find the

Where's the Little girl? (Funny)

they can't climb back over the track

ring it's just too high so what did we

do so this all the foolish all around or

raloo little driver put your hands out

the window I can see like you went on

video the video taped his turtle bridges

and the turtles rock up with the left

hand open the door step out shoot stay

facing away from us a step back you can

tell you to stop and they're able to

step your right track your neck shake

jammed behind your head little girl

little girl

know what we're talking about where's

the little girl ooh there's a little

Cory yeah show us the little girl I

don't know hey little girl whoa oh girl

there's a little girl no I don't know

we're I you're going away for a long


I don't know tears the little girl

see yes you can see it on our website in

action Turtles escaping their deaths