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Where to Buy Fragrance Online

I still need to apply my fragrance of

the day and I'm thinking which one

should that be now this obviously is

cool because there's creative enters


what's up ladies and gentlemen Jeremy

here in New York City at fragrance

XCOM they have almost every fragrance

out there that you are looking for the

prices are extremely affordable and they

make free shipping for you to almost

every country on the planet so today I'm

here to discover how an order is

processed and what steps we go through

just had nice tasty dark chocolate nice

healthy green tea and I'm ready to roll

to discover fragrance XCOM let's go


Somali go dolphin great leather

fragrance so I had a little briefing on

how this whole thing works

and it all starts of course with your

aura that comes in like here a little

piece of paper you take one of those

guys right here let's just take this one

let's say proud alum has been ordered

you put this thing with the order in

here these babies are all full and they

are being processed UPS DHL d jolla post

all that's left is just the driver that

picks it up right there and they are

shipped to you I've known these guys for

many years now and they have existed for

over 20 years fragrance XCOM guys if you

want to order something from this

website you can use my coupon code which

is Jeremy 15 and you get 15% off your


they guarantee to give you one percent

authentic fragrances which is obviously

very important so in that regard you get

them big variety cheap prices and free

shipping to me that's awesome let's walk

around a little bit and see what they

actually have some Montel I've never

heard of for example aromatic lime by

the way did you know that

Montel is selling like crazy worldwide I

did not know but I was at different

perfumery Sand Beverly Hills and they

said Montel is our best seller so we got

the molecule the eccentric molecule

brand girdle on we got top sellers like

CK one basically every fragrance that

you can think of it's I feel a little

bit like in Wonderland like let me

suggest you three fragrances to go for

as blind buy worthy fragrances you can't

go wrong with this celebrity fragrance

usually I'm not a big fan of celebrity

fragrances but this one is very good one

of the best masculine celebrity

fragrances this one is a nice one jay-z

gold I suggest you to go for this one

for example if you want to have your

versatile all season all

occasion just fresh and clean fragrance

I suggest you to go with Versace pour on

this is a 200 ml so you get a big big

bang for the buck especially with the

coupon code and with the already pretty

strong prices that they provide and my

last suggestion as a blind buy one of my

most favorite niche fragrances ever this

is a great student Thai fragrance very

elegant for man reflection man

Byam wash this normally retails for I

have no idea in America but in Germany

for around 280 euros there's about $300

the definitely will be much more

affordable here and use the coupon code

so these are my three suggestions for

you guys if you want to buy something

blind right now don't forget to use my

coupon code

Jeremy 15 I still need to apply my

fragrance of the day and I'm thinking

which one should that be and since they

have everything I just want to go for

the most expensive one do this guy's

now this obviously is cool because

there's creative enters and you can see

how much we have of this but what's even

cooler this is the 120 ml and 120 ml is

not available anymore so this is like a

discontinued Rolex you can't buy it

anymore it's a limited edition because

they don't produce the 120 anymore you

can for example still get this bottle

here at the store I know that treat

Aventis the 100 ml retails for about 450

or even seen it for 495 at an airport I

think in New York City for 95 for the

100 ml and this one is I heard 369 for

the 120 ml plus you use the coupon code

Jeremy 15 that's heavy value that you're

getting let's see how it goes I love

fragrances man

oh yeah all right let's do it

well usually the I do five sprays but

now I'm going to do my old spray routine

seven gorgeous okay guys that's my

fragrance of the day I'm not going to

say bye yet I'm going to find a better

location to say bye to you guys

fragrance ex thank you very much for the

invitation great team right here very

very nice atmosphere very thankful for

the cooperation so again use my coupon

called Jeremy 15 to get a 50% discount

they offer a massive variety of

fragrance selection from cheap to

expensive from niche to designer to

celebrity they have the very cheap

prices very affordable prices and they

have the free shipping so almost the

whole world can be delivered to not only

USA also if you're watching from other

countries you can order from fragrance X

that's it thank you very much for

watching guys have a good day bye