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GTA 5 Online - How to Find a Karin Futo

what's up guys Xbox mod 360 here and in

today's video we're gonna be showing you

how to get the Karen Fudo and grand

theft auto 5 online now for those of you

who don't know this is arguably one of

the game's best drifting vehicles and

they spawn up pretty much all over the

map but you can't buy it online and as

it usually goes with almost all vehicles

in this game when you're looking for it

you can never seem to find one so there

are a lot of different locations people

will tell you to look on YouTube but

none of them are a 100% spawn rate for

this vehicle in grand theft auto 5

online and I'm not going to tell you

that my method that I'm about to show

you is the best because somebody out

there might have a better one but I have

found this way to be the quickest out of

all the ways I've seen and this method

will work on all systems so all you're

going to do is come down to this little

industrial island where the docks are

and you can come at any time of day

using any vehicle you don't need to have

anything in particular and you're just

going to come down here and you're going

to look at all the vehicles that are

parked in the various parking lots down

here but really there's two main parking

lots you're going to want to check and

the first one is this little parking lot

right here this one always seems to have

a good amount of cars so you're just

going to look here for the futo and if

you don't see it you're just going to

come down here to this other parking lot

so you're just coming down to this

little industrial island and looking at

all the driving and parked cars and

you're searching for a photo this little

island down here seems to have a very

good spawn rate for spawning up photos

so that's why you're going to be looking

down here and if you search both the

Lots like I just did you don't find one

instead of doing what I normally have

you guys do in my videos what you're

going to do is just go to online and hit

find new session whereas normally in my

rare car videos I'll have you guys drive

away and try different things to spawn

up new cars but really the quickest way

to find one of these is to just keep

jumping sessions you search those two

big parking lots and if you don't see it

just find a new session this will keep

constantly refreshing the vehicles in

your area and it shouldn't take you more

than 10 or 15 minutes to find your own

futo one big thing that you do need to

make sure before you do this is that you

have your spawn location set to last

location that way every time you respawn

you'll spawn up down here if you don't

know whether or not you have this set

bring up the interaction menu and you

should be able to see where your spawn

location is set to and make sure you

just have that on last location the only

issue I encountered when doing this is

that sometimes it would spawn me up away

from the docks even though I had last


up it appears that it wasn't saving my

location when I found new sessions if

you encounter this problem and you keep

spawning up far away even though you

have it set to last location there's one

thing you can easily do to fix this all

you need to do is get a wanted level

while you're down there and then just

lose that wanted level and it should

save your location and when you find a

new session you should be all set so as

you guys just saw on the screen I

quickly went through all the vehicles

customizations there's a lot you can do

to make this kind of a cool rally drift

car and like I said it's really good at

drifting if you wanted a good drift car

I would definitely go with this one and

if you haven't already figured it out

you can alter and store this vehicle in

your garage but anyways guys that's the

quickest method I have for finding the

Karen Fudo and grand theft auto 5 online

there's a lot of different location

videos out there on YouTube but I really

do believe that this is the quickest way

to find one if you having trouble

finding one in grand theft auto 5 online

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