find the

Four Horses of the Apocalypse


2,000 years ago the Apostle John had a

vision about a beast that would rise

a mark that would be given

four horses with gallant women suffering

in Christianity will stand on the brink

of collapse but there is hope

revelation Sundays at noon in October on

beholding welcome to this week's episode

of behold the saviors were taken a

special month of October the anniversary

of the Protestant Reformation we're

sending right into the heart of the

revelation last week we looked at the

Antichrist power and we allowed the

Bible to give us the characteristics and

identify the Antichrist this week we're

getting into the heart of Revelation

chapter 6 we're gonna study the Four

Horsemen of the Apocalypse and we're

gonna see that God used horses to gallop

through time to represent his Christian

church and the development thereof

horses have been used all through time

to represent power to represent strength

and to represent entertainment so let's

jump into it today and I hope you follow

along with me open your Bible turn your

Bible on let's go right into Revelation

chapter 6 and we're gonna see the seals

of revelation revelation 6:1 now I saw

when the lamb opened one of the seals

and I looked and behold a white horse he

who sat on it had a bow and a crown was

given to

and he went out conquering and to

conquer so you have here a crown of bow

and a horse let's first identify the

horse of Revelation this first horse so

we want to compare scripture of

Scripture and allow the Bible to

interpret itself so to find out what the

horse means we're gonna have to go back

to the Song of Solomon Song of Solomon

many see as a symbolic love letter from

Christ to his church and we see the

representation here Song of Solomon

chapter 1 verse 9 I have compared thee O

my love to a company of horses in

Pharaoh's chariot so as we're looking at

the horses the forces of Revelation

we're not looking at horses to come

we're looking at God using symbolism to

represent his church and we see the bow

as a sign of power sign of warfare and

it was used in victorious battles we see

the crown and it's the crown is is not a

crown of royalty it's translated from

the Greek work stefanos which means

victory so this white horse is

representing the pure Christian churches

in its original apostolic state

Colossians 1:23 says the gospel was

preached to every creature under heaven

x17 6 said this early Christian church

turned the whole world upside down they

achieved taking the gospel to the world

in one generation and that was even

without Facebook and YouTube

so this first hurt a church this first

horse represents the church in its pure

state from 34 AD to about a hundred ad

when the Apostle John died let's

continue to the second horse the second

seal revelation 6 4 and another horse

fiery red went out and it was granted to

the one who sat on it to take peace from

the earth and that people should kill

one another and there was given to him a

great sword so if the white horse

represented the pure church then the Red

Horse must represent the persecuted the

bleeding church and this sword that is

held here it would

basically a long knife and it was used

and cared by the Roman army and they

used it to kill that's what it was

designed for and it was during this time

when Christianity really experienced its

first heavy persecution valerian

inherited an empire nearly out of

control to divert attention from the

troubles that beset the Empire

valerian blamed the Christians he

ordered them to sacrifice to gods of the

state began executing clergy the

property of Christian lady was

confiscated and many Christians were

condemned to the mines Emperor's now

start to unleash fury on the church and

then we look at Diocletian Diocletian

first prohibited Christians to worship

and commanded that churches and

Christian books be destroyed he then

ordered clergy to be arrested unless

they sacrificed to pagan deities and 304

this was extended to all Christians and

it said that the Romans persecuted the

Christians for worshipping Jesus but

really they were persecuting the

Christians because they refused to

worship the deities set up by the Romans

so this this era could be seen as being

marked from 118 to 313 ad when the

church suffered persecution at the hands

of the Roman Caesars then we come in to

the third seal the third horse the black

horse revelation in chapter 6 verse 5

and I heard a voice in the midst of the

four living creatures saying a quart of

wheat for a Denarius in three quarts of

barley for a Denarius do not harm the

oil and the wine so I looked and behold

a black horse and he who sat on it had a

pair of scales in his hand so here we it

seems to be focused on material things

the black horse if the white horse was

the pure church the red horse was the

persecuted church the black horse is a

dying Church the scales represent

compromise and the focus here is on

material things in the and it said not

to harm the oil

the wine basically the money to food

ratio at this time period a days food

cost a day's wage so the people were

barely surviving on the brink of

starvation but God did provide for his


Constantine starts to inflict compromise

on the church

Constantine emerged triumphant in the

West after the battle at the Milvian

bridge in 313 he and like Kenya soon to

control the eastern empire issued the

Edict of Milan which decreed full legal

toleration of Christianity and here's

where the great compromise begins to

take place where once it was outlawed to

be a Christian now

Constantine whose mother was a Christian

he becomes a Christian nominally and you

see this blending of paganism and

Christianity taking place during the

time of Emperor Constantine pagans Sun

worship was introduced into the

Christian Church on your screen here you

see a coin that was minted during the

time of Constantine the figure that you

see in the center is the God Sol

Invictus the Sun God and what you'll

notice to the side of this Sun God is a

cross so you see the joining of paganism

and Christianity taking place in 321 AD

the Edict of Constantine forced people

to observe Sunday as a day of rest this

law was contrary to the seventh-day

Sabbath of the Christians up until this

time the majority of Christians and Jews

were still observing the seventh-day

Sabbath but the pagans were worshiping

the Sun God on the Sunday and now that

the Roman Emperor becomes a Christian

nominally and but doesn't really want to

let go of the pagan traditions this

blending takes place and this is where

the sunday worship can really be traced

back to we are told by Eusebius that

Constantine in order to recommend the

new religion to the heathen transferred

into it the outward ornaments to which

they had been a custom in their own the

retention of the

old pagan name of Dias solace or Sunday

is in great measure owing to the union

of pagan and Christian sentiment with

which the first day of the week was

recommended by Constantine to his

subjects pagan and Christian and alike

as the venerable day of the Sun and

that's recorded in the book history of

the Eastern Church so the white horse

the pure church the red horse the

persecuted church the black horse the

compromising church and this can be seen

as dating from about 313 ad when

tolerance of Christianity began and by

the way where it was once they forced

Christians to worship one God now

they're forcing Christians to worship in

a certain way god never approves of

worship when it's forced at all he wants

us to choose to worship Him and follow

him the black horse period of

Christianity marked a great compromise

and a union of church and state

the fourth horse the fourth seal

Revelation chapter 6 verse 8 so I looked

and behold a pale horse and the name of

him who sat on it was death and Hades

followed with him and power was given to

them over a fourth of the earth to kill

with a sword with hunger with death and

by the beasts of the earth so what we

have here is a pale green horse it says

a pale horse in English and the original

language it would have been a pale green

horse think sickness saying thank death

so this is a dead dying Church at this

point the church er during this time in

history the Black Plague begins to

strike and it hit from 1346 to 1353 and

to which much of your I think it was 60%

of the population perished at this point

so the devil was using this to weaken

the resistance of the church so when

there's so much decimation the defense's

come down and it says sword hunger and

death follow Society was absolutely

being deteriorated to this time by

by pestilence and by war and this is

when compromise the church was really in

a dying state take a look at what

happened in the year 538 Rome when it

fell it did not fall to one world ruling

power as it had taken over in the past

Rome fell and and was followed by ten

tribes seven of those tribes are still

around today and three of them refused

to worship or follow the dictates of the

Roman Church at the time the three

kingdoms the hairy alive Andals and

austere Goths did not accept the papal

mandates regarding Christ's divinity and

were mercilessly destroyed and

eliminated by the year 538 ad now don't

get me wrong Christ is divine but again

God would never have us to force this on

anyone at this time the church was

forcing it these three tribes appro

opposed and they were mercilessly

stamped down in that year vigilance the

Bishop of Rome ascended the papal throne

under the protection of a Roman general

Belisarius these conquests strengthened

the hand of the papacy which was

established by the year 538 ad so we can

see this time of the dead church the

this pale horse beginning around the

time of 538 ad when the Roman Church

begins to really reign supreme a union

of church and state ruling with

authority then we fast forward to the

year 5-7 1517 Pope Leo the tenth he's

remembered for granting indulgences to

those who donated to rebuild Saint

Peter's Basilica indulgences was they

needed money for this new construction

and they began to sell forgiveness of

sins you would be able to pay to have

your family members brought out of

purgatory this sort of thing which is

still practiced to this day and if Pope

Leo the tenth is the one that was ex

dead excommunicated Martin Luther and

extended the Spanish Inquisition in

Portugal so all sorts of thing at this

point in time the church was hardly a

shadow of what it once was that pure

biblical a Apostolic Church that white

horse the pale green horse represents a

dead compromised Christian Church and we

can estimate that from the time of 538

when the church really stood began

arenas supreme when the three tribes

were stamped out and ruled until about

1517 and this is when something unique

starts to happen here now we get into

the fifth seal of Revelation chapter six

so the first four seals were horses

galloping through time representing a

Christian Church now let's look at

Revelation chapter 6 verse 9 when he

opened the fifth seal I saw under the

altar the souls of those who had been

slain for the word of God and for the

testimony which they held so the fifth

seal represents the rise of the

Protestant Reformation a time when 100

million people were martyred for their

faith why were they killed for their

faith well the Protestants they didn't

really want to change the church they

didn't want a whole new thing to break

off they just wanted simply to correct

some of the unbiblical things in the

church at the time but there was refusal

churches were chained to pews they were

not allowed to be taken out of the

church the Bibles were only allowed to

be written in Latin the official mother

language of the church so in other words

your average common person did not have

access to the Bible because the church

thought well they're just uneducated you

know peasants they can't understand

spiritual things but thankfully the Word

of God and the message of salvation is

available to everybody and many people

pay dearly for us to have it available

today so then we see the beginning of

the rise of the Protestant Reformation

and the Protestant Reformation is rooted

in two words protests protests against

unbiblical teachings of the church

reform to reform to bring back the

original apostolic teaching the original

teachings of Christ himself so now let's

begin to track the Reformation and the

development as you may know October this

year is the 500th anniversary of the

beginning of the Reformation when Martin

Luther nailed his 95 theses to the

church door of Wittenberg we're gonna

get to that in a bit but let's go back

in time to the time of Peter Waldo Peter


lived in the eleven hundred and broke

away from the Roman Church for rejecting

transubstantiation this is the idea that

at communion the church was teaching

that the juice and the bread looked like

juice and bread but when it was prayed

over it turns to the literal blood and

flesh of Jesus problem is the

cannibalism is outlawed in the Bible and

Jesus was at the first communion and all

his blood and flesh was in him at that

time so this was a big issue and there

were others so they began to get

persecuted he and his followers fled to

the walled Enzian mountains where they

maintained their faith and they would go

up and in the mountains they would hide

in the rocks in the cave and at this

time they would be translating the Bible

they would be copying the scriptures

when they would go down into the valley

into the marketplace they had pieces of

scripture sewn right into their clothing

and they would share the Word of God

when when given the chance but

unfortunately persecution was

mercilessly inflicted on these people

many of them were burned alive in a cave

the Roman Church would behead men women

and children throw them off cliffs now

today we think of this as something that

Isis would do but the Roman Church at

one point did the very same thing to

Christians and now to be fair and honest

the Church of Rome has asked for

forgiveness of that but it doesn't

negate the fact that they did do that

let's continue to John Wycliffe Jew God

raised up one person after another

bringing back the truth of the Bible in

1382 John Wycliffe

translated the Bible into the common

language of the people English you have

an English Bible today because of the

work that John Wycliffe started and he

was persecuted heavily also but his work

didn't it wasn't available to the masses

at this point because the technology was

not yet there and then God raised up a

man by the name of John HUS John HUS

held that the Bible is the ultimate rule

of faith and preached against the many

unbiblical teachings of the church in

1415 HUS was burned at the stake

then his ashes were thrown into the

river and not to mention jerome jerome

was another reformer it was burned at

the stake and he was known for singing

as he's being executed and this tells me

one thing that when we make a stand for

God God will bless have you ever tried

singing an excruciating pain so God gave

him the ability to sing and what kind of

a witness do you think God gave to those

that were watching that day I'm sure

they never forget and hopefully many

hearts were converted so then God raised

up a man by the name of Martin Luther on

October 31st 1517 Luther nailed his 95

theses to the church door of Wittenberg

marking the beginning of the Protestant

Reformation the protest has already

begun the reforming but this is the sort

of when gasoline was thrown under the

fire and it began to explode he was

noted for bringing back the concept of

salvation by grace this is back when you

would have to the monks would whip

themselves in atonement for sin and

crawl up steps on their knees and Martin

Luther saw that we're saved by grace not

by works and he was blessed with the

invention of the of the printing press

and it he was able to explode these

truths of the Bible all over and the

Protestant Reformation began then God

raised up a man by the name of John

Calvin in 1536 Calvin published

Institutes of the Christian religion a

defense of his faith and a statement of

the doctrinal position of the Reformers

Calvin restored the concept

of Christian growth in other words we're

continually growing as Christians we're

continually learning more and I always

say you know I thank God that I'm not

where I was and I but I know I'm not

where I need to be yet we continue to


then God raised up a man by the name of

Roger Williams in 1638 Williams founded

the First Baptist Church in America

Williams was key and restoring the Bible

truth of baptism by immersion as a

symbolic death burial and resurrection

of self at this time the church was only

baptizing infants or children which is

totally unscriptural but at the time the

plagues were striking people were

dropping like flies and they figured

well let's baptize them when they're a

baby that way if something happens they

at least got a ticket into heaven

that's not how baptism Wirtz God wants

us to choose to follow him it's my

choice whether it's used to follow him

or not and that baptism is a symbolic

death burial and resurrection of self

let's continue God raised up a man by

the name of John Wesley from 1739 onward

Wesley and the Methodists were

persecuted by clergy and magistrates for

various reasons Wesley felt that the

church failed to call sinners to

repentance and was key in restoring

Christian standards and holiness to

Christianity so in other words he was he

brought back the idea that Christians

ought to actually live and act like

Christians brought back the idea of

repentance and and relying on God to

transform us now Wesley was a unique

person but the credit also ought to be

given to his mother and he had I believe

it was 17 brothers and sister 17 or 18

and majority of them died while they

were yet young but with that many kids

around John Wesley's mother had little

private time but she said for every hour

that I spent in entertainment I will

spend an hour with God and she was known

that you that the kids knew that when

she would flip the apron up over

head that's private time with God she's

praying to God imagine if we took the

time to teach our kids the same sacred

time with God don't you think that we

would have children were being raised up

as great leaders in the church and just

like John Wesley and his brother they

wrote hymns they developed the Methodist

movement the Wesleyan Church and the

world has been blessed by it now each

one of these reformers did an amazing

work and they God used them to bring

back one thing at a time and the people

they wouldn't be able to handle all the

truth of the Bible being restored at

once because it would have been too much

and they like they would have rejected

it so God used these steps one at a time

to to open our eyes so to speak and then

God raised up another reformer by the

name of William Miller in 1833 William

Miller shared publicly his belief in the

soon and literal return of Jesus

although he lacked a complete

understanding of Christ's return

Miller was key in turning people to look

for a soon and literal return of Jesus

Christ at this time was known as the

great Advent Awakening people in Europe

people in South America and up in New

England all miraculously began to study

and learn about the soon and literal

coming of Jesus Christ and I don't know

about you but I'm still looking forward

to the soon and literal coming of Jesus

so step by step God was revealing these

things but oftentimes with these

reformers their followers stopped at

their teachings and did not really

continue to learn and grow in it so we

continue to grow

God raised up a man by the name of

Joseph Bates

Joseph Bates was key in restoring the

biblical truth of the seventh day

Sabbath on Saturday upon learning of the

Sabbath from attract by Thomas Preble

who was influenced by Rachel Oaks

Preston a young seventh day Baptist

Bates published his findings in the

first edition of the present truth in

18-49 so now we have something of the

the unbiblical teachings that have

come into the church have begun to be

reformed and go back to that original

apostolic teaching and never before have

all of the truths of the Bible been in

one place as it is today and we have the

beauty of being able to look back and

see the development of the Christian

Church and we can worship God today just

as the original apostles did biblically

speaking but God may still have more to

show us

we continue to learn and grow we're

thankful for all of the reformers in

each step that they have brought back to

us John chapter 16 verse 12 why didn't

God just reveal it all at once Jesus

says I still have many things to say to

you but you cannot bear them now they

could not handle all of the truth but

thankfully God little by little open our

eyes so we saw the white horse was the

pure Christian Church conquering the

world the message of the gospel went to

the world at that time and then the

church began to be persecuted and it was

the Red Horse and then the Black Horse

came the church began to compromise and

then the pale horse came and the church

began to be all but dead then God gave

us the Protestant Reformation so he can

go back to a biblical worship and honor

God as Jesus had intended well we've

spoken about the horses of Revelation

but we haven't mentioned the rider of

the horses of Revelation and let me ask

you this if the horses represent the

churches throughout the periods of

history who is it that's been in charge

of the church throughout history it's

Jesus himself

revelation 19 gives us the image of

Jesus on a white horse riding in as a

victorious King so Jesus has been

guiding his church through all of these

movements through the good through the

bad and he's going to continue to guide

our church all the way to the return of

Jesus now I hope you continue to follow

us through these presentations next week

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