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what's going on everyone my name is

under the radar and welcome back to

another video in today's video I'm gonna

be showing you guys how you get the

cracked teapot which is what you guys

are gonna use to evolve your citta ste

into a polti guys so all you're gonna

have to do is are gonna have to get here

to the fourth gym and right below these

stairs there is a ladder right here

you're gonna want to climb up the ladder

and then once you go up the ladder just

follow the building around and there is

a poker ball right here go ahead and

click on it and it will be the cracked

pot all you have to do is capture a

sinister now if you don't know where

Cinna Steven counter in the gloom would

tangle and the gloom would tangle is

right up here off to the right I don't

start a cutscene the glenwood tangle is

right here next to the fourth gym off to

the right hand side so once you guys

beat the fourth gym all you have to do

is come in here and you guys will be

able to run and encounter Pokemon in

there and you can find a sinister and

you'll be able to use the cracked teapot

on it and get it to evolve immediately

after catching it so make sure on your

run-through you guys stop by and you

grab that item and you will have the

perfect opportunity to get yourself a

poltergeist if you guys did enjoy please

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I'll see you guys in the next video bye