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How To Make Her Squirt 4 Simple Techniques To Find The G Spot

hi everyone I am Apollonia Ponte your

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get the love life that you deserve and

in today's video we are going to talk

about how to make a woman squirt and I

have the opportunity to have Michelle

Alva she is a sex expert a Tantra healer

and a physical therapist that connects

your heart and soul to your sexuality

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having me so I'm actually really excited

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just kind of want to go over let's I

think we have a prop right let's rock

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okay so let's go over a little bit about

how to well screaming is the female

ejaculation and the g-spot and squirting

go hand-in-hand you want to get to know

the g-spot if you're really interested

in having your goddess squirt just

stimulating her clitoral e on the

outside well that might take a little

longer for that to happen if you just

focus on the external so what I would

recommend is for men to go internal and

this is after you've done some foreplay

because the more a woman feels safe and

relaxed and heard the more she's gonna

surrender her body to the openness of

squirting squirting is a deeper

connection to the woman's body she has

to have and and more awareness of her

g-spot because the G spot that that area

swells up and that's where the liquids

are made so for you to get in there I I

recommend getting to know where the

g-spot is yes so for men the second

joint of your finger that's where you

want to go inside with your finger

facing up if she's laying down this way

so you slide your finger so that the

second joint is inside and then you're

gonna palpate on the upper part so

this upper area is where the g-spot is

located inside the vagina and with your

pad of your index finger you can massage

around her area there and it feels like

the pit of a peach it's a little rough

on that upper upper side of the vagina

wall and you can go forward and back

that's very stimulating it's like saying

come on and over here come here

and then you could also circle around

and you can also go side to side and as

you're doing that I highly recommend

taking deep breaths because that's gonna

help you to move your creative sexual

energy and hers so if you're if you're

focused on the g-spot and you're rubbing

on the g-spot and g-spot use budgies but

that is gonna get her to feel sore and

it's just too much concentrated energy

it's a very sensitive spot so I I

recommend circling around the vagina not

making it only about the g-spot because

then she's gonna feel pressured

energetically that you want her to

squirt or you want her to do something

and that just works against you so what

I would recommend is you can feel

looking through her eyes and you can

with the other hand massage her from her

so for example can you hold this yes so

let's just say that you are maybe you're

you're depending on what position you're

in your fingers inside and you're

massaging her g-spot you can with the

other hand go up to her heart to her

breasts and then come back down and take

deep breaths as you're massaging her

g-spot look into her eyes kiss her you

can nibble on her nipples you can

scratch her nipples you can can i I

don't know how much I can do here right

um so one finger is on the g-spot

massaging the g-spot and the other can

you can caress her hair with

and and and instead of you trying to do

it and look at it as work just let your

own sexual energy breathe into your own

sexual organs and ask yourself you know

how do I want to please her what do I

want to do next and not make it about a


or work because then it's not fun for

you trust me

the other thing you can do is you can

blow every now and then over her vagina

and blow up her belly blow over her

belly do things with different input you

know we use feathers and Tantra and

roses and just having an all-out fun

exploration you can also take your nails

and kind of scratch a little along her

side of her the side of her waist in

this whole area this is where the yoni

massage massaging outside the vagina

first and the thighs and just really

adoring your goddess not making it about

the squirting and as a byproduct of all

this pleasure and excitement that you've

created in her she's just gonna be so

aroused that that's eventually what's

gonna happen if you've made sure that

she's feeling pleasure internally in her

vagina so get to know the walls of her

vagina massage the inside not just with

your penis with your finger and get to

know does she feel tense does she feel

relaxed you could even ask her how does

it feel there do you feel any different

there you know it's so you could play

doctor and make it more about an

exploration be in the wonder being the

awe and then of course if you move your

finger quickly swiftly around the g-spot

area with a lot of lubrication make sure

that you have enough lubrication

eventually she's gonna start to feel

very turned on electrically you're even

gonna feel that she starts to maybe

create these little contractions and

she's starting to orgasm and go into

that phase of more intensity and at that

point I highly recommend breathing up to

your heart you stink

to your body and feeling your own energy

and then allowing that energy of arousal

to be shared with her energy

so as you're touching her in caressing

her and noticing how she's getting

juicier eventually that that will happen

and of course moving your finger quickly

is gonna stimulate those nerves even

more intensely but you really want to

not overdo it that it turns her off and

gets her stressed out because the vagina

is such a sensitive area less is more

when you make out while you're

stimulating her g-spot the doing

anything with your mouth orally is very

very sexual and sensual while you're

being touched so the mouse the upper

lips and the lower lips are definitely

connected and it'll probably be easier

to kiss and Jesus and ejaculate

simultaneously both of the lips are

relaxed and being massaged in different

ways but then there's some people that

don't kiss their partner you know

depending on who you're connecting with

so the more intimate and deeper the

relationship it's easier for the

squirting to happen because that's a

really deeper release that a lot of

women at least I work with a lot of

women that they're they don't have


they don't even even have a libido so

squirting for some people is like the

white unicorn you know yeah um that that

they just have no idea what an orgasm

feels like so I would begin with a lot

of the gentle massaging that's where the

yoni massage is really awesome to get a

woman to just and some women have so

much tightness down there that you'd be

amazed get down there and just assess

you know what's going on down there

first before even thinking that you want

your goddess to be remotely you know

having that ability it's asking a lot is

what I'm trying to say here it is yeah I

definitely think like speaking from a

woman's perspective on this obviously I

was the outside and not much

the sex expert like yourself I know for

me an experience it takes time for a

woman to get there and it's more of the

mental and mental connection that she

has with the man that's with her so she

feels safe if she feels secure and if

she feels like he's taking his time and

enjoying it in the process it's not

gonna work if she's brushed exactly

that's a huge term objective fide mm-hmm

and I wanted to bring that up because we

always feel like we gotta rush this you

know and it's like the man always is

like oh my gosh I got to rush this

because I'm so turned on myself but

taking her time and pacing I know is the

ultimate when I thought well I remember

a time that I squirted where my partner

said to me we were making out and he was

he was fingering me and I just was so

aroused at the thought that he was

actually gonna enter me because I hadn't

seen him in a while he was traveling and

literally he said to me I'm gonna enter

you now and I squirt before he even

entered me but that's me

you know that's my body it's very open

because this is the work that I didn't

write but I'm just letting you know that

it doesn't even like we just talked

about all this stimulation but let's

backtrack a little bit if that woman is

so open that she's so aroused genuinely

because you're turning her on so much

because of the beautiful connection you

both have with each other that the

squirting actually is just a real

beautiful release it's a lot of is a lot

of releasing that that arousal energy

and it doesn't necessarily have to be a

lot about working the g-spot but for a

lot of people they're not even there so

this is why I work with people to just

make them more ecstatic more turned on

just naturally turned on yeah to life

that that influences the g-spot so I'm

glad we mentioned that and I just want

to close it out with this too because I

see this so much in the women are

explaining their sexual when they are

with their woman sexually that sometimes

they have a tendency to be a little bit

rough because they think that's what

women like and that's what will turn

them on or turn their women on or

whatever the case may be and that's

really not true because roughness will

get a woman sore down there and also it

just doesn't feel good what feels good

is taking that time like you were saying

Michelle and really getting involved

with your woman physically verbally and

mentally and to bring that all together

so she can get that powerful orgasm as

well with you yeah and to be playful

about it you know I think like the

roughness if it's in play a playful

roughness like come here but if but if

it's something that is like a overuse

I'm talking about anything wypall yeah

but I would I know for me with the

experience I've heard is that people act

like it's turning them on because they

they don't have the power to speak up a

lot of you have to understand that women

we like to please and we may not tell

you everything exactly so don't trust us

like a woman's yes might be know and a

woman's know might mean yes you all know

how they say sometimes women are crazy

you know women are mad so yes yeah and

don't even only listen to what we say

because some time it's not even true and

sometimes it will break the mood that's

why women don't do that like I know for

myself sometimes when I was younger my

20s kind of experimenting a little bit

it would break the mood for me because I

was in its totally aware of myself yet

you know still in the 20s figure myself

a little confused not about my sexual I

just confused about sex in general you

know and I wouldn't know how to

communicate that because I was never

taught that as a young girl you know so

I think that that also did a

disadvantage because it also turned me

off when I was trying to instruct my

partner or what to do as well so I think

that was really important so just so you

didn't you know those things can come up

in a relationship and a woman sometimes

not because they're playing games or

because they just want you to read their

mind no because sometimes they just

don't feel safe yes sometimes that

happens but sometimes they just don't

know how and they don't want to be

rejected either by you exactly so I

think body language is never gonna lie

you will know by the moans aggress be

the transitions yes exactly the dryness

and everything

wonderful beautiful this video and

because you stayed till the very end I

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