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The Forest | HOW TO FIND THE CLIMBING AXE | Updated Location

so you're new to the forest and you want

to find that climbing ax follow me my

friend I'll show you exactly where it is

the cave entrance will be looking for

today is cave 9 better known as to the

ledge cave this is one of the easiest

cave entrances to find simply because

it's next to one of the biggest

landmarks in the game the butt hole odds

are if you run towards the north-facing

mountain you're gonna run into the butt

hole and cave entrance 9 is right here

just northwest of the great smelly butt

hole ok here we are next to the butt

hole the north-facing Mountain is just

through these trees and the climbing

entrance to this cave is right over here

right next to a tent another good

indicator is this dam right here if you

see the dam the north-facing Mountain in

the butt hole you know you're in the

right spot

so let's get down there now I turned up

the cave brightness so it's easier to

navigate down here upon hitting the

bottom of the rope you're gonna come

across another ledge you want to go

straight down ok here we are on the

second ledge and you're gonna come

across a third ledge let's go down ok

and here we are at the bottom now as you

can see off to the right there's a

little hole in the water now you don't

necessarily need to rebreather for this

so we're just gonna go ahead and jump in

you want to swim down and right back up

just like that now down here you're

gonna run across some babies so you can

either throw some dynamite down here and

blow them all up or jump down and take

care of business alright with the babies

out of the way you're gonna find a tent

and a path leading to the left so you

want to go around and you want to go

through the slit on the other side

you're gonna notice that you are in the

side of the rectum of the butthole you

just want to move left you want to be

careful not to fall off okay here we go

and there's going to be another slit off

to the left

let's jump right in okay here we are on

the other side you just want to kick

straight and you're gonna come across

another ledge we're just gonna jump down

upon going straight you're gonna find

babies and another cannibals so let's

take care of business and there we go

now you don't want to rush into this

because you'll fall right off this cliff

and fall way down in here you want to

shimmy across the left side you want to

be careful you want to duck down here

and there's gonna be a little gap right

where this body is you want to run and

jump over it you want to stick to the

rim all the way around to the other side

and around this corner there's gonna be

two more cannibals

so battle stations oh and babies let's

take care of this [ __ ] all right there

dunzo and as you walk in you can see a

little light to the left and what do you

know the climbing acts pretty easy right

now I make tutorials on how to find

every single item in the forest be sure

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out of little show show with you how to

find the items in the forest bro if you

follow me I'll show you the [ __ ] path

one plus one equals two

it's simple math don't you dare get your

info from mother gamers I'm a priest in

these woods and they're all flamers rip

the forest apart limb from limb

also your rest to the Sharks hope you

can swim if you want another call please

hang up and try again if you need help

hang up and then dial your operator

thank you