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How To Use Your Happy Planner - A Beginners Guide!

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gonna take you a little bit in depth on

how I actually use my planner to get

through the day and really try to be as

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I do alright let's get started okay so

you may have just watched this might be

a little bit later that you're seeing

this but I just completed my I'm getting

to it I'm getting to it

plan with me so you probably have

already seen this plan with me I'm not

sure what day you'll be watching this

video but this is on a Sunday that I am

recording it so as you're watching it

and I'm getting ready for the week I'm

gonna kind of show you a little bit

about how I actually plan things out so

first steps first I create my theme and

my spread for the week which I have done

here check that off the list my

inspirations in front of me I'm now

ready to get started planning my week so

what I do first is I look back at the

month which I've already done and kind

of just see what I already know I have

to do this week and what's gonna be

coming up and then I put that in if I

have appointments or anything like that

I put it in there now if I have

something that I don't have a time for

so for example I know that I have to

show a house on Friday but I don't know

what time I have to do that so I'm gonna

take this little sticky note and I'm

gonna put it up here and I'm gonna put

show house is and then that's gonna and

then time T B D so C I know how to do

that but I don't know would I have to do

that so that's a temporary sticky note

once I have a permit

time I will put that time down in my

planner theoretically earlier in the

week I'm not gonna wait till you know

Thursday just confirm Friday I'm gonna

try to find out more on Tuesday so I can

schedule out the rest of the week but

that will be there in order all right so

now that I know that I have to do that I

also know that on Thursday night the

23rd we have our end-of-year preschool

event so that's on Thursday night I

honestly don't even know what time it

starts but I will add that later as well

and on Wednesday I know that I have to

do a walkthrough of a property and that

will be some time time to be determined

as well because it's kind of depending

on when the movers get there so I will

fit it in as my schedule decides to go

for it so of course I'm gonna fill in

all the rest of the details before

that's why I'm gonna plan that out but

what I normally do is I take a sheet

like this because it's really hard for

me anyways if you have a lot to do or

you have a lot you need to accomplish

and your days are already pretty busy

and there's things that you need to do

that are certain kind of repetitive

maybe they're not repetitive maybe

they're just you know they seem more

repetitive but I generally take a piece

of paper and I input the information I

need to do on the schedule right here

and then I would convert that to over

here where I would put in those details

and kind of a larger fashion so if I

know that I need to do my hour of power

which is basically reaching out to

people is basically what that is then

over here I'm gonna write down the names

of the people that I'm gonna reach out

to and so let's just say Darlene okay so

I'm gonna reach out to her first and I'm

obviously again I'm gonna fill that in

and I'm gonna

those top five people that I want to

talk to for that hour of power and then

I'm gonna write down anything else that

I know I need to do repetitively so one

of the things is gonna be I need to

determine my videos for the week so this

is I do videos for both real estate and

I do videos for you know this channel

and so I kind of need to schedule that

in on what day I'm gonna do it and what

Damon record so we're gonna get things

prepared and ready so when do you report

it's gonna be a optimal recording

environment okay then I am going to

write in any time that you see a blank

space in your calendar if you use an

hourly like me a lot of times what I'll

do is if I know I have a really busy day

with appointments I will I will schedule

it out every single hour on the hour

days I don't have a super busy

appointment week I do like I am this

week and I'll just use these sheets and

kind of determine my hours but sometimes

what happens is if you don't have a

conversion into time then you don't

necessarily know how long a task is

going to take so if you say you're gonna

determine videos are you gonna give

yourself 30 minutes or an hour to do

that in my case I'm gonna probably do 30

minutes worse it doesn't take that long

so I know that when I'm sitting down to

do that that's gonna take 30 minutes of

my day I need to make sure that I'm

factoring that in as I schedule other

things and do other things as well as

any type of education or research or

anything like that you want to really

focus on how to maximize your timing in

that and make sure that you're doing the

right things and kind of really

overlooking what your day looks like so

for me this is not enough space to

really fill in my entire day I need much

more than that so that's why I like

these little half sheets and I use them

daily for the most part sometimes I can

fit one day into two but normally I use

them daily now the trick is I tend to

like them over here so they get it a

thirsty Friday I tend to still like to

like I kind of pull them out and use

them right here

so if you do like a specific kind of

sheet if it's not just a regular like

even when you flip this over then this

isn't the same so I don't know just as a

thought this is an idea for what you're

doing you know keep that in mind but

then basically it just helps guide my

days so I'm very clear in what I'm doing

for that specific day because if you do

try to fill your life out in just one

small box it can feel overwhelming and

maybe you have too much to do and maybe

you don't have enough in the same maybe

some of it isn't as scheduled so when

you're writing it down it feels a little

bit more random then in this case I try

to keep my appointments in these

sections right here primarily if there's

a task I know absolutely needs to be

done I'll make sure it's in there but if

it's just appointment based then I like

to keep them written down here and then

I take that information or and and

convert it into this task so I know

exactly what I'm doing now again if it

feels really busy then sometimes what

I'll do is I'll take a sheep just like

this and I'll write down these things

that I need to do and then I'll take one

of these like great little that these

are in tons of different plan or sticker

books there are some that are in sticky

notes so actually you could take one

like this which is a sticker or I have

them on my sticky notes and you would

basically just take them like this up at

the top and write down what you're

needing to do and you know here's an

hourly so you can break it down per hour

how long you think things are gonna take

we tether to sticky you know which you

can even move it to the front and kind

of get yourself an hourly breakdown of

your day if you feel like the day's busy

and you want to break these things down

in two hours I would totally recommend

trying to because I think it does make

it a little bit easier when you are

actually trying to work in an hourly

timeframe you might actually get more

done during the day so just keep that in

the back of your mind as you're looking

on how to actually do a certain task

you might really want to stick to that

30-minute time slot in which case you

need to really be clear about when

you're gonna do that so you don't over

whelmed yourself with the dates and

details of that timeframe so these alone

are not my weeks plan and what I think a

lot of people get confused on is how you

can do that in just this planner and you

don't have to there are accessories that

fit into this planner if you are using a

happy planner these are great now if

you're not using a happy planner and you

still need this type of detail you might

get a different type of planner that has

more room or you might just flip in

sheets like this and set them in for the

day take them in with some washi tape

and rip them up like those are always

really easy ways to fit in what you need

to do also without actually having to

just punch it in this lot so I hope you

enjoyed this video I hope that will make

things a little bit easier for you I

will be sharing a little bit more on

Instagram after my after I completely

fill it out I'm gonna show you exactly

how it went for the week so you can see

what my week looks like and just how

busy it was and what I did now again

this planner is not my everything

planner this is my work planner so I

tend not to keep I tend to keep more

appointments in here than anything else

I will put other appointments in here if

they can flick so I know that I know

what I'm doing but it's not necessarily

you're not gonna see all the small

details that I spend during my day as

well you will see them more listed on

this because this can go in any planner

and anytime and anything so alright

everyone I hope you enjoyed this video

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