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Gravity Boots Review | Titan Reviews

hey there my name is David on this

episode of Titan reviews I'm gonna be

reviewing these the gravity boots now

typically on this channel I review

products that don't have me in it but

this isn't me a new series where any

unique or interesting products not just

everyday like you know oh I've got some

shoes or whatever but like something

unique like this I'll be reviewing let

me know if this is something you're

interested in or if this is worse than

dog breath on a Thursday so yeah the

gravity boots

if you're wondering first off what's the

purpose people wear these for lower back

pain they do is for like a minute or two

up to 10 minutes per day but the other

benefit is that they can actually make

you taller people grow like an extra

inch or half an inch by using this every

other day or every day so for like a


you put these on your feet and then you

hook them onto a bar of some type you

can go out to a playground if you don't

have like a cage in your office like

most people probably don't you know put

a bar in your backyard or even on a tree

if it fits on there first of all this

company didn't give this to me they

didn't pay me to do this I just bought

these on my own because I have a lot of

lower back pain from some injuries and

stuff so this was the cheapest one I

could find that looked like it was a

decent quality that went you know

paralyze me my on my cage here cuz I was

really sketched out to use one of those

worried this is gonna break off but this

is this is built pretty sturdy the boot

itself is huge like this is built for

like Andre the Giant I have to use these

extra black padding's

okay for putting these boots on all you

want to do is first off you want to have

the buckle on the outside you can put

them on the inside but then they'll

climb together when you walk which is a

pain so it's best to have the outside

buckle on the outside foot like this and

then you're just gonna rock around like

that for the padding you want to put in

there and just line it up so this these

edges are somewhat similar put that on

the front of your shin

wrap it around clip it down put the

buckle in there and just push that

through into the middle hole you don't

need to push it into this end hole

you'll take so much strength to get this

to the far hole and then you'll never

get it out

this is more than enough even if you try

to take this off it won't come off so

that's all it's meant for just have it

on that buckle and then the other foot

same same thing it's best to do this

without pants which is why I'm showing

you with a pair of shorts on and that's

it now if you're not someone who's

exceptionally strong I'd recommend

having something you can grab on to to

get back up so I have these positioned

here only because I have a condition or

an issue called dancers hip which

basically my tendons are snapping over

my hip right now and it's really hard

for me to walk so if you have something

here you can grab when you're hanging

upside down pull yourself back up it

makes it a lot easier at first this is

me really scary when I first did this I

put like a whole bunch of padding like I

got a whole bunch of pillows and stuff

just in case it these broke because you

know these are coming from China you

don't know if they're just the welds

gonna break the second so all you want

to do is get a strong hold tightening

tighten everything and you want to flex

backwards and then just bring your feet

up and hook demonstrate like this now if

you can do a chin-up it's easier just to

hold yourself up here and hook but if

you're not able to hold yourself up here

then then just hold back with like lean

backwards lean back like this and then

just rotate back in and then hook in

some people buy this for a workout so

you can do vertical situps

so if that's why you're watching this

video and I can I'll try to demonstrate

but with my hip right now it really

hurts so all I do is go into position

and then once there there there you can

just let go

and so all you're gonna do is you flex

your your your toes you don't want to

point them upwards I mean it depends on

how comfortable it is but for me it's it

feels nicer to flex them down towards

the bar and that locks it in place and

then you can you can also do like the

hanging fruit bat

where you just swing at first this is

gonna feel like a ton of blood to your

brain and after you do this multiple

times like I can hang here for five

minutes and be fine you'll start to

really feel it just pulling on your back

so right now for my my issue the dancers

hip thing it's actually from a

volleyball injury at Dover and landed on

my hip and just crushed it really hard

this feels great because it's just

pulling on everything what's weird is

talking upside down so you want to get

back up now you can either just sit up

it kind of hurts okay I'll do one for

all the athletes and the fitness people

who want to buy this for or looking to

buy this for fitness reasons you just do

a sit-up

and grab and pull and then without doing

it like that we'll do another one so now

if you don't have the strength to go

back up like that you grab your bar or

whatever I throw it into the if it's a

tree or playground you know if there's a

ladder you can use that and you just

want to grab on to stuff and pull

yourself up I should know to an easy way

to get yourself back up there is not to

pull yourself up on the side but just to

install a a band or a rope or something

so you can just put something like this

up here and velcro this guy back up to

the top then you can just use this to

pull yourself up or I have these other

bands over here


so if you just have one of these or even

multiple of these and you can just pull

yourself up it's a lot easier than

trying to climb your way back up well

that does it for this episode of titan

reviews if you want to pick up this

product i'll leave a link in the

description its affiliate link it gives

me a tiny bit kickback if you do

purchase it one other thing to note even

if you don't have a playground near you

or a cage or anything like that you can

always just take these to the gym and

use it at a bar there and then you can

also get someone to help you up or down

if that's something you need help with

so something to think about it hopefully

enjoyed this episode let me know in the

comments below what you think of this so

be sure to subscribe and until next one

have a good one