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Skyrim How to get ARVAK Location – Dawnguard Secrets Horse Quest

what's up guys my name is ESO and

welcome back to another Skyrim guide in

today's video I'll be showing you how to

get our back arguably the best horse in

the game or definitely one of the

coolest looking one the only horse that

even comes close to being a better horse

is Shadowmere because Shadowmere has

more health and stamina

but that said our thought is the only

horse in the game you can summon from

anywhere even inside black range and

considering you mainly use forces for

the purpose of traveling and getting

around it makes it the most convenient

horse in Skyrim so let me show you how

to get him for yourself you obtain a lot

during the Dawnguard quest line and if

you don't know how to start this quest

line just check out my video guide in

the description below eventually though

during that quest line you'll get to a

quest called chasing echoes during this

quest you'll be guided to the castle

Vulcan which is just here on the map of

Skyrim so just follow the quest marker

through the dungeons of the castle until

you come to the castle courtyard once in

the courtyard there is a puzzle here

that can be sold by finding free of the

missing son doll pieces for the giant

sundial in the center of the courtyard

there are free in total to get the first

one can be found in the left in this

tiny little pond here it's just behind

the rock resting here slightly submerged

in the water the half moon crest after

you've got that just goes straight on

and we're going to go on these stairs at

the top of these stairs you should find

the next one the crescent moon crest so

offer that just carry on and we're going

to go right at the bottom of these

stairs and as you can see there's a

little garden at the back of this garden

you'll find the last one the full moon

crest and there's actually lots of

nightshade in this garden if you want

some good alchemy ingredients for

crafting poisons so just come over to

the central sundial and start placing

all these crests on their missing


as soon as you've activated all the

crests a secret passage will open then

we just need to head down the stairs

into the depths of the castle I bet

they'd run right under the courtyard

we're getting close let's go as soon as

you come through the door by the way

you've got to pull this lever here to

open the secret passage you'll then need

to navigate through the rest of the

castle and again just follow the quest

marker is pretty straightforward just

take care of all those sneaky gargoyles

that you're going to come across because

they always try and jump sky soon though

you'll come to what looks like a dead

end with lots of gargoyles in it once in

this room just come over to the

fireplace here at the back and activate

the secret handle which is the

candlestick on the left this will open a

secret passageway so you can proceed

onwards so we're just going to head on

through this and then up the stairs to

our right just carry on going up these

stairs until you reach the top of the

tower at the top of the tower is a

laboratory we must now perform a ritual

to actually enter the sokar this is very

easy first we need to go on our right

and grab this journal here just situate

it in the bookshelf after you've got

this book give it to Sarina who will

then update you with the quest to ask

you to find several different

ingredients the first of which is the

fine bone mill which is just on the

table right next to her another stairs

we can find some soul gem fragments in

this bulb grab that and then go all the

way up to the top having come just to

this balcony over here

on this bookshelf you will find the last

ingredient purified void salts now you

have all three ingredients so just come

back to the center of the room and put

the ingredients in this little Bowl here

Serrano will then add her blood and open

the portal in the SoCon it's a pretty


but before we can actually go inside

this portal guys we must make a choice

firstly you can either be a vampire

already or let's surround and turn you

into a vampire which will do for you

right now if you want her to or secondly

which is the option I recommend going

for if you don't want to be a vampire

you can actually tell cerana to

partially trap your soul this will

basically weaken you but only when

you're inside the soul con it slows down

your magic of stamina and health

regeneration and also lowers them a

little bit as well but you can easily

regain your soul if you follow my other

guide in the description below but once

you've made up your mind and chosen

proceed onwards into the portal

congratulations you are now in the soul

car please listen carefully because

there is no map of the soul con area in

the game and also this quest

specifically has no quest markers so you

can have the voice closely we're going

to want to head straight on down the

path and you'll soon come across a

rather depressed soul just listen to

what he has to say


you must help me find my are vac he

doesn't deserve to be in a place like

this calm down broski

huzzah vac are back my horse we came to

this horrible place together we were

attacked by monsters so I tell him to


please be such a loyal creature and he's

been running for so long you have to

save him a place like this will change

you how can I help it back please come

back come back we must now find all that

scope so just head straight on in

between the gap in the giant wall on the


now we're going to want to look to the

east direction on your compass just to

the left of the East marker you're going

to want to head straight on now I'm

going to leave this section of the video

in just so you can easily follow it or

watch it side by side but if you keep on

walking in this direction literally in a

straight line you'll eventually come to

find all that skulls resting place there

are actually four different side quests

that you can do within the salt on none

of which have any quest markers at all

but you can find a list of all the

quests down below in the description if

you're interested because you can get a

few unique items and some other useful

gear as well


but soon will come to what looks like a

very tall narrow building which will

actually begin to glow as we approach

there are Seoul surrounding it that will

turn into Bowman that you must now kill

in order to retrieve our back skull

these guys are pretty easy to kill even

on master difficulty they shouldn't

really pose much of a threat to you

of you taking them out just reclaim our

vac scope from the shrine here

after you picked it up you'll then get a

quest update to return the skull to its


you will find the soul buy gave us the

quest right next to the location we

picked up the skull

I'm back you saved him his soul is free

I can feel it in turmoil here I'll teach

you how to Collin to you he'll help you

get around this wretched place but I'm

very much heavier someplace sunny take

good care of our back for me such a good

horse so now he's taught us how to

summon our back just equip the spell and

use it so here are a few pointers to

know about our back just to help you out

firstly it is possible to kill him but

it's also not a problem because you can

simply resurrect him straight away so

because you have the power to spawn him

it doesn't really matter if you die it's

actually a pretty good way to avoid

large amounts of bull damage when

jumping up clips

I mean it's pretty damn ridiculous the

size of cliff you can jump off and

survive using our back as a horse all

that is the only horse in the game you

can summon like this making him the most

convenient way of travelling in a

situation so for example if you're over

encumbered by carrying too much loot

just summon him and then ride him back

to the nearest shop it's actually

important to note that as long as you're

on a horse you'll be able to fast travel

even when you're over encumbered you can

even summon him in the soul carne or

soul fine and even black reach which is

pretty epic rather sadly though for some

reason you can't seem to use a bow or a

sword while mounted on its back I'm not

so sure of this bug has been fixed with

the unofficial cache mode though either

way we know mounted combat in Skyrim

isn't great so it doesn't matter too

much but just so you know you can't use

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