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10 online stores to get AFFORDABLE trendy clothes | best places to shop online for trendy clothes

hey guys it's lauren today i'm going to

be talking about 10 places where you

guys can get affordable clothes

but still cute and like trendy clothes i

know clothes can get pretty expensive

sometimes so i wanted to share with you

guys where i go shopping to get cute

clothes but still

affordable clothes i've seen a lot of

these videos and there's

a lot that say like a store is like

affordable but then a shirt is like

forty dollars personally that's just not

what i consider affordable if you're not

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let's just get into the ideas okay so

the first store is

nasty gal so this store has a lot of

cute stuff

their prices actually range from

expensive to like inexpensive depending

on like what it is

but the thing is they like have a lot of

sales they also have discounts for

students i think

it's one of those websites where there's

always a sale going on and

there's also a sale section on the

website so you could check there if you


even more affordable clothes i really

like their clothes they have a lot of

basics but they also have a lot of

unique pieces

they also have a lot of cute shoes if

you guys are looking for shoes

the next place is yes style so this is

only an online shop because they're like


in korea i think but if you guys have

seen like

any trendy clothes on tick tock or

pinterest wherever you

see clothes more likely than not it's on

yes style because yes style has a lot of


i personally really really like your

style the prices are so good and it's

still pretty good quality

i have a yes style haul if you want to

see what kind of clothes they have

and what i got their kind of style

sizing whatever

their shipping it does take a little bit

longer than usual because

they're located in korea so it takes a

while to get here

but besides that i really think that

this website would be perfect for

someone who's trying to find cute but

affordable clothes the next door is

misguided i really like this store for

basics and

also just they have unique stuff this

website is pretty similar to nasty gals

they have a range of affordable to

expensive clothes but again they have a

lot of sales most of the time

they do a lot of sales that are like 60

off 50

off the price literally goes down by

half i really like their stuff and it's

actually pretty good quality the

shipping is also fast

and by the way i might have a coupon

codes or promo code

for some of these stores down below in

my description so just check there if

you do plan on

getting anything from these stores next

is sheen so

i'm pretty sure everyone knows about

xi'an if you don't it's like an app

website where you could order clothes

but it comes from china

it's really really cheap and it's known

to be cheap i've recently found though

that they did

raise their prices for some things like

outerwear but overall they're pretty


their shipping also does take really

long i think they might have

express shipping to get it shipped

faster but i'm not sure they are super

super affordable and

they have a lot of choices they have

clothes jewelry shoes

accessories bags they have like

everything they have like beauty stuff

too i'm pretty sure

the next door is pacsun so if you guys

didn't know i actually used to work


but i was a bit iffy about adding this

one because

paxton can be expensive like sometimes

their jeans

aren't really on sale and original price

is 60

but they also have a lot of sales they

collab with a brand called me to wii

or we to me something like that oh my

god i work there and i don't even know

the website also has a sales section

which still has really cute basics and

unique pieces

next is like online thrifting and by

online thrifting i just mean apps like


poshmark curtsy depop has recently

had people sell things for like really

overpriced but if you're looking for


unique pieces depop is the place to go

they have a lot of vintage and

unique pieces but sellers tend to sell

things for really expensive now on depop

other apps like curtsy and poshmark

might have lower prices

and they have really cool unique pieces

i actually sell on depop and curtsy so

if you guys want to see that

go to the link down below most people

don't know what curtsy is or they've

never heard of the app

it's basically just another website for

people to sell things like their clothes

accessories whatever it is

i really really recommend it if you guys

are also trying to sell your clothes and

make money

you guys can definitely use curtsy i

have probably sold the most on curtsy

compared to any other app i definitely


getting curtsy if you want to make some

bank next is amazon

okay so this is going to sound kind of

weird but let me explain

sorry the lighting is so weird i like

just realized so amazon has a program

where they have amazon wardrobe which i

think is so cool

so they ship it to your house for free

you don't pay for anything

and then you get seven days to try it on

and then you try the clothes on

and anything you don't like you return

but you don't have to pay

until you finalize your order and you

don't have to pay for the things that

you're gonna return it's really really


besides that amazon has a lot of good

clothes like i'm not even just saying

that like they have

cute stuff and it's cheap and they even

sell like levi's jeans for really really

cheap i got two pairs of levi's and each

one was like 47

and they like fit so good you guys can

find a lot of amazing

pieces on amazon if you guys have ever

seen those tick tocks of like people

finding clothes on amazon

there's always such good clothes i

thought i would add that because

it's cheap cute affordable clothes next

is princess paulie i feel like

every influencer has either been

sponsored by them or has just shown

clothes from them if you don't know what

it is

it is a website i don't know if they

have a store i normally just get their

clothes online

they have really really cute and trendy

clothes some of the things they have

are expensive but a lot of influencers

have promo codes for you guys to use and

they're like 20 30 40

off and then the actual website also has

sales going on

often like pretty often i think so the

price goes down to like less than half i

think it's really good the quality is

also really good

and it'll last you for a long time so i

think it's worth it next is h

m so i like going to h m for like the

basics because they have really cheap

stuff they literally have the exact same

tank tops as brandy melville but h m

sells it for like five dollars and

brandy's is like 20

yeah i really like h m it's super

affordable they also have more than just

basics they have

a lot of cool pieces i think h m is like

a little bit overseen

so i wanted to include it in this video

to tell you guys about it to go shop


next is forever 21 which is actually

pretty similar to h

m like they're like sister stores or i

don't know i just always thought of them

in that way

forever 21 actually has a lot of good

stuff i know they like

changed managements and like business

owners like a while ago

but ever since then things have been

like pretty different their prices are

still really really good they've gotten

a lot more cute stuff since i don't know

like a few years ago when they sold like

weird stuff with like weird things on

them i really like them

for staples forever 21 it definitely has

a lot of cute stuff that you guys should

go check out

their prices are already pretty

affordable but they have sales on top of

that pretty often

so very affordable and then the last

store is pretty little thing

i personally really like pretty little

thing i've gotten clothes from them

multiple times before and i really

really like it this store is also

really similar to princess paulie

misguided and

nasty gal most things are pretty good

price on that website but if they're not


they probably have a sale they have a

wide range of prices it just depends on

which section

and like what kind of clothes you're

looking for they have sales really often


a lot of influencers have promo codes

for that website too

so it'll probably be easy to save a lot

of money from that website

most of these places that i shared with

you guys are places that have sales a

lot or just cheap prices in general


stores like brandy melville and urban

like rarely have sales or anything

okay so those are all of my ideas if you

guys have any more ideas of where to


for affordable but cute clothes comment

them down below i would love to know

i love shopping i love clothes so let me

know let me know if you guys

do try to order from these places make

sure to check my description to see if i

have any promo codes or coupons for you

guys give this

video a thumbs up and i will see you

guys in my next video