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Bring back missing icons in Windows 7 desktop

hello everyone and welcome to my youtube

channel in this tutorial today we will

see how to bring back the icons which

are missing from the Windows desktop by

default when you install Windows 7 then

the icons such as my computer control

panel it won't be available on the

screen so you need to bring the desktop

icons my computer icons control panel

icons manually when you install Windows

7 so how you do that one right-click on

the desktop then click on personalize

click on change desktop icons now you

can see these are the text of icons

which are not on the desktop right now

so if you want to bring the icons just

select the icons like computer control

panel a network etc and then click on

apply and then ok now you can see that

they my computer icon Network and

control panel control panel icon is

there on the desktop now sometimes you

may not find all these icons on the

desktop it is because you have unchecked

this so text of icons suppose if you

uncheck this so desktop icons then what

happens is all the desktop icons will be

missing in order to bring that one's

just right-click on the desktop

go to view and click on stay show the

extra icons and you will get back all

the text of icons in this way you can

bring back the icons on the windows 7

desktop if it's machine thanks for

watching this tutorial please like share

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