find the

Bloodborne easy first insight

going to show you guys how to get a

quick insight for blood-borne now I

already have this insight so I'm just

going to show you where it is I'm going

to be running through everything so the

video is not too long but I already have

the item so I'm just going to show you

where to get it

and also if you want using this area you

can kill one of the first NPCs in order

to get the blade of Mercy which for a

dex build is one of the best weapons

it's also a very good pvp weapon and its

really overpowered alright now this is

the long way if you don't have the

shortcut which if you're looking this up

you probably don't have the shortcut yet

so you're just gonna run through all of

this stuff and you could run to that

mist gate and that's the first boss

fight but you'll probably die and lose

all of your souls but this way you don't

have to lose any souls so you're going

to open this door which is leads you

back to the bonfire or the lantern just

gonna kill this guy quick and then you

open this gate and then BOOM back at the

lantern so from here we're going to go

down here

pass these to whatever the hell these

things are go up here back over here

this door is going to be closed and you

open this and then you can just run

through the entire building from Lantern

and then you just keep going forward

there's an NPC up here that comes in

later right now we're just gonna leave

her alone

it's right there if you kill the dog she

talks to you and she wants you to find

her a safe place now we're gonna go over

here drop down right here you can go

across these or you can go the long way

there are usually items hanging from

these chains over here that will fall

down now the NPC that you can kill is

right here if you're going to kill her

do the charge attack first as many times

as you can and then once she a grows you

just run out here onto this bridge and

then go right here and then once she

falls just core to keep drop down it

won't kill you and then you can just

shoot her to death and then the insight

is right here it'll be right here on

this body

and then that's that will allow you to

talk to the doll which allows you to

pull up it will also allow you to get

the small resonance Bell and the

beckoning bell which is for multiplayer

use and that's it I hope you enjoyed the