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Pokemon Platinum Version (Post Story) - Episode 21: Getting The Poketch Apps

hello it's me she bought the Platinum

one hair and welcome back to more let's

play pokemon platinum post story and

you're probably wondering what am I

doing here what am i why am I not

babbling somebody well the point is I

haven't gotten all the poker chips yet

so that's what I'm going to do I'm going

to get the rest of the Poquette apps

well except for the ones I can't get

because well I have a DSi and some of

them are Pokemon based but that's not

the point the point is that I forgot to

get a Pokemon with a serious nature

didn't I great well that's just


okay so anyways I'm missing pocket apps

number eight nine eleven let's see 16 17

well 17 I can't yet get a breath I can't

get yet 18 19 and 21 and 22 which I

really can't get yet but 23 I want to

get but I sort of don't because it can

be useless actually no number 22 reason

I use okay it doesn't matter all right

so in here is where you can find poke

etch app number 8 everyone here calls me

the baron master I hand out varies daily

you're deserving of one and yes I am

there is a gift of nature I encourage

you to feed them seeing that the Panem

motivated a green or a natural place yes

I am too forgetful type and you can talk

to this girl and she'll give you the

berry searcher app that way we can

search for berry and that just kinda we

can search for berries on the touch

screen which is really really kind of

cool I guess but now we have to head to

Silesia on town because that's what our

next one is going to be at so let's fly

over there fly toward victory and stuff

Undertaker babe we booked up okay umm to

get this app you have to get in the

Pokemon thing since your fellow fan

today well that was easy

um normally you would have to put a

Pokemon into daycare then bring it back

out so yeah this app is actually pretty

useful for those who want to get

grinding up it's a shame the poke edge

never got its chance to sign again in

heartgold SoulSilver because well they

think the Poquette sucks in Jodo because

it doesn't suck

in fact it's awesome it was the most

useful gadget of them all come on you

can't really deny it

anyways over here in the Vale stone

department store you can get your next

Poquette app which is right over here on

this floor this lady for different why I

put ketchup for free as a promotion the

counter app which is completely useless

I'll tell you all it does is that you

push the button the plus button on the

thing and that's it

it can be helpful for like any specific

things but I'm not really bothering to

get anything out of the counter

application thing so yeah okay for

number 16 here or what we have to do is

go back to jubilife city and to the

pockets company because well the

president has our PO catch up and

normally you would get this right after

you get the seventh badge so let's go to

the president and get something hi hi

I'm the president of archives company

editor still yet another new up to move

tester this is number 16 the move tester

the move test our app is to check how

moves match up see I'll check tight

matchups to to make all your attacks

super effective you'll be stronger than

ever yeah the move tester is actually my

favorite app because well I'm going to

show what they all they have all deep I

can't talk today I'm sorry

what what all the apps can do at the end

but for now we have to go to sunny shore

City because there is someone in the

house that will get it for the next

three poke catch apps that you can get

you'll need to bring in a Pokemon with a

specific nature like remember how I

saying that I don't have a Pokemon

serious nature well you need well you

need the serious serious nature Pokemon

to get the calendar app which is just a

calendar which is completely pointless

but you can but you can do but if you're

willing to mark a specific date on it I

suppose you can anyway it's just a place

know that the grandpa's place up Cyrus

huh is this a place please let it be the

place yeah it is

my husband is Saylor so he's working on

somewhere far away along the day comes

back start like the maiden up Maiden

speak up wait starting tomorrow please

visit me tell stories of your travels

well dang no that's what a gym is stupid

where is it then

um you have to talk to like a specific

person here still marching there and

seals yeah yeah yeah you get the seals

oh yeah your name used to work on her

please long many times do it again yeah

no I don't want to buy any seals maybe I

will I don't know where could a guy be

anyway where's the person thing si use a

long electricity and a giant solar

panels and perfectly the system wait is

this a guy it's a major part down it's a

gateway to the Pokemon League where do

you get the things anyway I mean I think

I think it will obviously be that lady

but or is it I think I need freaking

rock climb for this don't you yes you do

to get into that house there because

that's probably the hardest place to get

to and it's like the out of the white

place to do that

so I'm gonna get out another one of my

useless Pokemon that a you used normally

for HM slaves I have to go all the way

over here this causes just moving a

Pokemon to another location in the box

like causes it to save a lot of data for

some unknown reason which takes freaking

forever how flippin terrible is the

saving in that game in this game I mean

I mean yes it's saving a lot of data but

it doesn't need to take that long like a

half a minute to save what if you have

class like what if you have class and

yeah yeah what did you have class coming

up in like 29 seconds and you need to

save yeah you need to wait like 30

seconds for all of your things to save

and then you just have to close your DS

and that but the dream sound does not

come up and I think this is the guy that

garlic glaringly bright and cool thing

you have in Santa yeah it it okay this

is the house is the house okay

they're awesome yeah Dawson yeah I got

okay by the pockets companies involved

original pocket apps

yeah because calendar is obviously

original okay one of mine would see no

saying if I have to get them all in


oh great

fine then I guess I will have to see you

late I guess I'll have to see you later

I'm gonna have to cut this video ahead

to when I get to one and I at least get

a Pokemon with a serious nature I'm kind

of probably gonna catch like six of them

so I'll be right back I have to go get a

Pokemon with a serious nature which

obviously I'm I'm gonna go on to the

easier routes to do rather not rather

than any of the harder routes because I

don't want to waste any time

so I'll be seeing you at that point so

fly away little birdies

well look who finally decided to show

her his or her face miss Britt I just

happened to find finding this wall again

going out to catch more Pokemon and

stuff and of course it doesn't work and

of course I call whirlwind Pokemon it

runs away okay guys I am back now and I

finally got me a Pokemon with a serious

nature called a Bidoof so here we go yep

your Bidoof has a serious nature all

right I'll give you this calendar app

okay we got the calendar app calendar

app yeah it's a calendar so what and

Infernape has a naive nature so we got

the app dot artist it's actually kind of

fun it's actually the kind of fun thing

that doubt artists the dark are this

yeah and we get the roulette which is

simply a roulette yeah okay and as for

the rest of the Poquette apps I don't

really feel like getting them for number

21 the kitchen timer you have to show

show show some girl in the Pal park a

Snorlax which I'm not really that

and not really that patient enough to

wait for munchlax to appear in the honey

tree another number 22 the calendar app

I did not mean to go there number 22 the

color changer which basically meet which

basically changes your Pokemon

Poquette skin you have to show the girl

at pal part the kecleon I'm not really

doing that for number 23 match matchup

checker I think I already said that yet

to get by Pokemon and one Safari game

and as for the other two the stopwatch

and the alarm clock you have to get them

out and then Tendo event which is highly

impossible at this point okay and now

here we go here we go all the poke at

Japs that I've gotten that's number two

the calculator

number three memo pad the step counter

number five the Pokemon thing the

friendship thing which shows you how

much your Pokemon loves you the item

finder the berry searcher which

basically shows berries where they are

planted the day care thing see if they

laid an egg or leveled up obtain many

Pokemon the past the counter which is

basically counter useless just an analog

clock that level that lights up not

levels up that was twelve seven thirteen

is the marking map where all the

legendary things are linked searcher you

can use it to link up something I don't

know the coin toss

I got heads cool I got a Magikarp the

type of thing which is really really


you can search up for impossible types

like water fire or something the

calendar I'm going to say 30th because

that's the end of the month dot artist

which is really fun you get to do this

do that yeah

and roulette which is basically roulette

we got the thing and trainer counter

which is completely pointless okay so on

the next episode of Pokemon platinum

post story we are going to see what

we're going to do next actually we're

going to fight the last of the Train

we're going to fight the rest of the

trainers in the battleground in the next

few episodes okay so see you guys on the

next time