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How to Watch CW Shows Outside of America! - Watch the Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, Legends for free!

right hey guys been here and welcome to

a new video and this is going to be how

to get the CW app and how to watch all

the CW shows like the flash our

Supergirl legends of tomorrow and the

new Fight Club thing I did upload it but

if you want to get in better quality

this is the tutorial for you so as you

can see on my screen right now mmm we're

going to go to settings first and this

is other way if you're not in America

this is full and so you're going to want

to go to your settings and go down to

your iCloud no [ __ ]

sorry your I iTunes and App Store you

wanna click off sign out and basically

go on their website and create a new

Apple ID that is American has to be

American you can't get CW anywhere else

apart from America so you need to get

the CW and then switch over to the

American App Store and then once you're

on let's see one is loads once you're on

you're going to see all the Americans

and dollar signs or the American games

and what you want to type in is as you

can see that the trend in searches CW so

you can just click on that that's there

or type in Z W and then you go ahead and

install it and I can open up but you

still won't be able to watch any of the

videos if you are not in America so what

you want to do next is and let me just


yeah so what you want to do next is go

to the App Store again and type in this

is the beat I use a VPN I'm not sure why

I'm not connected to Wi-Fi at the moment

but um and then go on the App Store and

type in VPN master this is this works

really well for me so just download the

first thing that's here and click open

and then when you're on here you want to

click where it says I know United

Kingdom or whether you wanna yeah they

sometimes there's adverts but they go

they go away pretty quick okay let's

just wait for this

okay the X button click on the United

States and it's connecting and then it

should have a pop up if you have Apple

ID and you have to do your fingerprint

but otherwise it should be pretty easy

and you don't need to watch that so as

you can see at the top at the top like

near the 4G thing you will say VPN so

you're connected to a VPN and then you

can go ahead and to the CW and it will

think you're in America and you can go

watch all the shows that you want

they've just redesigned the app so let's

see so you can go on and because you're

on a VPN it actually it lets you watch

all of that so we can watch the flash

race of his life as you can see look

it's loading there's going to be adverts

and stuff but basically it works okay

I'm on 4G so it's not gonna be very good

so let's exit off of that so thank you

guys for watching and if this did help

you out in any way please be sure strip

thumbs up and share with your friends if

they love Sapiro shows like me so I will

see you guys later bye