find the

Skyrim - Locate The Elder Scroll (Part I )


what's up YouTube it's est here and

today I'm doing another live commentary

today and playing Skyrim today and

basically I'm just finishing off where I

was last up to and I facially walked a

bit further on and I'm just recovering

the Elder Scroll now I haven't actually

haven't found the place yet

pressed upon button there oops so let's

see when are we

finesse to go this way so basically I'm

just gonna find this place and this

place is like where the Elder Scroll is


I've fought enough enough your higher


he says we can't little mountains

Oh either a tiny bit feedback on my last

video wanna meet 100 meters garbage my

snitch D said he didn't like it because

it was just me dying and that's a

[ __ ] troll

yeah a bass you said he didn't like it

why is chasing me I don't do anything


I'll help you I have discovered the


and they still chasing me though come

after me you stupid bastards all right

so where do we go now we're going this


maybe not where the [ __ ] the way in


any ideas let's top it off oh the stairs

going down at its all of these this must

be going somewhere so fingers crossed

yeah but he didn't like the video click

Undine on it so sorry he didn't like it

was just it was just a little video just

away there's only a short one and I just

couldn't be bothered going online

because we did a bit of infections

online and games are quite short so

sorry about that

I'll try and do a better Kill Confirmed

or something fingers crossed it works

all right I'm scared so I guess I still


and this is the right way there's no

blood you know why I don't

in other plays a horrible move live I

know you were trying to keep it for

yourself design you've always taken a


no it's got all right so what wait can

we know the only way even though yeah I

saw this place

folks that noise

quite interesting I'm Cecilia with

Michel Thomas where do I go

but to one and spider what what what

I'll joke or not Jason

and he switches no no no switches there

must be so on the end

nope wrong maybe it's that let's go

through it

why just gone this way

I swear down a please come this way

oh whoa what do you get Lana is one of

that and the one and that's what they


what way am I going


what else we go

you know


so doctors pina either Iraq killer

Starly before we condemn your mom she

walk then surely just come in from oh

she's going from where so hope you

didn't hear her hope you didn't was at

the door or

okay water everywhere

see what I've been through

they have so many dolls

I'm a scrapper unpleasant graphic

element of luck

docket and

I'm gonna pick on the right-hand side

I'm so pleased when if you go aha

have y'all talked to the right way cuz

by little things there let's open this

door I'm hoping like at the old school

quite easily but I see videos a few

videos and they are in part so I don't

know about that

wanna be on now we're doing quite well

for time come on it's not even low gonna

pitch it I hate sweating doesn't load

the picture sitting there why instead

there's a fire there waiting for me with

no spiders

I'm sure off his penis

well let's just say only though

gotta be the right way which by that I

wanna know helpful excuse me needs up

moving I like paralyzed by the with a

hard blow hold your r1 black you have a


I don't know the Xbox is you know do

have the Xbox

relieve pressure plate yep spatula place

well opposite of did some enough

pressure plates

I would take time

oh I'm hoping Elvis goes round about it

anyway I'm gonna once buy their own

piece of me that's with me

how many bubblews Meebo an hour too much

hassle probably

my house fight that low so you know what

I want to do I'm gonna have restoration

always on

we're a level of new dress ah I'm a

Honda door

okay well my luck

now hold on

we'll pull down


I was down

I have go

oh what a deed what is gonna be

but oh my god laughs oh dear

other people

my dick but I take Machiavelli often


that's got some good damage 14 I like

that I'll often ask Nicole to l7i

Jackson it

to a powerful powerful

I want to go

whoa whoa what was that swear down any

shoulder any gently restoration up with

all that restoration quite good if you

know what you do so back to your quite

faster pattern

job Oh

it's going on here

don't kill him


look at that stop to the chairs

ladies off you get a called farmer

pursuit for all farmers or seals and

crabs foot a crab claw

whatever you call it that's where they

live pretty good

and when people come along to get Elder

Scrolls they tell them and I'm doing

quite well as what I'm guessing


while the topic

Oh regenerate

now Rosa may I jump over this


she's DRI Rosa doing HDL hours oh look

my little steel arrows firing off

that's where they live again uh-huh plus

you get him company in a little pallet

and in it oh yeah well we are back in

the old days

what's up here for the oldest nobler

being here

go away

where did this anyways conquer I've ever

died know the story about me dying

let's let's continue I was level 10

see it's boss I don't care about dying

you cooked down a level it's level 10 oh

my god

no one that I know wait hang on this

game no wonder I go no one no wonder

don't rank off pain in the ass look how

far away we are

oh you meant it in the hello I am

oh well that's twice I've died this is

gonna be the way they do in the well

let's try it one more time this way I'd

have to stop and get get to the bit I

was up to and hopefully do this next

video tomorrow

so everyone quick

wrong wrong wrong

folks on the bracket lady

pull on it laughter we want dying so it

was at the end so this is me playing

Skyrim I'm throw out the last freeze s

at the end I'll go up to the bit odd

last opportune and I'll do the next part

tomorrow so thanks for watching there's

been CSD silence