find the

Tranzit - Bus Parts Locations

hello there my name is woody and welcome

to my tutorial on how to get all three

bus parts first one is all in you make a

turbine and in the duck bus deport go to

the right hand side open the door with

the butter turbine and there should be a

part there should or shouldn't be a part

but I got the grill at the front so you

put that go up to the front of the bus

hold X and it will pop on and and that

is a it's a good equipment that one

because it stops enemies from zombies

from coming in through the front windows

so it gives you a bit of time to all

right settle right settle down when you

get into the bus and like keep a camp in


if you are worried second of all that

second place it could be is at the diner

this little shack here it normally is

around there where I'm like pointing but

unfortunately there was no place that no

place thing there huh third place he

will be in the farm and it will be in

this little hot thing here and this time

I got the hatch right next to the track

pour and yeah you take it back to the

bus don't let any zombies get you know

because it is way free and all that [ __ ]

and yeah this this part is quite I'd say

is the worst out the free because you

can get up on the roof bar it means

zombies can jump down so it will be if

people inside the bus it will be worse

for because they don't really know

what's happening where they zombie juice

drops through this even fall for final

place the part could be in is the town

and you go all the way over to like the

other side where the bus would be and

you place your turbine there and it

should be in the bottom left-hand corner

well far left-hand corner me and this

time I got the ladder I believe this is

the second best because of it you can

get on the roof without zombies like

jumping down at you but the only problem

is you won't be

get in the bus without night you won't

be able to get in the bus when like

jumping if you wanted to get inside it

when the bus is moving if you get on me

but once you've done that all three on

there so you got a wide variety of stuff

to use I hope you enjoyed the video

quick thing is that this also is an


the undead man's party bus I'm glad I

helped like subscribe bye bye