find the



hello guys welcome back to my channel

in this video I'm going to show you how

to find the cutting photos in 2020 I've

made a video about this before but it is

recorded on 2017 and the quality is so


many people like the video where they

don't like the quality so today I'm

going to do this again in my tests for

pros and you guys can have a nicer

quality ok let's jump right into the

step is getting a car obviously and what

you want to do next is come to this

location you see this location

ok it's good and once you reach your

location what you want to do is [ __ ] you


I mean facing that way facing that way

ok what you want to do now is do a quick

shave from Franklin school and after you

like that is this cottony game five

minutes later you know pick a fight

again try to do what I see ok once again

I did it but you need to research this

area discarding photos around

oh my god we wait wait a minute oh my

god is to come

oh my god it is still working yes this

is the car

why can't believe this you know I've

been trying to find stuff less an hour

already and now it works this this still

works the reaction is now is a real

reaction you know I'm not making this up

as you can see this totally works on

2020 look at Easter

I mean this is the rarest part oh my god

I can't believe I finally stuff and I

hope you guys will find a star true and

good luck time don't forget to subscribe

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look at the stuff you know I've been

trying to find this car for ages I hope

you will find this car too so don't

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see you next time in the next video