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Excel 2010 Quick Tip: How to enable the Developer tab

hi this is Rick and thanks for joining

today's topic is going to be a excel

quick tip and the topic today is how to

add the developer tab so if you're

working in Excel and you need to access

the developer tab to work on macros as

an example now there's a quick and easy

way to do that you go over here to the

top left where you have the little pull

down here and you click on the customize

quick access toolbar and you go to more

commands and then you click on customize

ribbon and you'll notice over here on

the right-hand side you'll see there's

lots of options over here and one of

them is developer and if it's unchecked

it will not display so you're going to

go ahead and just check that click OK

and now you notice you have the

Developer tab right here with all of its

submenu items that's all I wanted to

share with you today thanks for joining

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