them at okay so that's kind of an

idea of that moving on to the second

strategy it's more effective I find than

just simply running through rips and

stuff is kadala I still think she's a

[ __ ] because she still doesn't give you

what you need now you get to select what

you're looking for so in the current set

that I'm going for the gloves I need are

saying our choose gauge okay now let's

say for example I didn't have those and

I'm going for those gloves I go over

here to kadala and I say hey give me a

set of gloves now I don't have enough

blood charge but when you do this she

most often gives you a yellow or a blue

and it's why she's a [ __ ] and I think

she should go die but it does give you

the ability to select a specific piece

that you need so it kind of refines the

farming process a little bit still is

difficult because you do have to get

blood shards from bounties and just

running rips as it is so you're going to

be able to combine these farming

strategies anyways but the one you

should be aiming for the one you should

be focused on is the third and final

farming strategy which is the cube okay

so let's say for example I am going for

these st. our choose gloves what I'm

going to do is either spend my blood

shards at kadala she's going to give me

a bunch of yellow rare level 70 gloves

or if I don't have blood shards I can

come over here and I can buy a set from

the blacksmith level 70 rare gloves once

I've done that I come over here to the

cube okay and this is presumably that

you've gotten the cube if you don't have

the cube throw it in the comments below

I might make another video if you guys

want to see another video on where you

go about getting the cube it is a new

update well kind of not new but fairly

recent now what you want to do is after

you've gotten your rare set of gloves or

whatever piece you're looking for you

come over here to the cube and you put

it in now the only difficult part about

this process the reason why it takes a

little bit longer is because you have to

have death spreads that's this little

jar here in the

corner the most effective way to get

those is riffs and bounties it's just

killing champions I know at torment 10

you get two per champion set sometimes

one I'm not sure if that's all torment

levels if it is then just follow this

strategy but once you have twenty five

the other materials you're not going to

be so worried about because you get

those literally everywhere they drop all

the time you're probably going to have

thousands of them I have I think over a

thousand on all of these just from

playing I don't even remember picking

them up so it's the deaths press that

make this an issue but so you put it in

and you transmute it and there you go I

got fiendish grips now let's say I was

going for the essence let's say I was

going for the unhallowed essence set

bang that's why it's more accurate

because one you're not going to get

yellows you're not going to get blues

you are going to be having your odds

strictly from the legendaries and set

items of gloves so it really brings the

odds of getting the one that you want

into a realm that is better than kadala

and better than just running around

aimlessly looking for a random drop okay

so that's the one you want to focus on

you want to focus on your your farming

efforts on this strategy right here in

the cube if you're looking for a

specific piece okay and the good part

about it is as you're running for deaths

breaths which is like let's say okay I

go over here I need more deaths press I

open up a I open up a normal rift and

pick like I said picking your rift where

you can do it in about five five minutes

and you're killing champions at the same

pace that I was you're probably going to

get an average about twenty five you

know depending on how many champions

show up you if you do the whole rift you

can get twenty five deaths Preston just

to run one run of a like here's that

here's a champion for example and let's

kill him and what does he drop oh look

at that to death breaths now like I said

I don't know if that's a hundred percent

of the time in anything but torment ten

but I'm pretty sure there's also a

method of using a specific set that can

be crafted I'm pretty sure by the

blacksmith I will throw it in the

description of what that set is called

um that will give you more deaths


per draw per [ __ ] per champion drop if

you're wanting to you know kind of

exploit that farming method I will throw

the name of that set in the description

but just as an example here's the kind

of the pace like I said that you should

be doing in a mat there's some more

deaths pressed and that's the kind of

and while you're doing this you're

actually still able to utilize the first

farming strategy right you might get a

drop while you're looking for deaths

breaths um and then you come back over

and let's say I still mean saying I

choose right here's another pair of

level 70s okay I don't have enough

deaths press but that's kind of the

example that I was going to give you and

it really shows how the odds are

increased with only having the cube

select from the specific legendaries and

set items of the specific piece of gear

that you need right so that's why this

is the best farming strategy I hope you

guys have learned a little bit more

about the different methods of getting

the gear but I'm also going to tell you

now how once you've gotten your complete

set how do you go about making that set

absolutely godly now this starts off by

requiring you to get through the farming

methods I've just described two pieces

it doesn't matter what the stats are on

them two pieces of each piece of gear

that's why I have these two st. art

shoes gauge that's why I also have for

example two leoric's crowns and so on of

every piece that I need okay once you

have that you're obviously going to be

using the best one of the two of each

piece so you know if I was if this was

my best set currently if I if I had all

the pieces of the set and the set I'm

going for is is my best killing set it's

not for me currently because I'm using

my unhallowed essence set to farm this

new set but for example let's say you

you only had this set you put on the

best piece of the two okay you put on

the best piece of the two which in this

case would be this ancient one okay and

then you do that for all the pieces that

you have and then you take the other

piece that you're not using and you

continue to roll it in the cube not at


rare item but reforge a legendary and

now this is by far more expensive

because you have to get these crafting

materials here that are only found by

doing a complete bounty set in an act

each one is found in a different act and

once you have all of them usually get

about five per bounty set you can

reforge a legendary once now I would

take my sane arts use gloves that I'm

not using reforge them and hope that it

gets that there's a 10% chance it can be

ancient and hope that if I roll an

ancient that it's better than the

ancient that I'm using if it is I swap

it and then I continue to roll the one

that I've swapped out until it's both

ancient and the stats are better and I

keep doing that over and over until I

have the best possible gloves I can get

and then once I have the best possible

gloves I can get I can whatever do

whatever the other piece sell it or

whatever and then move on to the helmet

or move on to the next piece and do the

same thing where the one that's best at

the time roll the other one until it's


and better than the one I'm using switch

it and keep doing that over and over

until I have the best helmet follow that

strategy it does take time but it

prevents you from having to roll the

piece you're wearing and let's say I

roll it and I have an ancient and then I

reroll it after and it's not ancient cuz

it's only a 10% chance of being ancient

I've now lost a downgraded that's why

having two of each piece and rolling the

one you don't you aren't using until

it's better is the best method of

getting godly gear okay and that's after

you've done the first three strategies

and farmed these pieces that you need

you farmed your whole set basically

twice and now you're using the cube to

reforge the legendaries that you're not

using until they're better and they can

replace the ones you're using and then

do that again for the ones you've

replaced and keep doing that until you

have the most godly gear that you can

possibly think of that's the best

strategy of farming I believe and

achieving endgame absolutely destructive

Geir I hope you guys have learned a few

things if you didn't know this already

throw a like on the video it'll keep me

going and let me know if you want to see

how to get the cube or anything else you

want to see with Diablo 3 throw it in

the comments below but I will post a

video next on the fan of knife set that

I achieved through this method or these

methods and I'll give you a little taste

of this next speed farming bill that I'm

doing with the demon hunter so as always

guys stay on the beam you do you live

life your way because that's the way

life is meant to be and until next time

Cheers your beauties now I don't know

we're gonna start off with the MA

because the MA is [ __ ] dope so quick

draw necessary rapid-fire necessary pass

mags necessary