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Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Review - What Can It Do?

hey what's going on guys today's video

I'm gonna be showing you the echo dot

third generation this particular one is

the charcoal color but of course it

comes in white as well I do have the

second generation already so stay tuned

for that full video of the differences

from second generation to theater

generation I will have this of course

listed in the description box below so

look for those links so this just came

in the mail so let's go ahead and open

it on up and take it for a test run

alrighty let's go ahead and slice our

own open and see what we have in the box

here right on the top nice little third

gin right here and what they did it

actually is they did a very nice remodel

compared to the second generation again

I will have the full differences between

the two up on my channel so make sure

you subscribe the channel so that your

gonna be aware for when I put that video

out let's go ahead and get off this

cover here so the third gin right off

the bat is a lot nicer they give you

this really nice kind of a cloth

material they kind of copied the Google

home Mini with that you were able to

purchase these for your second gen but

it's nice that this already comes with

it in the back here we have our charging

cable port here and our aux line in here

for attaching it to a external speaker

if you want to do that the bottom here

is a nice pad very soft for whatever on

top of your desk or whatever you like

there and then again on the top very

simple matte-black for this color again

very soft you have your volume down

volume up you have what looks to be a

mute button and then probably obviously

your power button here we look like we

have four microphone inserts here and

then of course our light-up LED ring

just like the second gen around the edge

there we'll go ahead and put that down

for just a split second let's go ahead

and see what else we have in the box

things to try echo dot just kind of

warranty information getting to know

your dot plugging it in download the

Alexa app connect to experienced

ructions there in the bottom of the box

we have ourselves a nice little power

adapter here this one is a nice big fat

square 15 watt with our

we'll plug here let me get you a

guesstimation of the length of that just

in case you're curious and I'm gonna go

with AG estimation of tip to tip meaning

from here to the end of this around six

feet in length if you're curious about

that one of course Amazon brands all

their products with their logo a lot of

plastic on this to keep it nice there we

go right there looking great overall

fantastic let's go ahead and plug it on

in set it up and if I have any issues

setting this one up I will let you know

now we'll take it for a test run show

you a couple cool features all right

I've just actually removed my second gin

from the area here so I'm actually

curious to see what transpires and if I

have to go on the Amazon Alexa app which

I probably have to because it is a new

device I have to reconnect it to my

internet very nice the camera is kind of

hard to pick that up but that LED ring

is gorgeous looking right there on the

edge again really nice for cord

management we're coming all the way over

down below

Alexa hello your device is ready for

setup just follow the instructions in

your Alexa all right I'm gonna go ahead

and do that and if I come across any

issues with connecting I will let you

know if this is your first echo dot or

Amazon device then you will have to

download the Alexa app from the Google

Play Store or iTunes store already in

the Amazon Alexa app really really

simple to set up and I actually I didn't

even have to input my Wi-Fi password

because the phone that I'm connected to

on the app is actually connected to my

home Internet already all you have to do

in the top left portion of the menu hit

add a device and it will walk you

through all the steps very simple took

me about 45 seconds or up and running

let me go ahead and show you a few

awesome things I actually connected it

to some Wi-Fi outlets that are Amazon

compatible so let me show you exactly

how we do it Alexa turn on fireplace

just like that Alexa turn on Christmas

tree lights very nice

there is a little bit of a delay just a

few seconds but as long as you're okay

with that

they're only gonna get quicker and

quicker almost seamlessly but you can do

all sorts of things Alexa turn on a

reading light Alexa turn offering light

Alexa turn off fireplace you guys get

the idea they're very cool let's go

ahead and see what we have here Alexa

play Lauren dangle on Amazon music


very nice of course I can't play too

much because of copyright Alexa volume 8

very nice alright I used to have no

issues at all so let's go ahead and take

it for a test run real quick Alexa turn

on fireplace nice okay very very cool

Alexa turn off fireplace very nice I'm

about 20 feet away or so absolutely no

issues with it let's go ahead and take

the speakers for it a test run here okay

that's this speaker here Alexa tell me a

joke there's just a little bit more

crispness to this one


Alexa pause obviously it's not gonna

compare to light a regular echo or

whatnot because you still have a smaller

compacted speaker but I do notice the

difference in the improvements for sure

alrighty guys we have both the second

gin and the third gin set up and

actually connected I have that full

video up on the channel already if not

that's gonna be the next video well guys

thank you so much for watching the video

about the echo dot 3rd gin what you get

in the product packaging and taking it

for some test runs this device received

an important update and will restart

it'll be ready again shortly hey right

there live with you it's given me an

update very nice so guys smash that

thumbs up button if has helped you make

an informed decision on purchasing the

3rd gen or staying put with your 2nd gen

we're going through the update we'll be

back up rolling in just a little bit oh

we're all very impressed with it looks

great and again look for those links in

the description box below I'll see you

guys on the next review my name is Chris

take care for now bye bye