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Grand Theft Auto 5 : How to get the Futo (Works Every Time!)

what's up guys Nick here from air-12

gaming back in Grand Theft Auto 5 this

time with a how-to video so I got a lot

of questions asking how do you get the

futo in grand theft auto 5 now I've been

when I was trying this myself without

any sort of method I was just driving

around the whole place looking for it

couldn't find it anywhere

so I beat the game already and I went to

Grove Street looked around for ages

there couldn't find one one up in the

Richmond Hills whatever they're called

couldn't find any there and I'm like

okay what's up why can't I find any food

house well I did figure out a way to

actually get them to spawn so when

you're with whoever pause your game go

over to game on the top there by

pressing right bumper I believe are one

if you're on ps3 click replay mission

then head down to the dual store job

make sure it's not casing the jewel

store make sure it's the jewel store job

that is the heist mission that you

played quite a while ago I but I believe

it was your first heist you did so you

need to be at that point already

probably buying this - this time most

people have actually played the game or

beaten the game

so anyways just go there click replay

mission now when you're actually

planning up the heist right here you

have to do something rather specific so

this is all loading and yeah talking

about what plan is best doesn't matter

the plan you actually choose I go smart

because yeah gonna like it cause I seems

to it's the only one I know done here

this is the important part when you're

choosing your person make sure you cart

now make sure you choose was to buy

harmony of the tunnel dens make sure you

choose him this one I don't know

apparently that's what you got to do

thanks gunman don't zero matter hacker

and your hacker also doesn't really

matter right there you go there's that

once you have done that you can

basically just skip through all of this

and when you

actually finish robbing the jewelry

store I will cut back right then I shall

speed it up so you can see no video

trickery or what have you

poor word waiting arrow to thank male

sky watching it's just gonna hang over

TV glass so basically when we get to

this point this is when stuff sort of

has to be done a certain method

basically everything up to this point

do what however you want except for that

driver you need that driver to to get

this to work or that's what I'm going to

tell you but anyways just do this three

million dollars whatever whatever I

don't believe the money matters just

take everything cuz cuz you can I don't

even think you actually get to keep the

money if you do this max yeah I don't I

don't think you do to keep this money

but anyways 4 million good enough ain't

nothing left for us here so let's get

out of here let's yeah you're done talk

to you okay this is where you need to do

some special stuff so your Franklin

you're on the bike and our buddies run

away now if you notice around the

streets there will be some very very

cool cars you may see some well you may

see some photos and some salt ins so

look around to those that was one right

there as this one right here yes that is

one now I believe I can die right here

I'll lose the group you're losing the

crew blah blah blah blah just lose the

crew so you see that's your Salton

alright that's your futo excuse me so

you lose the crew failed a mission now

press B press a or whatever the

equivalent of that is on ps3 basically

just back out and make sure it doesn't

it doesn't put you back in the mission

anyways wait for it to load again you'll

spawn with a

leave Franklin and anyways just head

back downtown and the futo should be

there you should see them driving around

at least basically what happens is when

you see cars on the map they all sort of

spawned together to make rendering times

a little bit shorter that's the

technical side of it so when you're

driving a certain car those types of

cars will spawn on the road and now they

you saw this you saw the futo there so

to decrease rendering times you're going

to see a lot of them now so if you go

downtown in that general area you should

see them us anyways if we wait for this

to load up which is taking its damn time

maybe I'll just jump cut or speed it up

and you'll see all right so Michael

Michael we are going to go and get

ourselves a photo all right so get in

your car head downtown oh okay just keep

your eyes out because you should see

them pretty much everywhere my camera is

really close you should see them pretty

much everywhere as soon as you get down

to where the heist actually took place

so if you just keep on going I'll just

keep your eyes open for them and you

should see them with a little bit of

driving around so I'm gonna do a little

bit of speedy up action and we'll see

what we find

didn't even need to speed that up just

had a little awkward silent pause

there's a photo I will just have this

Thank You Madame lady have a nice day

and now I've got myself a photo and that

means a hell of a lot of them are about

to spawn and you'll see them parked on

the road and stuff there's another one

just there and there you go that's how

you get your photo works pretty much

every time I have not experienced this

it when it doesn't work I'm gonna say

like 100% for now let me know how it

works for you guys hopefully it doesn't

get patched because they do want the

food how to be a very rare car but

anyways guys that is how you get the

photo in grand theft auto 5 I know a lot

of people been wondering how to get it

and this is the best method I have

figured out if you don't want to drive

around for days and hope you find one

this works pretty much every time

anyways guys thank you again very very

much for watching if you've enjoyed you

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I'll leave a like maybe anyways guys

thank you again very very much for

watching and I'll see you in the next