find the


my goodness Geordi what is that the cube

has arrived affordable cube yep that

starter that's your challenge for today

we're gonna break open the purple cube

first what do we do first we're just

gonna use our pickaxe and hopefully we

can break it that's a good idea

I'm ready I died all right Geordi

apparently if you hit the purple cube

you get sent to death don't hit it

wait what if we land on it so that's a

challenge for today we want to know

what's inside so we're just gonna try a

bunch of things to get in there okay oh

you're a little lower this is

interesting but what if you didn't know

okay because we're not gonna have like

drop damage right whoa oh whoa whoa whoa

let's get something they did something

what if you do that a couple times you

think we could just get through it

oh man yeah I saw that

hey jelly Hey whoa

if you crouch you go like ten miles up

wait you actually jump out of the

gravity zone gravity graphi what did you


whoa okay might need some heavy support

heavy yeah we might need some machinery

or something like that how about we

start with some weapons Geordi like a

rocket launcher okay chilly back we are

I need a mini guy yes why are you why

are you a boy well I thought maybe the

cube can't see me that way and you know

he'll let me in I don't know okay okay

does he see me you think you might not

see me jelly are you sneaking up stupid

way to hide a sticky I'm sneaking maybe

if you just go really really quiet okay

you can sneak into like into it I mean

I'm gonna try I'm not gonna hurt him he

doesn't like that did you yeah

I'm not sure about this one Jordi you've

got this daily notice very loud around

here Jordi come on running dude no okay

I'm alive alright yes alright we're

gonna try and open the cube with the

mini yeah where do we shoot it in the

middle just shoot okay three two one

okay we're just gonna use all the

bullets we have oh wait what does it

good is doing it's doing something it's

trying to shoot back it is trying to

shoot back at us but we're outside of

its own so I can't hit us whoa I ain't

stopping I think we are at Arnie we're

gonna manage come on come on come on I

have more no more bullets what about you

okay Geordie what if we get a little

closer in the zone okay aiming what is

the doing de whoa it's shooting at the


oh [ __ ] for you oh my god this is

amazing oh my god hit me anything oh my

god I'm almost dead okay 26 more bullets

I'm out of ammo all right I'm gonna get

nice and close

alrighty the new weapon maybe it works

wait I have an impulse grenade that's

also electric kay okay let me go try

this one first let me try it okay go go


ready okay this is not anything it

sneaks on their deeds but look at these

rocks they're just rocks floating yeah

okay these ones they don't do anything

yeah impose grades didn't do anything



that was an accident careful I gotta

pick all that up yeah so I found a

vending machine where we can get rockets

or tea so let's go there alright Geordi

the vending machine is right here let's

get some rockets going okay we need some

metal more there you go alright oh yeah

I need more metal let's try to blow it

up gently Geordi I think we got enough

let's do it let's get out of here let's


we're back with the Rockets oh yes we

are I think I am I hope acorn ate lunch

we're gonna make it from here all right

let's go

three and two wait wait wait wait let's

see what this shop makes you have

occurred a headline to actually get

there okay that's a good idea

come on come on come on oh oh no no no I

think I hit it okay all right let's go

to 100k

I'm just gonna keep spamming these my

friend oh man I got a lot of these

grenade launchers I could have a lot of

is it doing something we're doing damage

that is that is doing some damage for

sure oh yeah okay time to reload time

reloading my last six Rockets come on

please do something please let's do

something right I hope so don't die

whatever you I'm just I'm just looking

at the top this bad racks on this we're

gonna open up this bad boy okay maybe I

don't actually see any cracks but the

explosions are definitely hitting it Oh

switch to the heavy machinery jelly


yeah we could try the c-4 how about down

and leaning on the top we haven't

actually tried the top yet let's drop

them up the top like right there put

them right next to put as much OH

as much as we can that's all I have

ready you count down okay I need to get

a good angle this three oh my goodness

it is angry it is really angry are

Geordi how about we try and lock it in

now and we try to a tried to lock it in

oh yeah I think that's a good idea

alright Geordi you break that down yeah

I'll just get started

we just used wood all right material

here so just gonna start okay we're just

really bill the good thing is we can

jump the good thing is we can jump right

and it's not perfectly aligned

so like the traps will definitely hit it

one of us will probably have to join the

enemy team to be triggering the traps

right interesting

so what puts all the traveling IQ stuff

right I know man whoa come on I didn't

even hit a packet again

no I didn't oh come on

so how many traps do we have do we have

yokai I'm dying oh no wow this is really


this is actually good looking we're

doing all right give us trap down give

us traps right now okay cube is almost

fully just got some bouncer pads that's


oh we can make we can make it try and

dance as well I got a boogie pick now

all right I'm a jump pad towards it whoa

do you fly so far

okay I'm just covering the rest okay

yeah yeah see will the trap like make it

angry just like before

that's what I'm wondering about I think

it's fully covered Geordi okay let's

check it out let's check it out from a

distance make sure we didn't all right I

gotta break these stairs real quick

there all right there we go

okay we have successfully built around

the cube an entire cube around and now

the plan is amazing put some traps

against it yeah see what it dolly didn't

do anything

see technically if the traps penetrate

the cube maybe you'll create like a hole

or something yep well let's try okay so

let's go inside here all right and then

do you want to put some cute oh you

don't how many traps do you have you

hate it now at four it's a completion

them down you're fine and it's fine you

can hit it see maybe this is how you do

it so we could constantly hit it right

oh wait don't but it's still use the

lightning all cuz we do damage yeah Oh


it doesn't like it okay how many do you

have I have two four wait

okay chilly I'm putting all the traps

out why can you do it and why can I

please I'll give you all my traps here

you go take yeah okay so I'm gonna go in

front of it no you know above and then

just jump down above and you can trigger

all the traps yeah so go up the top and

then just plug it down all right that's

a good idea absolutely there's a trigger

all the traps maybe maybe no maybe

you'll just die we'll see so write them

at the top yet just fall down what's

gonna happen oh there's a staircase here

okay here we go door day here we go come

on traps do something I mean the craps I

mean they activated any damage okay I'm

gonna try it again I've got six more

help though okay

well you'll be fine actually you want

bit whatever maybe four here we go here

we go here we go go go go and go traps

come on it doesn't do anything right why

does it not do anything I made it so you

don't take any damage thank you buddy

thank you

that doesn't make any sense the traps

are obviously hurt oh oh okay

I'm up here now Julie go it is

penetrating that but it's just not doing

anything oh I mean I killed you but yeah

you did chilli there's only one more

thing we can try

what drive some parts into it I think so

as well

yep okay I know I there's parts right

here try it you can build in there

chilli look I put something whoa you can

build and that means it's hollow yeah

whoa whoa we just discovered something

jelly okay what if we then drive through

this okay let's get the park let's get

the card let's get baby this is gonna be

a portal yeah it's like a nice portal

over here maybe don't bounce the car

away but maybe it won't hmm maybe it

will maybe you'd want all right we've

got two of them over here one car each

Jilly get into your vehicle

all right Geordi I'm ready for this you

ready okay I'm ready let's go go go

Jilly okay

portal I'm scary go go go come on come

on whoa whoa yeah that was a 6-ton

majority I'm thinking what if we um what

if we drift into it but even if it

abounds pad there and then it's gonna

keep on bouncing us back and forth

what do you think but I know it's

technically it bounced pad the cube

right okay wait wait Jilly I'm gonna put

a bounce pad here so it's gonna keep on

bouncing us I've like a fun shot I

believe yeah it's gonna keep on bouncing

it's back and forth you Kenny and jelly

you get in okay I'm in oh okay then run

get in the friend you okay in the front

are you sure yeah I have another idea

that could help after this what is it

Julie have you seen have you seen in the

Harry Potter movie where he goes through

a wall with a shopping cart yeah maybe

that's what they're trying to do here

yes okay are you ready for this I am is

I did not know how silly whoa go what

drive into it Jilly always stop liking

it I'm coming hard I don't know what's

happening oh my god what is happening I

just died

I killed guilty row and I broke a wall

that was insane I don't even know if

it's possible to open this thing at this

point maybe this shopping cart but it

must be why else would they put it here

right maybe but maybe it is the Harry

Potter Easter okay

think about how about we get a shopping

cart all right let's do it one more time

okay Jilly all right Jordie Shelby do

Harry Potter time all right think you

should get into it I can't oh I can't

okay we're gonna try some Harry Potter

stuff ha ha ha are you ready

I mean I am are you allowed to go to

Hogwarts I hope so I'd like to I'd like

to just go straight for a Jill you ready

all right come on let's go let's go

let's go

whoa whoa wait it's a cool son Billy I

have one more idea okay that was

actually kind of crazy what is it jerk

that was crazy

get over here this has to be it we're

gonna try to glitch into it okay get

close don't get too close okay

get right over here yeah okay are you

ready we're just gonna bounce around

whoa this is gonna get us in wait bro

it's strange huh I think it broke dilly

I think he broke one we broke one did I

get inside of it did you get inside so

quiet for a second chilly it felt like

you didn't it come on keep going keep

going keep going

this is it this is it this is how this

is how you get in this is definitely I

have one more bouncer pads I can't put

them down we want to have them wait wait


break the wall sir good right make sure

you don't break anything else

whoa yo I think I was inside of it okay

Jilly are you ready let's try it one

more time yes I am okay we need to break

this one real quick yeah oh my goodness

I accidentally touched careful okay I'm

on my way door here so it's a good idea

good idea don't touch them on accident

how about we turn in Oh coming to you oh

come on

careful I'm I'm not doing this on

purpose okay okay I'm ready all the way

oh no nope Jordie Tilly

okay okay okay open it at leas unable to

edit the building you need to break it

okay gently okay dude we're getting in

here go go go go

this is it this is it one of them broke

again come on isn't that right what am i

broken I've been in fact I put it back

and put it back

whoa and you're no white in front of me


am I going inside of it what happened

did another one break oh my god I think

that's it jelly yeah well we go a bit

more like this I'm just hurting it right

now at this point jelly I swear we were

inside yeah I swear that look like you

were in there this is how you get inside

you use a lot about sir pads

oh boy till you're home oh my goodness

okay well alright Geordie it was I think

so - we kind of got inside using a

glitch for just about half a millisecond

yeah half a millisecond but we did it we

did it anyway alright Geordie it was

nice seeing you again buddy how about

here thank you guys so much for watching

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