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Creating a Hanging Indent in Microsoft Word 2016

this video is a quick overview of how to

do a hanging indent in Microsoft Word

when you're on a reference page or if

you're in MLA you might have a work

cited page you'll see that you need to

have your first line all the way over to

the left and then the subsequent line

needs to be indented or pushed over if

you put your cursor here and try to tab

it Microsoft Word wants to put the whole

thing over to the side and you just want

the bottom part to new so the quick way

to do a hanging indent is to highlight

what you want indented come up to

paragraph this little arrow that pulls

out the paragraph settings this box will

pop up and there's a space called

indentation come to special select

hanging you'll see a preview here you

can click OK and you'll see that your

indent will then pull over