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How to Find the 5 Golden Leaves in Zelda: Link's Awakening (Switch Guide & Walkthrough)



hey everybody how's it going Steve here

with a quick guide for Link's Awakening

remake between the game's second and

third dungeons if you make your way to

pothole field you'll meet Richard

Richard will explain to you that he's

been ousted from the castle and needs

your help to locate his five golden

leaves and that you'll need a shovel to

do so but you won't need one until after

you've actually found the leaves so if

you don't have one and don't feel like

returning to the village to buy it just

yet don't worry after you've left

Richard's house continue on to the right

and go up the narrow path then head

right when the road tees off and follow

it up to the castle the gates are shut

but there's another narrow path to the

right partially obscured by trees follow

that path to find Kiki the monkey

waiting there for you at this point

you'll need bananas to feed Kiki to get

them to summon some pals and build you a

bridge to get bananas you'll need to

have completed the trade quest up to

this point if you haven't sorted out the

trade quest don't worry we've got a

video for that too there's a link down

in the description once you've got that

bridge built run across it and head

straight to the back you'll find a bush

on the left and if you slash it you'll

find a staircase leading down make your

way down those stairs and through the

passage to emerge inside can elect

castles walls go left and around the

side of the castle to find a crow

perched on a tree grab a nearby Boulder

and throw it at the tree to get the crow

to attack you defeat it and you'll earn

yourself your first leaf the next leaf

is on the opposite side of the castle

where you'll find a Mad Bomber ducking

between five holes take him out to earn

your second leaf after that it's time to

go inside to find the remaining three

leaves as soon as you enter the castle

you'll find two dark nuts waiting for

you kill both of them to get the third

leaf the castle has one linear path to

follow so keep fighting your way through

the next two rooms until you find this

spot bomb the statue on the left to have

a dark nut pop out of it kill that dark

nut and he'll drop you your fourth leaf

if you don't have any bombs don't worry

the room just before the boss is full of

pots you can smash to find a bomb to use

finally use one of those pots I was

mentioning and smash the door open to

find an

night with a ball and chain as this

area's boss defeat him and you'll

receive your fifth and final leaf once

you take these back to Richard he'll let

you search through pothole field to find

the slime key but for this part you will

need the shovel so if you haven't yet

dropped 200 rupees head back to mob a

village and buy it make your way through

the field to the owl statue then dig in

front of it to claim your prize so

that's how to solve the five leaves

quest and obtain the slime key in Link's

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