find the

Club Penguin ReWritten Elite Puffle Code :(


all right what's going on guys so this

is my I think it's been like four or

five months on this channel and I

decided to upload because I went on went

back onto the my Twitter page and I was

taking a look at a bunch of tweets that

you guys treated at me

I haven't logged on since I've uploaded

so that's been like four or five months

and I decided to hop on here Club

Penguin rewritten and do a video I think

there's a way you can get an elite

puffle and I want to do a video on that

but I also just want to make a quick

announcement before I do that I think

I'm gonna start uploading on here again

I'm gonna do some rewritten videos but I

also want to do some other stuff and I

wanted to let you guys know that so let

me know what you guys want to see me do

on rewriting I'm not exactly sure the

the types of videos you guys want to see

for a rewritten but also let me know

what other videos outside of this you

guys want to see me do so outside of

Club Haman rewritten let me know what

you guys want to see cuz I'm kind of

interested in what else I could do and

upload now that this community has kind

of died down a little bit also I forgot

my username and password for the first

time I made this so my username is CP

world seven one two changed it up a

little bit and yeah so many I'm gonna go

ahead and log off and I'm gonna see if

it allows me to enter these codes or

this code somebody tweeted at me as well

this code here so I want to see if it

still works or if they if they change it

or not or if this Paytas page is even a

load it should I don't understand why I

wouldn't lost connection if you know

none okay I try one more time and see if

that works if it doesn't I'm gonna give

it a test run one more time off camera

let's see

this is gonna let okay unlock your items

choose an option okay and there below

make sure exactly as appears so from

what I was told it's this code here

let's click done you can reuse this code

well let's give it another try

I don't know if this seems to be a

little bit wacky for some reason mmm I'd

really like to get this - this is a cool

item but maybe they stopped the code for

all I know to have a code let's try it

again hmm

let I'm gonna go ahead and pause the

recording and then I'll come back once I

figure this out so I watched a video and


I'm supposed instead of clicking done

I'm supposed to click enter so if this

does work I'll leave a link to the guys

channel in the description that didn't

work either

hmmm let me try that one more time

because apparently you're not supposed

to click done you're supposed to click

enter on your keyboard and that's

supposed to do it

and I really want to get this this would

be cool to get on the server but maybe

they stopped the code for all I know but

um yeah I'm trying to get this elite

puffle whistle all right this doesn't

seem to be working let me log on to

those and see what's going on here

but I was trying to get the that whistle

you guys get for the elite puffle and

I'm not sure if the moderators or

whoever does this has taken that code

away but I'm hoping they didn't I'm

hoping they could fix it or somehow

because I'd be pretty cool alright so we

timed out I don't know why this is

happening let me click home and I kind

of want to like go around a little bit

check out what they've updated and

then I will finish the video but I'm a

little bit disappointed I was told that

you could get an elite puffle because I

saw someone have one on here too let's

see how they down here I don't know

somebody had one here before

maybe though over here no it doesn't

seem like the person who's here has it


but yes I guess I don't have it I'm not

sure well maybe I check my inventory now

I don't have anything there not sure

yeah so I guess whoever had it before

that I saw walking around there's a

logged off or they walked into another

room but yeah I I'm hoping if the

moderators do watch this video they

bring that code back because I did

actually be pretty cool but I'm probably

the titleist trying to get the elite

alpha or something like that but okay so

I guess I'm gonna move on to the second

part of the video without really doing

the first part and I'm gonna pick up the

jetpack okay cool no throw that song so

yeah I'm gonna move on to the second

part of the video which is pretty much

asking you guys what you wanted to see

next on this channel in addition to the

rewritten videos but also let me know

what you guys want to see on whatever I

do on rewritten if you guys want to see

me do some more like investigative

videos let me know if you guys want to

see me do that I could see if I can try

and find some like minigames or

something that you guys can still play

but it doesn't even seem like this is

loading so whatever I'm gonna go to

what's new and I don't even know if the

I'm not sure what they update on this

page here let's see let's see let's

well I guess maybe they do there I wanna

meet ups and stuff like that that's cool

you know what I might do I might keep up

on this a little bit because I love I

love to see that they're actually

keeping up with everything with their

their blog page it's kind of cool the

way the moderators do that so okay you

know what we'll do

I'm gonna go ahead I'm gonna finish this

video up but again leave the comments

sure also share the video too because

I'm sure a lot of people think that I'm

not uploading anymore but let me know

what you guys want to see next

you guys could leave like a list of two

things one thing where you guys would

like what you guys would like to see me

do on rewritten and a second thing of

what you guys would like to see me do

outside of that I can give a few things

I can give some stuff you know shot and

I'm looking forward to that but let me

know what you guys want to see I'm

really looking forward to this and if

you guys aren't a huge fan of me moving

outside of rewritten or doing stuff on

top of rewritten you guys can let me

know also I think it's probably gonna

happen regardless but I really like to

keep this channel going anyways I might

just do meetups as well that'd be pretty

cool but again it all depends on my

schedule so yeah be sure to comment and

share the video and I'll see you guys in

a few days

alright peace