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How to view and clear browsing history on Chrome

hello in this video I will show you how

to clear or delete google chrome

browsing history from Google Chrome

browser so just open your Google Chrome

browser and you can see the history by

going here to the right hand side and

see this 3 bar button here and just

click this button and you will find

history menu here so just to click this

history and depending upon your your

preferences you can delete history for

last one R of last one day of one become

one month so when you go into the

history you see all the browsing data

here so what you need to do is you click

clear and you can choose from here for

how long or give the amount of time for

which you want to clear the history for

example right now the past are is

selected you can select past the past

week past for week or the beginning of

time so I'm choosing the past

Alvah and I click clear browsing data

and whatever I have browsed in the last

past hour that data is gone now one more

thing if you want to delete individual

entries for example I want to delete

these four entries I just select them

from here and I say remove selected

items and

click they move so it will only remove

the selected entries and not the whole

browsing data so I hope you have enjoyed

this video please rate comment and

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