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Breath of the Wild | EX Treasure: Fairy Clothes [DLC] Side Mission

what is going on guys Carlos here from

live gaming paradise and we are back

again with another Legend of Zelda

breath of the wild tutorial and this

time we are finding the fairy suit I

think is a very suit there are three

pieces the cap and the t-shirt and

griefs and so the first thing you need

to do is go to the great battle tower

overlooking the great plateau where the

abbey is and you have to go to the back

to the opposite direction on the

opposite direction of the abbey which is

where the outpost ruins are so you have

to go in there first and you have to

read misko's or miss gear misko's book

or misko's x secrets and this is what's

going to tell you where the things are

that you need to come pick up the fairy

dress or the fairy suit in here there's

one of those crazy banana people and you

need to get rid of it so either get rid

of it before you start reading the book

or after you start reading the book

in this book there are four missions for

side missions each side mission normally

contains just one mission really the

ferry side mission contains three parts

and that's the ones we're going to do I

mean I'm going to do it completely I'm

going to do the three parts in this

video so once you get rid of this guy

you need to go to another place it's a

shrine so let's get rid of the sky first

and then go to the shrine okay so go

back on your map and now what you're

going to do you're going to find the cam

yeah tak shrine so you go to the cat yet


yeah tux right I hate these names is

very difficult to pronounce and you have

to go to the exchange rooms and they're

quite a bit of a way so try to find it

on a map around the destroying the

exchange ruins in the exchange rooms I

had some trouble trial of trying to find

this cap it was a nightmare but I'm sure

with my guidance you're going to find it

very easily so if you see this monument

here are you go there's a chest on the

top there see I've got different times

in here but it's around the exchange

line so you come out of this cap and

it's in between the two bodies of water

that the cap is hiding is really well

hidden in the ground and it's very

difficult to to find it but you can see

you coming out of the stairs through the

back of the stairs and it's right here

it's buried in this pile of rubble very

well hidden ah I couldn't arm it was

very hard to spot this one here but

there you go any exchange ruins and that

where they

cap is so that's the first part of these

side missions two more parts to go

so it's tingles hood it's about a man

that wanted to be a fairy

something stories like that I really

don't know what it's about but that's

what the story says so put your cap on

if you want to try it on and that really

that it there it is

tingles hood you know what you look like

okay so once we've got the hood now

we're going to go to another part of the

map this time we're going to go near

hyrule castle there's a little island

near Hyrule Castle it swarmed with

enemies so just be very very careful so

you go to the Noyan a shrine and then

you have to cross the whole island you

know to the other side but that's this

is the only point on a map that you can

go to it's not very far but you know

there's loads of enemies around so just

watch yourself

especially with these guys here is

flying sort of watcher helicopters they

are a nightmare Guardian helicopters or

Guardian watchers or whatever they

called their nightmare okay so go tools

the castle because I think that's a

really good guiding point if you look

towards the castle and go towards that

way and it's behind this big rock right

in front of me I sped up the most part

of this video so I wouldn't bore you

with it but another really well-hidden

chest it's really difficult this one's

you know I've done some of the UX

treasures and these ones are quite

difficult I didn't think there will be

this difficult


so these are the ruins right here so

once you pick up this thing they'd

behind me here here they start here

where these three shrines are castle

town prison so this is where the top is

the t-shirt and again took me forever to

find it and it was right in front of me

as I walked into the castle prison ruins

it's right at the beginning but I've

been looking for such a long time I

managed to find the chest and it's

exactly as I was walking into the prison

ruins as you saw me it's right there

so really hard to spot but it's the

first wooden morphing and wooden

structure burn tower or something like


that's where tingles tesha or tingles

sure is so after collecting this one we

have to go into another part of the map

this time we're going to go into the

central tower so travel over to the

central tower

and it's the mob a village ruins this

time and it's quite a long way away and

there's loads and loads of Guardians in

here really a lot so be really careful

so try to get your bearings you don't

want to go in the wrong direction so

it's right in front of me it go towards

the castle you should be alright if you

go towards the Hyrule Castle just jump

off the tower and yeah it's to the left

a little bit but it's quite a long way

away and there's loads like I said

there's so many gardens in here that it

was really difficult to do this part not

just the ones near the tower

there's many walking around and they are

imperfect we'll work in order so if you

come across them just hide because they

will surely kill you there's one walking

up there in the far distance just try to

hide form format and go onto the path

there's a path on the right hand side

just keep going onto the path and you

come to the ruins which is just here

this one was a wasn't very hard to find

once you walk into the ruins and the end

of main world turn 1 and there's a chest

inside this structure here just collect

what's in the chest I can't really

remember what is in there

Oh ice arrows that's all it always comes

handy and then it's behind me is near

the Guardian it's under the Guardian

that as we walked into the into the

ruins that where it was this and that is

in here as well so be careful Riven try

to get rid of all people because more

will come collect the bananas in the

movies that they left that they drop I

didn't collect them but you should and

then climb up these stairs here that's

what the chests that we just collected

and there's a God you know you know like

a broken Guardian on the right hand side

here just go towards the ends run right

under it

so that's where the final chest with the

the Greaves is so I guess this is it for

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completing these really difficult

puzzles extra fairy clothes completed

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