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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - HVR Location Guide

alright guys down from scorched-earth

gaming here and today I'm just going to

give you a quick guide for the location

of the hvr weapon in Call of Duty

infinite warfare this one gave me a

little bit of trouble finding so this

will be the only going that I do is it's

the only one I had trouble with so we're

going to go to mission select after

completing campaign and select operation

Phoenix now this is the main location I

found for finding the gun but it also

seems to matter the difficulty that

you're doing I tried it for a good long

while on recruit and regular and got

nothing but as soon as I dropped into

hardened the second time I restarted the

mission I got the weapon so started up

sticking unhardened

so I've actually started up one of the

mission sections on the retribution here

but it's operation Phoenix that you want

to start I'm just going to cut through

some of the dis halting here and get to

the location where we need to be so this

is the start of the mission here we're

going to come around these asteroids and

the transport ships going to show up and

drop off - guys you have a chance that

when one of them will drop the HP are

you so it won't work for me this first

time what if you don't get to go in to

drop just hit options go to restart

mission and try it again

and after a couple of tries you should

get the hvr again the time that I add

the most look with this is on happens

difficulty but it can take you a few

tries so just keep plugging away and

you'll get it eventually so I'll leave

you with the rest of the video here you

can see me picking up the weapon and

good luck with that one guys I hope that

the con shows up for you quickly enough

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peace out

position on the far side of the belt

scanners clean they don't know we're


eyes peeled took it slow copy on me

enemy transport ahead

use cover keep moving

stand fast

let's go