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Minecraft: how to make a portal to ender dragon - (minecraft portal to ender dragon)

what's going on guys sitting here

welcome to my cup today we'll show you

how to make a portal to enter dragon

this game since there is a little bit of

misunderstanding that happens to

everyone that tries to make that portal

in survival so I thought I'd make a

video showing you how to deal with that

misunderstanding that happens to

everyone so yeah let's get start first

of all let me just look for a suitable

location to make a portal I just need a

flat a flat ground there is no flat

ground at all in this world like at all

at first everything is just like freakin

stairs stairs all over place over hey

doggy house good alright let's just keep


alright maybe down there is going to be

suitable I don't wanna I don't want to

take that risk I don't want to take that

risk alright well there's gotta be some

place maybe that place is going to be

suitable I mean yeah it's let's just

kill some pigs because I'm hungry I mean

in case I get hungry too in the video

game that I'm talking about okay there

we go in case I just get angry you know

okay I mean maybe I will get hungry a

little bit okay that work on piggy table

go piggy okay all right there we go

that'll go I'm hungry already see see I

told you I told it I'm gonna get hungry

at the game oh there we go

I told you I was gonna get hungry during

the tutorial or during the video and

there we go

I was hungry within a second alright so

I think the place I was talking about

was that place and yeah it's suitable no

that wasn't a place where was it what

was it oh yeah I think I don't know I

just need a little bit of a flat place

that's all I'm looking for right now a

little bit of a flat place and there is

nothing flat here like at all umm okay

maybe I just want what okay this place

oh there we go there we go alright so

yeah making the portal to ender dragon

now um the reason the main reason I'm

actually doing this is to talk about

that misunderstanding that happens to

everyone or that little problem that

happens to every while trying to make

that portal in survival and that's

exactly what I'm talking about okay not

about the message itself because I'm

hungry already

oh yeah that's uncooked Pig that's the

most not making you not hungry thing

imaginable like really so yeah first of

all you need to make a 3x3 hole in the

ground and for Mickey Mouse ears we'll

we're good right here now you will need

to get a bunch of end portal okay I

didn't get them for some reason other go

okay there we go

and right here and there we go okay

okay fantastic fantastic and now you are

going to need this right there alright

okay and here is the misunderstanding

that happens that sometimes it does not

work for the first time ever so you know

if that happens to you in the survival

and it doesn't work from the first time

it's actually impossible to break the

ender dragon portal and the survival


so how to overcome that solution or how

to overcome that problem you only have

two choices either to repeat the entire

portal in a different location with a

whole bunch of different and portal

blocks and and eyes of Enders or just

switch into the creative and repeat it

over and over again alright so yeah you

have one of those two options you have

one of those two options either you

repeat the ender portal all over again

from the very beginning or you just

switch into creative and my opinion if

you ask me what is going on oh okay hold

on a second what are you kidding me it's

not working at all why is it not working

why is it not working all right hold on

a second guys hold on a second alright

this is the third try I'm doing this I'm

not exactly sure if it's gonna work

right now or no great wait that's a

great start for the person third ride I

am so happy about this trial actually

I'm so excited about this third tribe

shocker oh there we go thank God thank

God okay let me explain what happened

right here apparently there is no ender

portal at all in any version of 21.9

like says I was in 1.9 point to when I

was making that tutorial for the first

time and it did not work at all all the

and pearl did not work at all

I switched back to one

didn't work to 1.19 work and now i'm in

one point eight point nine and it worked

modified so yeah apparently there is no

end portal and the version 1.9 or above

okay so any version 1.9 or above there

is no portal to enter dragon at all so

oh wow that's amazing right I mean I

came into that video which I don't want

to go into that I don't want to go who

said I want I don't want to go to this

location oh come on just get me out of

here get me out of here

so where's where's the end portal

where's Emperor are you kidding me why

didn't you just pull me next oh there we


why didn't just Pony wait so just you

just pony into a random location in the

entire world why

oh dude oh oh man I thought I was just

gonna dive right into the pool thank God

alright so yeah well I start this video

with one misunderstanding which was that

sometimes the pool will not work and you

will have either to make an entire

different pool in a different location

or switch to the creative mod which is

not really cheating if you think about

because you it's not your fault about

that glitch it's something that is a

problem with Minecraft but the second

misunderstanding that I figured out

while this video is there is actually no

ender portal at all in any version above

1.9 which is weird why so there is no

way for you to actually beat the game in

the version 1.9 or above us the part of

the game that was supposed to the

battles and I mean the game is supposed

to end when you beat the ender dragon

now there is no ender dragon how how are

supposed to beat it in one pot na rebuff

but yeah so apparently there is no ender

portal in the version 1.9 or above you

have to go to 1.8 foot 9 for your last

chance to actually be able to make a

portal working and two ender dragon so

yeah this is the misunderstand the two

misunderstandings one came out of

nowhere about making a poll to ender

dragon and I you know I told you about

the boss and yeah that's all thanks

watch let's you guys layer by