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PIE FACE CHALLENGE!!! Messy Whipped Cream in the FACE Game!

I'm scared I can't do it la hey guys

it's evan to join from MC big TV and

we're back with another messy challenge

messy challenge and we're gonna be using

this the pricing scheme this is

recommended for ages 5 and up

and what cream not included well you

have to do the math but watch out is

your trimmer handles they're gonna be a

big surprise in the store this one's

gonna be messy ok so we have our

pipeline contraption here and it spinner

first you have to spin the wheel and

whatever your number you get you have to

turn the handle a penny time if you

complete your turn without getting hit

with whipped cream you get double the

points you spun and if you do get hit

with whipped cream and you don't get any

point you can choose to turn the handle

fewer times but if you do you won't get

double points and the first person to

get 25 points wins they also give you

the sponge in case you don't want to use

whipped cream well that's no fun ok

let's begin ok mom

okay let's bend the wheel but these are

those first okay I got three okay let's

see about me five let's spin this wheel

not for a new three okay one real likely

my face

no oh my oh my god I got four okay go

okay I'm gonna do all four get ready

oh boy

I hope I don't get pipe East here I get

three okay I'll go three scam scattered

I can't do it oh okay laws did Oh

okay my turn

and I get three I'm gonna stick with

three okay let's see if my luck changes

I got two so two for me one scores 414

go Gillian is on a five

no I got a form against it was war I'm

going wrong

ah okay and I got to Olin - okay one

yeah - good job

my turn poor aisle before

oh my I laughs okay it's working - eight

now my turn

three the time I'm doing - one since I

broke it what does one Oh

i'm sanna on there okay still 40 day all


okay I'm gonna do all three

alright 20283 I'm go for two one two

yes I did it okay go ahead again now

more I'm before oh oh man so over the

machine Hannah's been I got three that's

the goal

I'm gonna get to La oh here it goes

I got three I think I might do all three

one two three Oh

don't when T to the 10 I'm coming from I

got to go for the full amount

one two yeah up four points I got to go

again I got to 100 get Reese okay all I

need is wooden points for since I don't

leave me one point I'm just gonna do

here though yeah come on please and

queen by the way yeah yes we're losing

you'll get some ass whipped cream on my

face okay ready yeah

yes right now all of it okay fine okay

guys so those the Pie Face challenge

doing one again that's right I'm the


uh-huh thanks for watching if you have

any other challenge ideas be with the

comments down below you guys next time


ah ha you missed