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How to Clear Chrome Browser History and Cookies on Computer

hi everyone my name is Kevin today I

want to show you how you could clear

your browser cache as well as all your

cookies and different sites and forms

stored in your browser how do we do it

alright let's jump right to it

Here I am on my desktop and today I'm

going to show you how to do this in

Google Chrome so I'm gonna go ahead and

open up the Chrome browser so here it is

and it's very very simple to do what

we're gonna do is up here in the top

right hand corner you'll see a tiny

little photo of yourself and next to

that you have an ellipses or dot dot dot

what we're going to do is we're going to

click on that and then you have this

menu that appears within the menu we

want to go to more tools and within more

tools you'll see something that says

clear browsing data

what you can also do is if you don't

want to jump through these menus and

have to find it that way you can also

just click on the shortcut key which is

control shift delete so I could also do

that so we're gonna go ahead and click

on that so this brings me into Chrome's

clear browsing data dialog and you'll

see a few different options here so you

have the time range let's say that I

went to a website that I don't want

tracked on my machine and it was in the

last 20 minutes I could just say hey

within the last hour I want to clear any

browsing history I could do the last day

the last week the last four weeks or I

could simply say hey I want to get rid

of everything that's an option I could

get rid of my browsing history so all

the different websites I went to I could

get rid of them I could get rid of

cookies and other site data and I could

also get rid of cached images and files

now one thing is if you went to a

website that you don't want recorded

this is probably a good thing to do the

one thing though is cookies are actually

valuable and the reason why is when you

go to a lot of websites you

automatically sign in they have

something called single sign-on and when

you keep track of cookies and that's how

they're able to do it so if you if you

wipe those out you'll probably have to

log in again to a lot of the websites

you go to similarly similarly with

cached images and files what will happen

is as you go to a lot of websites again

and again and again what they'll do is

they'll cache the images so this way

every time you visit that website you

don't have to redownload the image so

keep in mind that if you are clearing

all of this out there could be some pain

by having the sign in again having

websites take a little bit longer to

load so when there's a site you went to

if that you know maybe you don't want in

your history you know think of the time

range and if it was within the last

or maybe the last day maybe you just

want to remove that so you don't get rid

of all your cookies and all your cached

images but you could decide what you

want to do the capability to remove that

is here so your call on how much you

want to get rid of and then once you

make your selections once you hit your

little boxes here what you're going to

do is you're going to click on clear

data and then that will wipe it out and

that history will be gone from your

machine and really that's as simple as

it is so hopefully this video was

helpful if it was please give it a

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hopefully it saved the day about getting

rid of some website that you didn't want

tracked on your machine and if you want

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