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Skyrim All 14 Dragon Priest Mask Locations In Special Edition & DLC Dragonborn (TOP 10 Best Masks)

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my name is ESO and welcome back to the

channel in this video I will be showing

you how to get all 14 dragon priests

masks in Skyrim special edition and it's

also going to be the exact same if you

have the original Skyrim as well so the

dragon priest masks are powerful

enchanted helmets that are worn by

dragon priests

horses that you'll find all over Skyrim

and souls that you basically have to go

around and kill these dragon priests to

get their masks and each one is unique

and there's even a secret puzzle to

unlock a hidden mask that I'll be

showing you in this video and I'll

actually be giving you guys an overview

of what mask is good for what character

build and which ones you might want to

get first

so the first 9 masks I'm going to be

showing you are needed to unlock the

secret mask number 10 so bear that in

mind as you watch this video but let's

start off with number 1 in the list

heaven Arak this mask has a sleek black

appearance with a red glow the headpiece

actually counts as heavy armor and it

has an armor rating of 23 but despite

its cool appearance is actually one of

the worst of all the dragon priests

masks in the game because all this

enchantment does is makes you immune to

disease and poison damage now while

being immune to poison is quite useful

when you're fighting things like spiders

it's mostly not really going to be very

helpful to you and it can be found here

in the ancient Nordic ruin of Vallum

which is located here on the map and

I've actually made a walkthrough for

each location for each dragon priests

mask and they can all be found down

below in the description now let's take

a look at the second mask on this list

Croesus now this mask is absolutely

fantastic for a sneaky character it

actually counts as light armor and has

an armor rating of 21 the mosque itself

is enchanted with a 20% bonus to

lock-picking archery and alchemy so it

basically makes lockpicking easier your

bows do more damage and your alchemy


and poisons are now 20% more powerful so

it's fantastic for an archer using

poisons as damage and you can get this

mask over here on the map at share point

which is actually on top of a mountain

dew take care when you come over here

though because the dragon priest is

actually accompanied by a dragon as well

so prepare yourself for a little bit of

a fight here next up at number three we

have maracas and this one is fantastic

for a mage type character it also counts

as light armor but unfortunately like

most major armor it only has an on

rating of five which is pretty pitiful

compared to any other dragon priest mask

the enchantment on the mask makes you

regenerate Magica a hundred percent

faster so now you'll be regenerating

Magica twice as fast as you were before

which is obviously fantastic for mages

and if you pair that with the Archmage

robes which you get at the end of the

mage guild quest line you actually have

a 50% reduction to all spells and you'll

regenerate Magica 200% faster which is

incredible anyway you'll find this mask

here on the map in labyrinth field and

you'll gain access to this location

during the mage guild quest light if you

haven't already next up at number four

we have

nekron this dragon priest mask counts as

heavy armor and has an armor rating of

23 it also gives you plus 50 Magica and

reduces the cost of any destruction or

restoration spells that you use by 20%

so this is actually fantastic for a mage

build especially if you decide to pick a

high elf because then you'll be starting

the game with 200 magicka which actually

puts you 10 levels ahead at the start of

the game because usually you can only

give yourself +10 Magica every time you

level up so you can find this dragon

priests mask just here on the map in

scold of them the only issue with this

is that you only actually get to this

location at the end of

main questline so you'll probably be

around level 15 or 20 by the time you

get it in at number 5 we have oat are an

amazing yellow mask with this sort of

green tinge to it and in my opinion it

is a solid mask

especially if you're playing a warrior

character now this mask actually counts

as heavy armor and once again it has an

armor rating of 23 it's unique in Xiamen

though gives you a 30 percent resistance

to fire frost and shock damage so you

pretty much now have a 30 percent

resistance to all magic types and this

is great for a warrior because you can't

block magical attacks with your shield

and guys if you follow my guide in the

description on how to get full daedric

armor then you can actually get Daedric

gauntlets boots and a shield enchanted

with 70% resist frost fire and shock and

then you'll be immune to all magic types

which is pretty cool right so make sure

you check out my full daedric armor

guide down below in the description you

can actually find o-tar's masks just

here on the map though in this Nordic

ruin called ragged bow northeast from

model and guys if you're finding this

guide helpful please do give the video a

like because that really helps me out

but next up guys in at number 6 we have

racket a pale green mask and this mask

is going to be really good for a dual

wielding warrior type character it

counts as heavy armor so it's going to

give you an armor rating of 23 again and

the enchantment on this mask actually

increases your stamina by 70 points

which is going to be useful for running

around and exploring and also blocking

or power attacks so to get raw God's

mask you must find it in full hulls and

there's a really interesting quest for

this one guys and you can check out my

walkthrough for it in the description

below but next up at number 7 we have

Vulcan a blue mask with a blue enchanted


once again the mosque is a heavy armor

piece so it has an armor rating of 23

and if we put this mask on it will give

you a 20% reduction to york under asian

illusion and alteration and this mask is

especially useful for con jurists or

illusionist because those spells usually

cost you a lot of Magica to cast but you

can find volcans masks just here in

highgate ruins

here on the map

next up on the list in at number eight

we have volt song now this is what I

consider to be the ultimate utility mask

it counts as light armor and therefore

has an armor rating of 21 but that's not

really important because this is the

mask no matter what type of character

you're playing it's enchanted to

increase your carry weight by 20 and

then it also makes your prices 20%

better so you get more gold for selling

items and you don't use as much gold for

buying things you'll basically want to

put on this mask before you buy or sell

anything and then finally guys it lets

you breathe underwater

so it's kind of like an all-round

flexible mask that's going to be useful

in lots of occasions but to actually

acquire it you must come here on the map

to both sky and once again guys this is

a pretty cool dungeon I recently did a

walkthrough all so make sure you check

it out if you're interested

but next on the list in at number 9 we

have the wooden mask and this mask can

be found here on the map in labyrinthian

now this mass is actually terrible it

only has an armor rating of two and it

doesn't even have an enchantment at all

so es so why do we need it well my

friends this mask is actually the key to

the secret puzzle and it's the missing

piece that we need to unlock mask 10 so

firstly we have to come here to the

dragon priest sanctuary which of course

is located in the labyrinthian location

as I showed you on the map so it's going

to head over to the dragon free

sanctuary now

and once you are inside you'll find a

skeleton next to this wooden mask and

guys if you're actually interested in

the law and story behind the wooden mask

you can actually just read this note

here this is from the perspective of a

mercenary it seems like an easy enough

job grows on me done plenty like it


some chinless Breton wants bodyguards

for a trip into the mountains fine easy

clink for us he goes on about this twice

forsaken mask of his the whole way of

course got a pretty good laugh when

girls snatched it and put it on her face

he then threatened to fire us for that

one not small out here on your own

he realized that right fast and shut up

about not paying so we got here he

thumbs through some papers and mutters

to himself never you mind me and grouse

had to cut through ten stinking trolls

just to get him here and without so much

as a warning poof he put on that mask

and vanished could have put my hands on

his throat one moment the next he's not

so much as thin air well after a while

we didn't know what to do

and Grasse picks her gear up to head

home when poof back that mask in his

hand begged us not to leave and say he

needs us to wait this is what he's

paying us for

then push the mask back on his face and

he's gone again I'd seen cloaks of

invisibility before but a few swings of

my fist provide he wasn't pulling that

one nothing there to be hit he shows up

again tells us he just needs one more

time has to figure out something about

the other masks and vanishes once again

that was yesterday and I'm done with

this twiddling my thumbs and writing

letters to myself we're leaving come

sunrise and if he shows up again I


Zhora I'm putting this dagger through

his chest to keep him in one place

we'll pull more loot off him dead and he

could have paid alive but not worth the

mask that cursed thing can stay and rot

with him and the troll was right here so

as you can see it looks like this guy

died ages ago with a knife plunged

through his chest but it gives us a clue

on what we have to do so we're just

going to put on this wooden dragon

priests mask and it will actually send

us back in

time to before the destruction of the

ROM jr. sanctuary and wearing this mask

lets us see the secret shrine in front

of us and as you can see there are eight

busts carved from stone and we can put

all eight of the dragon priests masks

that we've collected so far on to this

shrine but guys once we've put all eight

of the masks here the final mask mask

number 10 will be revealed and guys do

not worry you can just take back all of

the dragon priest masks from the stand

once you've completed the ritual you

won't lose any of the masks so now of

course we've unlocked the tenth mask on

this list

Kenard ik and as you can see this golden

mask is unique in appearance it also has

horns which look pretty awesome once you

are wearing it though you also notice

that the color scheme of the hood is in

fact different because it has a gold

trim instead of the usual of grey brown

one the mask itself counts as heavy

armor giving you the best armor rating

of all the dragon priest masks we've

looked at so far that's an Armour of 24

it also has a unique enchantment that

basically refills your health

whenever you're low and when it does

this it will also damage any nearby

enemies to you it's a pretty damn useful

and powerful effect that has a chance to

activate whenever you're low on health

and there's actually no limit on how

many times this effect will activate a

day so that makes it incredibly useful

in saving your life multiple times this

mask actually also has another secret

power that everyone seems to miss

because it doesn't actually say it does

this but on very rare occasions the mask

will actually summon a dragon priests to

help you in combat and the dragon priest

it summons will then also summon a storm

at Renault and reanimate dead bodies and

also use the ice white spell so it's

really powerful and now guys we covered

the ten dragon priests mask that you can

find in Skyrim but there are of course

still four more to find and to obtain

the next four dragon priest masks we

must get the Dragonborn downloadable

content but if you're playing on Skyrim

special edition you already have this

pre-installed with the game so now all

we need to do to actually get these

masks is come to the island of soul

faith and if you don't know how to get

here just check out the link below in

the description for a guide on how to do

it it's really easy and you can do it

any level

so once we've arrived on the island

you'll have a new map so now let me show

you where to find the last four dragon

priest masks so next up in the list in

at number eleven we have our Z douse

mask now these next masks have more of a

different more skeletal appearance to

them than the ones before and it

actually counts as heavy armor and it

gives us an armor rating of 23 again but

as a douse mask actually has a unique

enchantment that gives you a 50 percent

resistance to fire and also gives you a

25% damage boost to all of your fire

spells and this also includes enchanted

weapons with the fire damage in

Charlotte as well as the fire breath

shout so it's absolutely fantastic if

you're role-playing a pyro mage or

something like that that just uses fire

but to actually find this mask you must

come over here to cold John Barrow and

this one is a nightmare to actually get

because to actually get to the dragon

priest that wears this mask you'll need

to excavate this to an excavating will

take a lot of gold and time in fact it

will cost you a total of nine thousand

gold to excavate the whole ruin but

you're going to find lots of unique

items doing it and also the quest behind

it is really really cool but you'll find

this mask at the end of this dungeon and

it probably is the second hardest mask

to get in the entire game next up at

number 12 on the list we have do can

once again this counts as heavy arm and

it's going to have an armor rating of 23

but the mask itself gives you a 50%

resistance to frost and boost your frost

spells by 25% and once again that also

includes enchantments and shouts as well

so it's basically the ice mage version

of the previous mask I don't think this

mask is as good though because most

things in Skyrim have a resistance to

frost magic so using frost magic just

isn't as useful the mosque itself though

can be found in the dead

of white bridge power which is located

just here on the map

in it number 13 we have czar croissants

and this mask is also heavy armor with

an armor rating of 23 compared to the

previous two masks it's basically the

shop magic version so as you may have

guessed it gives you a 50% resistance to

shock spells and boosts and boost your

own shock spells by 25% the shock mask

is actually really useful because have a

resistance to shock damage which makes

it one of the most powerful spell types

but to get this piece of armor you must

come here on the map to Blood Scout

Barrow which you can access through the

town of Raven Rock it's definitely worth

a visit anyway because it also contains

an amazing two-handed sword called the

Blood Scout blade so make sure you check

out my walkthrough of that location so

you can pick up all the unique items

here but next my comrades next we have

the final mask number 14 the 14th mask

and of course it is mere axe mask worn

by the only other existing Dragonborn

in the game and indeed it is quite an

incredible looking loss it does look

like it was influenced by Hermia smaller

indeed the mask does kind of represent

the face of the seeker

perhaps you now or the seeker of

knowledge and besides Kronig this is the

only mask in the game with a unique

appearance to it the mask though is

rather interesting because its

enchantment is actually level so if you

are between level 1 and 44 it has 23

armor and increases your magic herb I

plus 50 points which is actually worse

than the North Korean dragon priest mask

that I mentioned earlier if however you

are between level 45 and 59 it will give

you plus 60 magic ER and then if you're

above level 60 it will give you plus 70

Magica now to be honest I only think

that the level 60 Plus version is good

because that also gives you an armor

rating of 27 as well which is the best

operating out of any of the other dragon

priest masks in the game now depending

on if your light armor skill or your

heavy armor skill is higher so say for

example if your light armor skewers hire

me racks mass will be light armor fee

whereas if your heavy armor skill was

better it will be heavy armor so it's

actually just depends on what your

characters like and to actually get this

mask yourself guys you need to complete

the Dragon Ball main questline and you

can find a walkthrough on that and all

the other locations I've mentioned down

below in the description but I have

another quick tip before you go guys

because all the dragon priest masks here

can in fact be worn with the Falmer

helmet which gives you another 10 armor

rating on top of the dragon priest mask

so that's pretty powerful in fact is the

best combination of headgear you can

really have you can also ensure your

Falmer helmet as well so you can

actually wear up to five enchantments at

once which is kind of ridiculous and

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