find the

The Golden Vase - Poptropica Ep.3

but I'm yeah so how come how come my

torch is not working anymore like that

hey guys

well message Channel my night and it's

more um Papa cut now I'm so sad guys so

last left off we were you know we were

pairing time so now we have to go ahead

and try to finish this yeah so we're

gonna go ahead and go to more islands I

mean like more like on time periods

today you know so we have to go ahead

and try to find something helpful and

yeah you know so yeah we're not doing

too bad right now

you know we made some progress last

episode which is great I'm just going to

look around here and okay I forgot about


um skunk and yeah so let's go ahead and

let's see where should we go I feel like

we should go somewhere let's go here

like somewhere what we've been there

wrists and I'm movin everywhere I think

I'm pretty sure moving everywhere let's

see um oh here okay well let me see you

know we're gonna probably we're gonna

fight we're gonna try to find something

up here I forgot what they said what

they needed so okay this is why I didn't

want to come here like last time because

of this like everything being difficult

I can't even get up there like the right

way I just messed that up

okay now let's ask him what he needs

there's a strange object all right right

this is that strange object hanging from

the deck I don't know how to get this

object hey you speak up sir I don't know

how to get it can you give me some hints

or something or just like a pattern or

something I don't know how to get this

gave me like no hints let's go back here

no wait no wait

yeah I don't know where to go let's go

here again I guess I don't know I gotta

find something that I can help me

you know I don't know I'm gonna find

though um wait I did I even go in here

last time I did it I thought I couldn't

oh ok hello who are you

seem so common here

I'm the Oracle of Delphi what do you do

I like the scenery if you wish to hear a

prophecy you must make a donation at the

Treasury okay um what should I donate

I see our golden vase inside a cell k

that must be blown open

I see a barrel of explosive powder near

great stone wall so I've got a vase

inside to say okay that must be blown

open a barrel of explosive powder in

there's great stone wall anything

helpful over here okay so I gotta find

that stuff it's probably in here because

I didn't see like you know a vase like I

see vases this is near stone wall this

is a stone wall right here so right no

maybe maybe this vase I'm just gonna

check all the vases nope

is there going to be like one that

stands out oh there we go

wait here it is we win it's pretty spot


that's a barrel right right that that's

a barrel so can I just get that I'm so


we make sticky rice okay wait but that's

the great stone wall and that's the

barrel whoa

nevermind I don't know I thought I found

it nevermind

please that it no oh there it is there

it is okay I don't know why I thought

that was beer I thought that it has to

be like maybe the door just looked

different and weird but um yeah you know

let's go ahead and what we need to do

that pearl let me see um dewy okay let's

see so this bureau is full of gunpowder

be careful okay so where do you pit it


Wow this was a waste of time um that

rind Wow

okay let's go back to the loop by

abusive Vikings I don't know honestly

this is just oh we actually I think they

I think they I think they did have a

cave I think they did have a cave yeah

that's the cave right that's got to be

the key yes oh my gosh finally it took

me long enough that took me forever to

find but I finally found it and now

we're in the cave we get to do a little

much fun and now I have a torch so yeah

um oh my gosh is this goats in there

let's go over here and um yeah you know

hopefully you can find it yeah I can

barely see that I'm yeah so how come how

come my torch is not working anymore

like that the church burned out I have

to move faster oh no I can't I just

don't I don't know what to do

what just happened it dang it all tried

to ask me fast with this then okay I see

now I like the castle I can't just like

you know take my tummy - I got you good




let's go we got this I don't even know I

don't I don't know I've been trying so

much to get this but like it just like

it's just like will not let me no no no

I already messed up I already messed up

I already messed up go one one yes sir

yes sir

go go go don't get the water okay got

the water don't fall in the water there

we go finally oh my gosh I thought I

would never find it

thank you going to base this base

appears okay thank you

um I don't feel like going out there

anymore so I'm just gonna go back to UM

I'm gonna go back here and now we're

gonna go ahead and we're gonna I'm

returning the vase and yeah you know so

when I feel very happy and he said yeah

so uh okay so I had to find the Treasury

and maybe that's not in here maybe it's

not in here so I'm going to try to look

for a building that says Treasury yeah

um maybe it's somewhere else let me see

um no wait what oh here we go

I had no golden vase thank you as a

reward you may speak to the or quote to

the other that work hole on the hill


so what's on the hill yeah I did it he's

gonna vase and down I had to go back

here oh yeah she's the work okay yeah

please help me

I see the silver medal hanging from a

wooden platform okay great thank you so

much so I see an artist whose workshop I

see a silver medal hanging from a wooden

platform okay let's go

no this is the mountains we've already

been here oh right we got to find the

goggles - I forgot about that

wow this is it this has to be a right

Leo's workshop so this is it right here

I think this is gonna be it and we have

to find that all we have to give that

silver medal basically which there it is

why can we never get it away there's

something wait was that here there

before what I want to go back down I

think wait that was not there before was

that there before that like well

platform that's at the bottom of the

nail with the rope I don't know but

let's just go on there no how do I move

it over let me see let me figure we're

gonna figure this out guys we are going

to figure this out maybe move up maybe

we move this one up over here maybe I

might have fight the one down there

right oh yes okay great

there we go


finally a peace medal now who needs a

peace medal that was an impressive junk

thank you oh that's it okay nevermind I

thought I thought there was more they

had to do 'we don't have repair this

time i know who needs a peace medal

Benjamin Franklin and yeah Benjamin

Franklin is a peace medal so I think or

wait but wait or is it we know none of

them I mean they need a definitely a

Shinto Independence the people that need

the peace matter the people that are

going like out to still so I think it's


let me see I think it's this place I

think they need the people yes they do

take great

I found the peace medal excellent you

must have been I

you must have keen eyes thank you so

yeah you know you're welcome in yeah you

know and we're just doing great you know

we're training through these now I gotta

find some guy boys let's go honest I

don't know what to do let's go here you

know like I need me find something us

though yeah you know so I got like

continue with this time period and yeah

wait did I repair your time period wait

what do you need

okay but that do didn't tell me anything

that he needed he just

I forgot we said when I first went up

there I don't know but yeah okay so this

I had to go to that workshop right there

maybe he might need something new see

this is why I did not like how my hair

all cuz I always always fall okay so he

just said that's an oppressive jump I

don't know what else I need to do go

finally took me forever but I finally

did it now and maybe something to help

me here like this barrel nope let's go

into the workshop though finally I get

to explore Leos workshop after a couple

episodes I am

he was looking for a da Vinci he's up on

the top floor of course well that's

pretty cool though his artwork is that

the Mona Lisa that's what a cool okay um

for you that must be the Vinci I don't

know why I always xx I already knew who

they're gonna be I'm Leonardo da Vinci

what do you do here he does are I don't

know why I keep asking these questions

when I already know I'm an artist and an

inventor but I've lost something

important to me okay what'd you lose I

guess from trying to like create some

like background story yeah you know my


it contains valuable information I must

have it back okay so wait can we climb

up here what does that do I don't know

we gotta find this notebook

who would have a notebook now I don't

know but let's see um let's see

maybe here maybe they might have a

notebook I don't I don't know maybe um

you know I'm trying like a channel I'm

trying to see like where there'll be a

notebook at like will there be a

notebook in here cuz like you know this

seems like the police where they would

have a notebook and yeah you know since

they're like more into like you know

writing and everything like that yeah

you know um let's go I don't see a

notebook I don't see a notebook anywhere

here and yeah I don't know I really

don't know where a notebook could be

and I'm back here again yeah guys I hope

you'll enjoy this video if you did

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