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welcome back everybody broadband here

today we're going to be going over what

are my personal top six favorite

locations to build in the forest now I

would like to mention that these

locations are in no particular order I

have just put them together I don't rate

them like number ones the best number

Five's the worst I've just put them

together so you can make your own

opinion so kicking it off with location

one this will be on the beach in the

bottom right hand corner of the map now

an advantage to building here is you've

got a lot of open space you've got the

entire beach to yourself you won't

really have to worry about many

cannibals coming after you here you've

got a load of trees right outside your

door you can just chop them facing the

beach and they will land on the beach

most likely not to mention this is a

huge area like you can build like a

small town here and I also believe this

is a spawn location for turtles

so you can get those precious shells for

water collectors moving on to location -

this is probably one of the most common

places to build but I'm including it

nonetheless so it's right down in the

bottom left-hand side of the map where

you've got this huge open stretch of

land going out towards this tree now an

advantage to building here is you've got

this rock wall like is a natural wall

around your base so it's really hard for

cannibals to get up to you so all you

have to do is really block off the front

main entrance to your base and then

you're good now a contr building here is

definitely getting logs there now it may

not look that far and it's honestly not

if there's two of you then it's going to

be easy it's just as soon as you start

chopping down those front trees you can

have to go further and further and

further back into the forest and it's

just going to get quite time-consuming

now another important note to mention is

you also got the yacht really close by

so in that really desperate moment when

you're having an attack you can run over

and swim over to the yacht save and then

you're all good because this is a save

point on the yacht

moving on to location three we have a

very popular area here this isn't a snow

biome and it's the largest lake you can

find in the snow biome this location is

quite challenging at first you'll have

to constantly battle the cold which is

not too difficult at beginning just

build it like a small base outside the

lake and then move your way in building

a boat then a platform so and so forth

now the cannibals aren't that bad up

here they will progress further and

further in the game but at the beginning

you won't be bothered that much but the

more noise you do make it can get quite

chaotic up here moving on to the fourth

location this is probably one of the

largest areas you're going to get to

build in the forest it's a huge open

stretch of land in the mainland near the

North now I personally consider this a

great location because you've got lots

of trees very nearby you've got a

constant food supply of wild boars

running around near you and you've also

got that extra cliff edge which will act

as a defensive wall for you now onto the

second-to-last location we have the

largest island in the game now I was

quite hesitant to include this because

getting logs here is going to be a ball

lake you'll have to set up a temporary

camp on the mainland and then build the

bridge across and then use log sleds but

as soon as you got that bridge set up

and you've got your defenses set up

you're not going to be bothered by

cannibals once you're on that main

island which is one of the reasons I've

included it in this list you'll also

have a fairly large area to build with

so you've got that extra freedom

moving on to the final location we have

the two rocks in the lake this can be

found in the bottom middle section of

the map now this is where I'm currently

building in my let's play if you want to

see this spot in action click the card

in the top right of the screen now now

advanced to this straightaway you can

see is we're building in a lake so that

means that the cannibals are going to

have a hard time getting to us now one

con two building here is you are

building very close to a village now

don't worry the cannibals aren't really

that active around this village they

only really start to increase their

attacks when you start putting

explosives down alright everyone thank

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