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Vehicle Weight Ratings Explained (GVWR, GCWR, GAWR, GTWR) with HaulGauge founder Michael Hall

well I'm Michael Hall founder Paul gave

today I'd like to discuss the ratings of

your vehicle to gross vehicle weight

rating the gross axle weight rating the

gross combined weight rating and also

payload rating and telling many of these

numbers are found in your owner's manual

but really all vehicles will have some

of these printed on the Georgiana's so

there's a couple stickers just inside

the bear again one has been on it it'll

have the GVWR which is the gross vehicle

weight rating sheet see here at 7,000 50

pounds also has the front GA WR and

Virgie a WR the best is what that is is

the gross axle weight rating and for the

front that's 3,500 25 pounds and for the

rear 3,800 pounds you'll also find a

tire loading sticker what this shows is

the total weight but you can add to this

beauty so that's one thousand eight

hundred and sixty four pounds in this

beautiful another number to be aware of

is curb weight of these various numbers

curb weight is the lightest that's how

you got it from the dealership without

any accessories on it yet you have curb

weight the next highest one would have

been a gross vehicle weight rating GVWR

and then the largest number you'll find

is going to be gross combined weight

reading TC WR and what that is is the

maximum that this vehicle anything in it

and anything attached to it can be so

combined weight of AP that number isn't

in the door jamb that gross combined

weight rating number you'll find

many vehicles will also have a tow

rating that would be GT w are you have a

gross vehicle weight rating and you have

a tow razor but when you add those

together you won't get the gross

combined weight later

so the automakers assume that if you're

gonna be at the max towing that this is

empty and vice versa so please don't use

your gross vehicle weight rating and

your maximum talk unfortunately this is

what many people do right we load up the

vehicle with the family and the ice

chest and everything and then we attach

it to the max trailer we can pull if you

do that you'll usually go over the girls

combined so if you're towing the

automaker's assume that you're the only

one in here and if this is loaded they

assume that you're pulling away trailer

so you can't have both so the girls

combined weight rating 16200 this

vehicle is empty is around five thousand

five hundred pounds and so what this

means is if I'm towing ten thousand

pounds I don't have much room to put

more in this vehicle so that combined

weight rating is again what the entire

vehicle whatever is in it whatever is

connected to