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I-Team: Check the expiration dates on car seats

well you know to check the expiration

dates on milk or eggs but what about the

one that the one thing that keeps your

child or baby safe 22news i-team

reporter Ryan Walsh reveals the hidden

dangers of car seats their own

expiration date if your car seat is

expired that plastic may not hold up at

an accident putting your child in danger

every time you go for a drive when you

put your child in a car you want to make

sure he or she stays safe you put her in

a car seat make sure the seat clicks in

check the straps make sure she's buckled

in but do you ever check the small print

and see when this car seat expires do

you know that baby car seats have

expiration dates Paula Reyes has six

grandchildren finding those expiration

dates aren't always easy so this one's

on the label itself this car seat has it

embossed in the plastic some of them

have it don't have it lifted from their

car seat but we'll have a listed in the

manual Mandy summers is the safe kids of

Western Massachusetts coordinator

why do car seats expire it is the

plastic you think about a car street in

New England suffering through the winter

months and then the summer heat so that

plastic expands and contracts several

times car seats usually expires six

years after they were made although it

varies by brand and if you were in a car

accident with the car seat or base in it

you're never supposed to use that car

seat again for those reasons

summers doesn't recommend buying a used

car seat the 22news i-team went to

several children's secondhand stores

some won't carry car seats like Hannah's

closet and Granby

why don't you sell car seat it well

because it's hard to tell the expiration

date I can't guarantee my customers that

something has happened like a car


so I just choose to stay away from it

others like Hurley's children's cottage

in Wilbraham will their owner didn't

want to go on camera but did say they'd

make an additional label for the

expiration date

Craigslist is another place where you

can easily find used car seats we

for being sold in Western Massachusetts

during one search there's no way to

guarantee that those seats haven't been

in an accident and the expiration dates

aren't listed on the ad I prefer to buy

new one to be sure about the safety even

if a car seat has never been used it

doesn't mean it's new we went to Babies

R Us and found this car seat that's been

sitting on the shelves for more than a

year which shortens the lifespan of a

car seat car seats are expensive yes

this isn't a marketing ploy this is a CD

these are safety issues yes definitely

it's not it's not that they're trying to

sell you more items it's when you hit

that expiration date summer says you

should stop using it on we have

information on how you can trade in your

old car seat and also ways you can check

that your car seat is installed


I'm Ryan Walsh working for you with the

22news i-team