find the

Search hidden 'E' found in the Dive Loading Screen - Fortnite Battle Royale

hello everybody I'm in the little wood

also known as Martin welcome back to the

channel and welcome back to fort nice so

you have completed enough of the diving

challenges in order to unlock this

loading screen right here so as you can

probably tell it's at the dam which is

obviously by the large body of water and

it drops down into that sort of swampy

area and we need to find the letter e

hidden inside of this and this one

actually clear as day because it's in a

clear blue sky there you go so it's

right there above a lamppost and you

could probably assume as well that given

the direction of the lamppost is facing

as well as being over what can clearly

be seen as been the middle bit of water

this is a very easy one to pin down so

let's get into the game and I can show

you where exactly on the map you're

gonna find this thing and also just this

once I've got you here thank you very

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has subscribed so far as well but yeah

basically right here is where you need

to be so you're looking at the dam it's

the central entryway because I'm just

the only lamppost that's facing this way

that is over these little sections and

on the map this is where you're looking

it's an e7 a little bit sort of

northwest of misty Meadows and it's

right here right there

so I'm very simple to find so yeah

that's it for today's video thank you

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