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How to GET THE MAP & COMPASS! The Forest Tutorial

welcome back everybody abroad meant here

today we are back in the forest and

today I'm going to show you how to get

the map and compass without dying now

I've done a video on this in the past

however I did say that you should commit

suicide and you would respawn in the

respawn cave which is where the map and

compass is located however that didn't

work in multiplayer and some viewers

don't like the idea of having that

player die so what you have to do is

navigate to anywhere in the map where

you can see the mountain the mountain is

what you want to find is exactly north

so what you want to do is get clear of

the woods you want to find an area where

you can see at the surrounding hills and

just generally like everything in the

surroundings so I'm gonna go up to this

hill here this seems like we're gonna be

going up and out of the woods now if

you're in a different location you also

want to be like doing this similar thing

you want to be like going up and out

maybe if you've nearly if you're near

the ocean I guess you could follow that

until you see the mountain now getting

up and compass is going to be very

tricky for someone who's new to the game

so if you are new to the game just be

patient it will take a few attempts

maybe and but it shouldn't take that

long so I've come to this massive open

area here out of the woods and if you

look to the left we should be able to

see the mountain because see a little

bit of it right here yep there it is

it's a huge huge object right in the

distance you can't miss it if you are in

an open like this so the mountain is

north what we want to do is do a u-turn

and go south just keep going south do

not stop it's very important that while

you're going south if you DS if you go

to the left a little bit to the right a

little bit you're going to get lost if a

cannibal attacks you focus on where

you're going just keep going directly

south until you see the shore


so I'm coming up to the edge of the map

here this is the southern border now

what we can do is just follow the

coastline left so once you hit the coast

go left follow this all the way around

until you see a hot

now if you're following this path

correctly you should find a little dip

going down to a big beach you want to go

past that and keep going so finding the

hots right here is a little bit of a

distance from the edge of the cliff but

here it is you've got to keep your eye

out for it it's just after that dip down

to the beach now you want to follow the

path that is built in this right here so

you know starting right here just follow

the path all the way into the village

now once you get to the village right

here this is the largest village in the

game so if you're in hard mode or just

normal be careful of cannibals because

there will be quite a few you want to go

around these sensibiy here with the tree

and up to this rock at the other side

now here you will find a cave you want

to go ahead and climb down now once

you've climbed down turn around head

towards the light in this big opening

here and you should find the compass

there and the map so now if you press m

you'll have the map you can open it and

close it this works for the cave and the

overworld so you can go and render this

now and if your venture you should see

the compass right here all you have to

do is left-click it and you can use both

there we are that's the compass and

that's the map perfect now to exit the

cave all you need to do is turn back

around go up to this rope here and climb

out so if you're new to the game finding

the mountain will be the hardest part

just stick at it you want to kind of

head north north is kind of like where

you will start to see the mountain but

you don't know where that is

you've got kind of wander I guess you

could find the coast and go around

that's also another way you can find the


so there you go everyone that has been

my guide on how to get the map and

compass in the forest without dying if

you enjoy this video I found it helpful

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