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hello everybody welcome back

to my youtube channel today i have a

really big baby haul

and i don't even remember what i got i

shopped at three places

and these three places two of them are

very very very affordable and very

very cute one of them being amazon so

i have a literal like

i don't even know like she just got a

whole new wardrobe i was looking at her


and i was like i'm never gonna put her

in like any of this stuff so

i need to like revamp her wardrobe put


in stuff that i would really like her to


and that just matches my vibe i know


some people are super against like

putting babies

in aesthetic clothing and stuff like

that but it's just so

cute and a lot of these pieces you can

save for other babies as well

so i'm just gonna dig right into it

i've got tons of neutrals so if you guys

are pregnant and don't know the gender

this is for you also a lot of these are

super girly as well so it's like a mix

of a whole bunch of stuff

and i'm really excited to share

these clothing pieces with you guys i

did black out on buying her shoes oh

there's four places that i went

but one of them is like a shoe place so

that's like

totally different the reason why i

blacked out is because i was like

where are all the cute girls shoes like

where are they at because

i don't want to put her in like these

bright pink shoes that match nothing in

her wardrobe so i was like

i need to get my girl some shoes she has

like one pair of shoes

and i just needed to get her some shoes

let's just start on amazon because i

feel like

everyone's got amazon also you guys are

getting a little sneaky peeky of my


i haven't done a full office tour that

is coming

i haven't even filmed it so i can't even

tell you we're gonna hop right in i've


tons of stuff okay i'm just gonna start

with this guy because

she wore these shoes i think when we

went to the pumpkin patch she wore these

these are on amazon i think they were

like what 12

dollars they might have been in the 20

range but

around there i wanted to get her just

some plain white shoes

and these match i mean a lot of stuff so

these are so so so cute the only thing

that's annoying is i wish they were


um because they just slide right off of

her it's really hard to tighten them

and she took these off like all day and

she just she never

kept them on all day so that's something

to remember it's just

if you've got a little one and they just

like fling their feet everywhere it's

really hard to put these shoes on them

but they're so cute and they match

so many things and it came with a set

and it comes with

a matching bow really affordable if you

guys want some shoes for your babe

i and the type of person i will not

spend a lot of money on baby shoes


they grow out of them so fast it's like

not even worth it

i'm gonna share a brand with you guys

that i did splurge on but that's like

i'll show that after but

this is just what the set looks like

comes in this super cute box

i did buy this red bow because we are

buccaneer fans

and i bought her a little bucks outfit

so i did buy

this red bow and i got her

these red shoes and these are just like


converse shoes they're not like the

brand converse which

i will never buy like um like converse

i'll never buy

um with the actual brand name you know

what i mean like i'll buy dupes

because they grow out of them so fast so

these look just like

little baby converse so i uh grabbed

these for her

i also did get her a red tom brady

onesie from amazon

super cheap what was it like 15 for a

tom brady onesie

and uh it's dirty right now because she

wore it for

uh game day she's sitting over there

just watching me film

being such a good girl but uh yeah i did

get her

that onesie i'll pop it up on the screen

right here it's really

really good quality super affordable and

that onesie with these shoes and this

bow is just so cute

i'm not gonna lie i did get her a pink

pair of shoes and

the only reason is i had an outfit

in my mind these were only 8.99 i think

i could be totally wrong on all of these

prices i'll have everything linked down

below don't worry but

super cheap i was like what the heck why

not she's got pink red

and i did have to get her some white

these were labeled as boy shoes

on amazon but i mean they're like unisex

girls and boys can wear these so

um i got her a white pair as well and

then this pair was so darn cute she

hasn't worn these yet these look kind of


i'm not sure these are size three six to

12 month

but how cute are these oh my gosh

i was on another website and these shoes

were like 55

and i was like oh heck no i'm not paying


for a pair of baby shoes so i found

these on amazon

really cheap i think these were probably

like 12.99 or something

at this point i'm just like guessing but

they could not have been more than 25

and that's like my main thing so many of

you guys always ask where i get her bows

that look like this like the like the

turban style bow

not like the actual like head cover

um this is actually just basic bow

i get them on amazon i got a pack of 12

for 8.99 or something like that comes

with a ton of colors so if you guys are

interested in getting these bows i buy

them off of amazon

for super super cheap so they've got a

ton of colors

she wore the white one for our fall


and she looked so cute in it i don't

have it in here right now i'm not sure

where it is

then another really great thing to grab

on amazon are these knee-high socks

and a ton of you also asked where i got

them i got them

on amazon and they are just

cute little knee-high baby socks

and they're so stinking cute they're not

too tight around her legs and you guys

know i have a pretty chunky baby so

i like how they don't like cut off like

her blood circulation because if they

did she would not be wearing them

they're very very stretchy and i really

like that about them so

um yep just got a pack on amazon

again for super cheap and then i grabbed


pair i haven't even opened these yet oh

i think this is i don't think this is


it's from petals and peonies um it's

like a little boutique

maybe i got these off of jane maybe but

i thought

i thought these were the cutest little

fall socks

look how cute this with like maybe

i don't know her little no that doesn't

look good

oh that doesn't look good either i'm

gonna figure out a way for her to wear

these because these are just so cute

i'm feeling like thanksgiving vibes

with these and i also grabbed this pair

pink so i feel like she could wear these

with really whatever and they're super


the last thing i got from amazon were

these socks

and i feel like everyone should own a

pair of these if you have a little girl

because these socks are they're really

basic but they take

shoes to like a whole new level so if

you just like put your shoe on and then

these little socks just spitting over

there but

uh and then you just like roll these

down just gives it a cute little

girly touch so i really like these socks

no idea where the other one is

but i did grab that for her so this next

brand is called piper and

finn and like i said i'm not the type of

person to splurge

on shoes but i felt like she had to have

these i saw these on a facebook ad

and facebook ads always get me so are

you gonna take her

bye bye bye bye bye love you bye

so like i was saying facebook ads always

get me and i just

man then facebook ads it's like you talk

about something

and then it immediately pops up and

you're like oh

i like that that's kind of what happened

so i saw these and i was like oh

these are beautiful so i grabbed them

and they were not

cheap i mean they were not like super

expensive but for baby shoes like come

on forty dollars for a pair of baby

shoes a little steep really really great

quality it's like that you can tie them

as tight as you want

and these have now fallen off of her

which is huge so

um yeah i did get her this pair

and i also got her this pair so this

these look really really cute with those

knee-high socks

so if it's a little cold out put those

knee-high socks on and grab a pair of

shoes like this and it's so

stinking cute you guys let's move on to

something more affordable

and then i will get to what i got from


okay this is what you guys have been

waiting for this is a brand and i didn't

even know about this brand

um again facebook ads always get me

and it was these that got me and you

guys know i'm a sucker for this print i

just love leopard and just like anything

that type of print i love so this is a


called bailey's blossoms and i just kind

of like blacked out

on the site because there were so many

things on sale

there was i mean wow this is

like my aesthetic for baby okay

for baby girl um not sure how many boy

things she has on the site

but or i i'm assuming it's a she because

i didn't see

a lot of boy things but there's also a


of mommy in me clothing if you guys are

doing like a photo shoot with your

little babe

or i mean really whatever um this site

is the site to go to

so if you follow me on instagram i'm

sure you guys have seen her six month

photos and i wanted them to be

i wanted her to wear something really

cute because six months is like a huge


and so i put her in this little body


i'm pretty sure this was like nine

dollars on sale but i think 14

for the original price something like

this on spearmint baby would be like 34

which is completely nuts like come on

this was probably like 14 on bailey's


so i grabbed that and then i put her in


to match with it

are you kidding me look look at the

bottom of them they are just like so

cute i i guess this is like belle bottom

style or something like that

i just love this style so much and it's

so cute on her little chunky legs

what was that

that is literally literally the most

ridiculous thing i've ever heard in my


oh my did you know did you hear that


did apparently

planes can fly so fast that the air or

the sound that can't keep up and then it

creates a boom

is he lying to me i feel like he's

messing with my head i did want her to

match me

in these little hats that i have so i

got her one

it's still a little bit big this is

doesn't have a size on it but um

it is it fits her better than other hats

like this that i've gotten her

because it's i mean for babies more so

for like

toddlers but um it does fit her pretty


again she's a she's a chunky little baby

um so i did grab this for her

you guys will see in my office tour that

i have a little hat wall like this

and so i made a little hat wall in her

room and she has two hats like this

and i just think it's so cute because

she matches me and

and then i did pick up this off the

shoulder bodysuit as well

i got two of these because of the print

you guys know i just love this print i

got one in a size that she can wear now

and then this size is a little bit

bigger so

i got her two of these patterns

oh my gosh this one is so stinking cute

this floral pattern

look how cute oh and it wasn't even that


so cute and then the other off the

shoulder shirt that i got her

it's like this velvet material such

great quality i am telling you guys if

you guys want cute baby girl clothes

bailey's blossoms bailey's blossoms


bosses ladies blossoms say that five

times fast

this is so cute and i just really

really loved it so oh this little thing

says from texas with love

cute this is their like little logo i


you could say but um just so so

cute i could talk about them all day i

want to place another order with them


just so cute so i grabbed that and i did

grab her

some more of these little bell bottoms i

don't even know what they're called but

they're so cute

this is showing up like bright orange on

camera but it's more of

like a rusty color um so

so cute i think i got these what size

yeah six to nine months

so she can wear these now and i can't

wait for her to start walking i don't

want her to start walking but at the

same time i can't wait because

pants like these are just gonna look

extra cute on her

because you can see them more um but

yeah i got this i thought that

these pants would look really cute when

we go to tennessee for thanksgiving

and i just thought it would be cute for

pictures and stuff

i got her these shorts and i got her at

this in a size

9 to 12 months because obviously it is

coming up winter time

so i wanted her to you know be able to

actually wear these so

i got these in a bigger size this is a

little tip for all of you moments that

are pregnant currently

make sure you're buying in season

because she has so many things that she


cannot wear that it's gonna be cold

outside and i can't put her in like a

tank top you know so

make sure you're buying in season and

you're aware of what season it is when

they're being born

when they're six months what season it's

gonna be so just keep that in mind

so i did get these for summer this year

and we're just gonna look

so cute on her and then

this last thing that i got this is a six

to nine month

and i thought that this would be so cute


on top of a like white long sleeve shirt

um so it just looks like this so this is

a tank top

but layered with a white long sleeve

would be so cute oh it matches

me oh my god we gotta take a picture in

this so cute but i already had something

like that for her so i didn't buy like a

white long sleeve

um but i thought again this would be

cute to take to thanksgiving

and then y'all oh my gosh these freaking

shoes are so cute

okay they look really weird and i'm kind

of confused myself but i'll figure it


they're basically just these sandals

that wrap around

their legs pop a picture of what they're

supposed to look like because right now

i just like can't envision

it just like this because it's like oh

my gosh what is that

um so i did grab these for her

and that's everything that i got from

bailey's blossoms

and i'm just so so happy with my

purchase from them because

everything is just so cute and it was

all so affordable

and i just i highly recommend them great


last place that i shopped at was zara

and i shopped at zara

i don't shop at zara like not even for

myself this is the first purchase that

i've ever made at zara

zara's kind of suspicious but their baby

clothes are really cute

and the reason why i shopped there was

because i saw aspen ovard's

video about her just like unboxing some

zara clothes

and i believe i believe she showed this


and i was like that's super cute so i

went ahead and bought it

uh so expensive this sweater was thirty


for a babysitter oh my god i just i

needed to get her some warm clothes to

go to tennessee and because we're going

to tennessee

for thanksgiving and then we're also

going to tennessee for christmas so

she needs warm clothes although we live

in georgia

she still needs warm clothes so i

grabbed this sweater for her

it's just a really cute i want to say

like oversized

sweater um this was thirty dollars oh my


i like having buyer's remorse grabbed

this as well this wasn't too bad this

was 16

so this wasn't bad at all it just says


first have fun so just this little

sweater right here and the last thing i

got her was

this set okay so okay

i take back what i said zara's not too

expensive this set was 18

and you get three onesies in here or

sorry three little

uh long sleeve shirts in here i got six

to nine months

she's six months if you guys did not

know but it just comes

in this color right here just basic

long sleeve shirts this color right here

and these can be

layered literally however you want them

to be layered

so and then just this light pink

color right here so if you vibe with

really just

like this color scheme um definitely

check out zara so

that is what i got that is everything

that i got i am waiting on

a few more pieces that i will show you

guys i'll put them on the screen

they should be here i think next week or

something like that

um but i did want to show you because

they're really good deals on amazon

i'm getting her a few christmas outfits

because you guys know babies can go

through like five outfits a day

this was 18.99

but that was really cute i got me and

her some matching beanies

for tennessee these were only 13. it

comes with

a mommy one and then a baby one for her

thanksgiving outfit this was 18

i thought this was just the cutest

little thing ever

so it comes with a gobble shirt and then


little thing right here and then comes

with a matching bow

i got her this shirt which this shirt

was only six dollars but shipping was i

think like five dollars

and then i got her two sweaters and

they're lined with

like fur um i thought these would be

perfect they were 20

each so i got her a mustard color and

then i also got her

a cream color and i think these would be

absolutely perfect

to just throw on when it's cold outside

cream one and then this is the mustard

one that i got her

so really cute it comes in red

blue is that blue

yeah that's like navy blue that's pretty

much everything that i got

and i think she is good for six to nine


i'm not buying her any more clothes but

okay so that was my video i hope you


enjoyed it thank you so much for

watching if you enjoyed it make sure you

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i will be sure to link everything in the

description box

for you guys down below if you guys hear

banging austin's working on her nursery

right now we still have not done her

nursery so

um yeah i love you guys and we'll see

you guys in my next video

i lose my