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How do You find Your Computer DOMAIN name [DNS - Domain Name System]


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he was sup guys welcome back to our

channel technology so today in this

video I'm going to show you guys how to

check your DNS means domain name system

in a Windows 10 computer so you just

need to follow me so first of all you

need to open run box on your computer

just pressing windows + R button

together and after the type over the or

CMD now click on enter and now after

that you have to put some command over

there on this command from window so the

command is nslookup and after that press

Enter so now as you can see it's showing

a default server unknown and the address

means gateway is 192 168 0.1 the

divorcer was unknown showing because I

am right now I am in under walk group so

if you want to check then just

right-click on this PC and go to the

properties and after that click on

change settings from the right side

corner now I can see if my computer is

under walk group so that's the reason is

swing default server is unknown so you

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